I am 61 and Jewish, I live in Sderot in Israel.

I was born in the United Kingdom and served in the Royal Navy before becoming a Computer freak in 1977, courtesy of IBM.

I had a revelation of the Truth of Yehovah when I was about 10 years old, but I was 21 before I found somebody else who believed.   This was a Royal Navy Chaplain.

I went through the rigours of Christianity, finding that it lacked something, I could not relate to the idea of Jesus, it was too trite.   One morning I woke up with the understanding that Yehovah does not change.   The dispensationalism neccessary to make Christianity work was all wrong.   Christianity starts in the middle, we need to start at the beginning, we need to understand what happened in Eden in order to understand what came next.    We are a bride being fought over by two great powers, Torah is our marriage contract (Katuba) with Yehovah, but Lucifer wants us to commit fornication with himself or his minions.   Lucifer is not offering marriage, he is offering godship in our own right.    The bride is provided for by her husband, it is His duty.   But the girl can be seduced, lured away from her fiance or husband to pursue the desires of her flesh.

So it is with me, for several years I lived by Adam’s response (She did it, the woman that You gave me), then one day I understood the woman’s confession “I was deceived by the serpent” (to understand this you must realize that the serpent was an inferior beast),  The woman’s transgression was unintentional (but stupid), somebody had given her the wrong information (“don’t even touch the tree”).   She confesses, and is forgiven; under Yehovah’s Torah unintentional sin, confessed, is erased.   Adam was arrogant, he could not see that he had deviated, so he made his own religion with his own torah and righteousness according to his newly acquired godship.   Thus he became lucifer fodder.

All the time I rejected the Torah of Yehovah, I too was Lucifer fodder.   Grace without Torah does not work.   I am afraid folks, Christianity is a deceit, invented by Romans and founded upon Constantine’s belief in Mithra.   Easter and Christmas are Roman pagan celebrations and Jesus is Ha Zeus.    The Jew of the ‘Christian’ writings preached Torah, his name was Yahushua (Yah is salvation), he was Torah made flesh and dwelling amongst us.   He challenged the seducer lucifer.  and Won.   Read about it in the blog.

Paul too preached Torah, but the vagaries of Greek do not make that obvious, and Lucifer does not want You to participate in both Grace and Torah; for it is only then that you can break out of his clutches.   Until you become a seeker of the Truth of Yahovah for yourself, you will be in bondage to lucifer.   Lucifer works through nicolaitans; through baalams, through people who raise themselves up in pulpits and special clothing, through people who put themselves and their knowledge and their wisdom between you and Yehovah.   Seek FIRST the Kingdom of Yehovah and His TORAH (rightiousness) and all things will be added unto you.

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