Telling the World

It would not change Yahovah or His creation if there were neither Jew nor Christian to worship Him. He is who He is, and nothing mankind has done, is doing. Or will do will change that.

I can, however, be changed back into His image and likeness if I am prepared to do things His way and not according to man’s doctrines.
I must actively seek Yah’s truth, I start by searching the scriptures for the scriptures tell me about Yah and His creation. I compare what I read with what I see around me, and what I do.

Do I follow man made rituals and doctrines, formulas which men say will get me to ‘heaven’, or do I seek Yah’s truths revealed in His Torah and put into words by Moses.

Do I discard and abandon Yah’s Torah because the Apostle Paul seems to imply something else?

It is not about ‘worship’ as such, it is about compliance, it is about obedience, it is about doing things Yah’s way. It is about living in harmony with Yah’s creation and not seeking to mold Yah’s creation to whims of my own godship.

Yah does not stand at the doors of the churches on Sunday morning and tick off the names on his clip board. He is just not interested in the constructs of men. He created a world for mankind to live in, but men are not interested in Yah’s creation, they are much more interested in building a god in their own image and likeness. The Rabbis take control of people’s lives, they purport to tell us how their god wants us to live, and what rules and rituals we must follow, and, of course how much money we must pay for their services.

My readership on this website is tiny, one or two people a day, if that. But that is one or two people a day who get a taste of my own search for Yah’s truths, and a hope that they too will start searching, or continue searching for themselves. This is about personal relationships with Yah, it is about Him not me.

I must always stay humble before Yah, I must always seek to tell His truth not my opinion, it is not easy for a fallen man, imprisoned in a physical body to have a spiritual relationship with Yah, He does not require good works, he does not require that we preach first the Kingdom of God, he requires that we humble ourselves and pray (have a dialogue with Him), and seek His face (His truth, His likeness and character), and keep His Torah to the best of our ability and understanding.

Only then can He change us back to His image and His likeness. It is a slow process, many hundreds of years of ‘religion’ must be painfully purged from my being, and replaced with His Essence, so much of what we have been taught, whilst it may contain a smidgen of truth, is deceit, the whispering perversions of the serpent.

I can sit in the seat of Moses and tell you about Torah but I cannot add to or take away from it as do Rabbis and Pharisees, and many vicars and pastors. But what I can do is relate to you my own experiences, and advise you to strike out to experience your own unique dialogue with Yah, being part of Yah’s kingdom is about obeying the King not replacing Him.