Synergy and Yah’s Creation

In the beginning Yah created – everything, and what is more it was – perfect and complete in every way. That iPhone that you use, its technology was catered for in Yah’s original creation, even if mankind did not discover it for thousands of years.
We have a choice, we can choose to live in harmony with Yah’s creation by keeping its laws commandments and statutes, or we can do our own thing and lose the synergy and harmony that comes from doing things the Creator’s way.

If I do things my way, I am effectively saying “I am god, and I know best”. This is what Adam did, and the result is always chaotic because man’s knowledge is puny compared to that of Yah the creator and inventor of all things.

If I invent something, I usually know it better than everyone else, I know its secret inner workings, so I know what makes it work well, and I also know why it is not working well. I write the user’s manual with this in mind. If I invent a vacuum cleaner I do not need to explain the laws of magnetic flux that makes it work. I explain how to assemble, switch on, and use the device. Yah’s manual, written down in 5 volumes by His servant Moses, does exactly this, it tells us that if we do things Yah’s way, without adding to or taking away from Yah’s way, then we will prosper.

Yah’s creation does not work well when man tries to dictate the terms, and add his twopenny’s worth to Yah’s way, or to leave bits out as a shortcut. There is Torah, the five books of Yah as written down by Moses, and there is everything else, and this other stuff, men’s stuff, we can call Talmud. The Prophets wrote exclusively about Torah and the things of Torah, and they came to pass. Men add to Torah, and take away from Torah and their words have no merit.

Yah does not demand ritual, he demands obedience, not because he is a dictator, but because in the beginning He created it all and only He knows how it all works.

Creation is infinitely more complex that we can ever really imagine, and when we use man’s knowledge to interfere then we get unintended consequences. Hitler thought that he was doing the world a favour by exterminating those which he considered racial trash. When one no longer believes that Yah created, then we all become as mere animals, and culling undesirable animals makes sense. However in playing god Hitler let loose the dogs of war and many, many of his master race also died in the firestorm that followed.

The British Empire in its heyday tended to keep rooted in Torah (albeit a Christianised version of it) and prospered, and in 1917 was even given dominion over Yah’s own land of Israel. But the age of the British believer in Yah was over, and the lands set aside by Yah for Yah’s people were given to Amalek and Ishmael instead. The British empire was at its peak in terms of acreage in 1922, but 25 years late the Empire was gone, Yah too had moved on, He has no truck with the works of man.

Many Jews and Christians do not believe that in the beginning, Yahovah created all things, they believe in the Jewish Talmud and the Christian catechism, they believe in Schofield, Darby and dispensationalism, they believe in their Pastor’s godship or their rabbi’s deity.