And Pray

Prayer is a two way dialogue between ourselves and Yah, we, in all our humility, talk to our Father about our lives, our needs and our desires.    This is the reakity, and if we are keepers of Torah (righteous) the Yah hears our prayers.

Yahushua told us how to pray and how not to pray, he told us the prayers are personal and private and not public displays of pseudo-piety.

Our Father – Acknowledgement of Yah’s relationship

Who art in heaven – Acknowledgement of His deity

Hollowed – praised

Be thy name – Yahovah, use it!

Thy Kingdom come – We can be subjects of Yah’s Kingdom any time we chose to be.

Thy will be done – not ours

On earth as it is in heaven  – we at least can seek to do Yah’s will not our own

Give us this day – sustain us daily as we live in faith that You will provide

Our daily bread – all that we need to sustain life.

And forgive us – keep the slate clean

Our trespasses – our violations of Torah

As we forgive those – no double standards to other people

Who trespass against us – If we do not forgive they hurt us twice over

And lead us not into temptation – take control of our lives

But deliver us from evil – and keep us clean

For thine is the kingdom – not ours!

The power – not mankind’s

The glory  – only Yah is good,



This is our template for prayer, and in these few words of Yahushua sum up our whole relationship with Yah as it should be.   We come to Yah as the created ones and not as creators, He alone is the Creator, He alone shapes the world around us and we trust and rely on Him to get us through the day, a day the Yah has made.