Being humble has got rather a bad reputation in these days of “just do it”.     Being humble is acknowledging that the other guy knows more than you do, and in the case of Yah, that he knows how it all works, how it all fits together because He created it.  Do you want to be humiliated by Yah?

YES, YES and many times YES.

The world is not a revell platic kit with instructions in how to put it together, it is far more complicated than we can imagine and was put together in a most amazing way.

The big planets are line backers for our planet, they intercept incoming space debris, the moon’s tidal action washes our coastlines and removes our waste out to sea.   It is all so well thought out and each component is vital to our very existence.

Yet we often believe that we know best; we think we can interpret the scriptures to justify ourselves, we change His Torah to suit our own purposes, we keep Sunday sabbath as decreed by the Pope not the seventh day as decreed by Yah.

We don’t bother with a personal relationship with Yah, we pay others to ‘intercede’ for us.

But to be humble we must first understand that in the beginning Yah created, nobody else, that on day 6 he first pronounced his creation GOOD, and then, having created man, he pronounced it ‘perfect’ (Tov Me’od).

Although ‘fallen’, man is still the icing on top of the creation, and those few of us who leave the pig sty and start out on the long walk back to our father’s household, cause great rejoicing in heaven, but especially so when we return willing to be a servant of the most high.

Servants do exactly what they are told to do, and to the best of their ability,  they use their common sense and intellect too, but always for the best interests of their master.

They are not paid to tell the master what to do and how to do it, that is what the pigs do.    The pigs in the pig sty are not humble, they are proud people who like to do things their own way,

People who do things without the requisite knowledge are called meddlers, and if they are ‘lucky’ they do not do too much damage.   Unfortunately lady luck is very fickle and the unintended consequences of meddling are usually very damaging.

Being humble we look first to Yah in all things, we accept that His way, His truth and His life are the correct way of living even if we don’t understand why.

But when we start to live in harmony with the Creator by being humble and doing things His way and according to His Torah then we can start tapping into the synergy that creates in us the life as the icing on the top of Yah’s 6 days of wonder.