There is a theme that runs through Yah’s scripture a theme of a perfect creation, and at its peak, mankind, made in the image and likeness of his Creator.    Of two ‘trees’ each like a WiFi beacon, one communicating knowledge, back and forth, to the mind of man , the other communicating life to the heart of man.

Man has also been made with a homing instinct so that, when separated from Yah, his Creator, he will seek for that Creator.

He also has free will and an insatiable curiosity for the things of the world, and he sits with Yah to learn, or not as the case may be.

But man strays into disobedience, he listens to the whispers of the serpent, and gets himself cut off from the transmissions from the tree of life, and his brain (with its link to the tree of Knowledge) comes to rule his being instead of his heart as Yah desires.

But man’s brain is as yet incompetent, it is unable to interpret ‘knowledge’ correctly without his heart link to Yah, there is the truth that is Yah’s creation, and there is opinion which is man’s fabrications, and now ‘opinion’ rules.

And there is also the serpent constantly whispering sedition against Yah in man’s ear; directly into his mind.

So Man has a choice, he can seek Yah’s truth and live in harmony with Yah’s creation, or he can use his own mind to build a city with a wall around it to keep Yah out.

The world splits in two, a few follow Yah and live in harmony with creation, others follow the ways and desires of men and of serpents.

Each time I deny Yah’s way it produces a gash in my spirit, and leaves a scar.

As the numbers of scars accumulate so we begin to lose our humanity, that very image of the divine built into us.

The majority of men became diseased and also genetically modified; fallen angels taught men the arcane processes of perversion and corruption, of genetic meddling and the unintended consequences thereof, of monsters and chimera.

But the lineage of Noah was clean, without the genetic interference that could only be passed down through the male.

So the line of Noah passed through the flood where the monsters and mutations were wiped out.

But whilst Noah and his three sons were pure, some of the forbidden knowledge came through the flood and man was soon up to his old tricks.

Abraham put his faith in Yah and he established a one to one relationship with Yah, and Abraham prospered, But in Babylon and in Sodom men were following the old ways, Sodom was trying to commune and procreate with the fallen angels once more, so Yah destroyed them and their cities.

Abraham came out of Babylon, out of Ur the second city of Babylon out of sun worship and into a relationship with Yah, following Yah’s Torah, living in harmony with Yah’s creation.

A covenant was made binding Yah to the offspring of Abraham forever.

Those offspring who live in harmony with Yah and His Creation, those who take responsibility for themselves before Yah.

But the people did not want the responsibilities of their own relationship with Yah, and the Assembly at Mount Horeb rejected the offered relationship and chose to relate to Yah through Moses, a man, instead.

Men worshipped at the temple as a substitute for that personal relationship with Yah.  Listening to men, and performing rituals as substitutes for dialogue with Yah.

Eventually Torah was made flesh and dwelt amongst us, He came not to do away with the Torah, but to fulfil it so that those of us with the spiritual scars of non-compliance with Torah could be saved too, and come before Yah in safety, free from the accuser’s prior claim.

But once more the assembly, now misnamed the church, turned everyone to his own way and rejected Yah’s way, the way of Torah.   It was not that Yah deserted us, in fact He made himself available to anyone who was or is prepared to seek His truth.

But men once more rejected a personal relationship, mounted their pulpits and devised their rituals.   The smells and the bells of paganism won the day.

But in some, the homing instinct was strong, and they could read the scriptures and see that the truth of Yah was revealed to all who sought it.   That nothing had changed.

A civilization grew up founded upon Torah, if indirectly, and it prospered beyond any other in history.

Then it foundered when men thought that they knew better, and need no longer heed Yah and Torah and were better off following their own opinions and notions of ‘science’ (knowledge).   Same old, same old.

The traditions of men and their religions whether secular, political or metaphysical hide Yah and His truth from the people, substituting instead, men in pulpits and men in black hats or men in grey suits.