Life on the other side.

In the beginning Yah Created…..

But what if you do not accept this premise, what if you see it as a myth, a flying spaghetti monster – the opiate of the people.

Many people see religion as ridiculous, and I quite agree with them, BUT! The book of Genesis is not religion, for religion is what men and women do when, instead of seeking truth,  they seek to exploit, and to monetize a belief system.   Religion is about selling a product, a feeling of belonging; if we all do the same things in the same way, then we can prosper together (and earn a good living for the priest or rabbi at the same time).

I can (and do) utterly reject religion, ritual has no place in my life, I seek first the Kingdom of Yah and His righteousness.    But what if I believe that Karl Marx was my saviour?   What if I obey the dictats of the humanist society, what if I really believe that ‘socialism’ is the real truth, the real answer.

All these things provide me with input, and I mould myself around them.

But are they beneficial?

Socialism, communism and their close ally Nazism have proven themselves to be vicious regimes that regard human life as animalistic and expendable, they are political religions where the ends justify the means (including the extermination of Yah’s people),   Then there are those who believe in Popes and Prophets, theirs is a form of religion with no heavenly power; the central role is usurped by a man (or men) dead or alive.

The civilized world as we know it was the direct product of people believing in the 10 commandments and putting them into effect, at the root of this belief was a confidence that the Genesis account, or something very similar had to have happened.

Then along came ‘evolution’ and the idea that there was no creation event and that we are the product of some fuzzy mechanism where monkeys turn into humans, and that this is consensus ‘science’ and cannot be criticized or contradicted.

So, we are just animals, we can do what we like, when we like, and as long as we don’t infuriate or provoke those with ‘influence’ or ‘strength’ enough to damage us, we can live an animal life without care.

But all around us is the product of our forefather’s efforts to live according to Yah’s rules not man’s.    The civilization that protects and nurtures the humanist social justice warriors and enables them to spout their filth was built by those very ‘white supremacists’ that they so despise.   So what is going to happen when they destroy their own foundations?

They sit on the branch of a tree whilst scattering poison around its roots, and then wonder why it all comes crashing down, each time, they believe it will be different, each time it brings death and destruction, not the utopias of their dreams.

We each one of us have a choice, we can seek to do things man’s way (I did it my way….) and come up against the guile of Satan from which we have no protection, or we can worship Satan direct, and reap the short term benefits and be cast, with him, into the lake of fire.

Or we can seek to live the way we were so created to live, and as part of Creation, working with His Creation not against it! and listening to its healing and beneficial message of LIFE!



Do I, moi, myself, throw MY godship in Yah’s face?

Surely not, the commandment forbids it; Thou shalt have no other gods before me (literally, in my face).

Yah does not need me, His purposes will be fulfilled whatever I do or don’t do, say or don’t say, I am irrelevant to the purposes of Yah.

But I am a part of His Creation, He is the Creator and I am of no consequence to His Creation, BUT, my words and actions can either be part of His Creation or apart from His creation, and this is incredibly important to understand.

Everything that I do and say outside of His Creation is as filthy rags (literally used sanitary towels), if I do and speak within the bounds of His Creation then I speak with His truth which is of great benefit to me.

Adam was thrown out of His Creation because he threw his own newly aquired godship in Yah’s face; “she did it, the woman that YOU gave me”.

If I decide to go out and preach a sermon, say, on the evils of smoking, and I tell smokers that God will curse them, then whose knowledge am I using?

It is not in the scriptures, and it just reflects a current view of the society in which I live, now I don’t know if Yah has a problem with smoking or not, but he certainly has a problem with me putting my words into His ‘mouth’.

Much of mainstream Christianity is currently (and in the past) cursing Israel and the Jews, and actively supporting the Palestinian (Amalekite) cause.   Why is this?   Is it because they believe that Yah has changed His mind in the matter and now only supports Christians, or is it that, in their opinion, Israel has behaved badly and has taken ‘Palestinian’ land unfairly and that the Abrahamic covenant has, in their view, failed and no longer applies?   If so where does He say this in His scriptures where does he assign an expiry date for this eternal covenant.   This is the spin doctoring of ‘religious’ leaders who value the knowledge of man over that of the Scriptures and Yah.   Religion is man-made, but the Way to the Truth of Yah lies before us, and we must learn to live a Life compliant with His Creation rather than men’s creations.

Most Jews in reality worship Rabbis and happily throw the words of those Rabbis in Yah’s face.   But you know, when, at some stage, I face Yah to account for my words and actions, the Rabbis won’t be there to take the blame for me, they will be having their own problems, and maybe even bigger problems.   Yahushua may well be there, and He will be my advocate before Yah, if I let Him be.   But Yahushua is Torah made flesh and dwelling amongst us, and if I have rejected Torah then I have also rejected my own advocate.

But if I am humble before Yah, and have just a little faith in His Creation and His Covenants then amazing things can happen in my life, and maybe in yours too!


Doing my Bit for the Cause.

I always wanted to be up there in the pulpit, amongst the great ‘men of god’ doing my bit for the cause.

Now I know that I am not qualified, I do not carry Yah’s credentials, I am lacking in the things required to live in Eden.

After his encounter with Yahushua, Paul, who had studied Torah all his life, had to spend over 14 years before hitting the road for Yah, and I have nowhere near Paul’s knowledge.

We read, we listen and we learn, we seek Yah as to meanings and we get His revelations.

Many of us get our first revelation and stop, seeking to exploit it for fame and fortune, we go on the preaching circuit,  make money, have a TV show etc. – is this what it is all about?

It is about seeking FIRST the KINGDOM of YAH; that place where Yahovah rules as KING!

My role is to be useful, to study for sonship such that I can be trusted with my father’s business.

I have to learn that my knowledge is of no consequence and that I must learn to operate only within the realm of Yah.

Adam got thrown out of Eden (Yah’s Creation) because he took on his own godship in competition with Yah (“she did it, the woman that You gave me”), my sole job is to qualify for re-entry, and I do this by becoming Creation Compliant.   I learn to look at things through the eyes of the Creator, using His Knowledge of Good and Bad which He will write on my heart (if I let him) replacing the corruption therein, the corruption of my own opinions, my own godship, my own knowledge of good and evil.

Only when I pass my sonship exams to Yah’s satisfaction can I be trusted with the keys of the Kingdom, the truths that open the door to life.

Nothing which is the product of the fall; the product of my godship, the product of my knowledge of good and evil is acceptable to Yah, to enter back into Eden is to leave the pigsty of the me and to take to the Way of Yah, to seek His Truth (His Creation) and regain His Life (in Eden).



Of Priests and their Rituals

I cannot stress how important it is to seek the truth, particularly the truth of Yah and of His Creation.   We are taught from the cradle to worship man’s creations, edifices and idols and we must put this behind us, we must leave the prodigal’s pig sty and follow the path to the Fathers abode, returning to it in humility as servants willing to subjugate our own godship and serve our father by living in harmony with His household,  to be an obedient part of His Creation.

In Hebrew, sonship is a status rather than a genetic bond, a son is one whom the father can trust implicitly, not only to obey, but to conduct business and make decisions that the father would approve of and on behalf of the father.    A son can be a trusted proxy for the father.

The son who wants his own godship leaves his father’s house and rises or falls in the halls of men.

Religion is something that men make, it is a façade that substitutes men’s rules instead of Yah’s rules, the gaudy (or plain black and white) uniforms with funny hats, this is all about virtue signalling to other men to show how ‘holy’ one is,   it is those who seek to be part of Yah’s Kingdom who are truly set apart.   Yah’s truth seekers glow spiritually, although to men they maybe dowdy and boring.

Religion is just another of men’s pigsties, where men can wallow in the faeces of self worship, inside each of us is a god just waiting to be thrown in Yah’s face, if I am not careful I  put my godship before that of Yah.

At Horeb Yah intended to speak directly to the people, as he had been doing to the patriarchs, but the people refused him and demanded that he speak through Moses only, thus Yah had to set up the temple/tabernacle system as defined by the five books of Moses.

But Abraham had a direct relationship that did not need a temple. But he was deemed righteous even so.

In Galatians 3 Paul uses Abraham as an example not Moses, why, because in three days and three nights Yahushua destroyed the temple, and with it the Mosaic relationship.   From that point on, it is the Abrahamic relationship that Yahushua made work once more, and It is this that is the renewed covenant of Jeremiah, not the worshipping of some bloke dying on a Roman torture device supposedly so that we can sin in safety.

Torah defines sin, and has the built in ability to deal with sin, but the great sin; the rejection of Torah, has to be dealt with by other means.

I was brought up in a none Torah environment of partial belief, one lived in a society whose laws were based on the 10 commandments but deviated from them substantially.    God was ‘worshipped’ in a way that resembled pagan ritual rather than the word of Yah.

It took me a journey of some 50 years to break free of the pigsty and to start living in compliance with Yah’s Creation.    Nobody ever says it is easy, but we need to seek Yah directly for ourselves, we have that same choice, Moses or Abraham, priests and rituals or truth and righteousness.

Keeping the rules?

Torah is not a rulebook, it is a way of life that brings us into harmony with Yah’s creation, it is not the 5 books of law although those 5 books contain much about Torah

Man’s relationship with Yah went through phases, the phase which is featured in the 5 books is the phase after the incident at mount Horeb where the elders rejected a personal relationship with Yah and Yah had to substitue temple worship.

But when Yah spoke Torah, Creation happened; Torah is much bigger than the 5 books, but the 5 books give us many clues as to its nature, but one can study the five books for one’s entire life and learn nothing if one is looking for a receipe book only.

The 10 commandments happened before Horeb and are thus applicable in all circumstances

The temple ritual however is an inferior substitute for the personal relationship with Yah but it was demanded by the elders at Horeb, so Yah gave it to them.

Torah is the ‘Way’ referred to by Yahushua and by Paul, personally, I seek to become a follower of the Way but first I must put all ‘religion’ behind me.   Torah, when we truly seek it, writes itself on our hearts, establishing a two way connection and re-connecting our spirit with Yah’s spirit.   There is no separate ‘Holy Spirit’ deity, what there is is a miasma of righteousness around us, the power and intensity of which transforms the area around us into a bubble of ‘Edenic’ perfection, the size of the bubble demonstrating our degree of synergy with Yah’s Creation.

Torah is not a legal system, it is a heart love system that starts when we learn to love Yahovah with Heart, mind amd body, and when we seek first that place where He reigns supreme in our lives, only then can we take our places as the epitome of good in His Creation.

About Satan


We don’t know much about Satan, but he knows an awful lot about us.

Genesis 3 is well worth re-reading to try to get the picture; Satan is distorting things and the woman falls for it, the man willingly follows on.

Satan is still doing this same thing today.

Satan wants to rewrite Torah in such a way as to elevate himself to the role of supreme Godship, whilst Yah created using Torah, if he Satan  can take control of that Torah then he becomes ‘God’.

Satan envies mankind’s freewill for a very good reason, it is the freewill adherence to Torah which makes man worthy of becoming a ‘Child of Israel’ and a ‘Son of God’ i.e. an heir of the father, a joint heir with the son.

Angels do not have this privilege, and most of them were happy to serve Yah, but some were not, and rebelled.

Man has choices and is allowed to make mistakes, that is free will.   Angels MUST obey Yah, they do not have free will and if they disobey they are in rebellion.

If man lives a Torah compliant life, in harmony with Yah’s Creation, he has a brilliant future.    A future that puts the angels beneath him, Satan does not want this servitude, he wants to rule over mankind and destroy them, he is a murderer who continually attacks mankind by destroying the family, by attacking the woman’s role as ‘lifegiver’ (Chavah aka Eve).

Torah is the words by which Yah created (spoke) all things into existance, if we keep Torah then we are living in harmony with Yah’s creation, anything else is religion, either made by man or by Satan

To achieve dominance, Satan needs to change Torah to set himself on high, Yah gave him an opportunity through Yahushua in the 3 Days and 3 nights.   But Satan failed, and having lost the ‘de jure’ battle he must now work on the ‘de facto’, he must persuade mankind to worship himself not Yah.

Satan has always used man’s desire for instant gratification against mankind; the Faustian have it now, but pay for it later.   If one worships Satan then the results are quick and impressive, so much so that the greedy will happily sacrifice their children, born or unborn.

When one sees institutionalised lies and murder, one knows that Satan is around.   Many ‘big’ men and woman are closet Satanists and owe their fame and fortune to the devils and demons they worship.

The fruit of the Spirit (of Yah) is Love, Joy, Peace, lomgsuffering, gentleness, goodness meekness, faith and temperance and when you see these things attacked and ridiculed then you know Satan is prowling around seeking to devour those whom he can entice.

As we keep Yah’s Torah so we are changed, we become godlike, and our spirit becomes at one with Yah’s Creation, it is ‘set apart’ (holy).

Satan is subtle and remains hidden using surrogates to do his dirty work.   He hates any who adhere to the scriptures no matter how tenuously, and seeks to drive bible based Judaism and Christianity from the world and replace it with – nothing but nihilism.

If we remove carbon-dioxide from the planet then the planet dies, we actually need more carbon dioxide, not less, because all our food derives from CO2, and to remove CO2 is to remove the gas that plants need to survive, thus destroying the food chain that keeps us alive.

You see, this nasty Satan guy is subtle beyond the knowledge of mankind – so go out and buy that old gas guzzler, guilt free, and help out the world!

in harmony with Yah’s Creation.

I cannot emphasise too much the need for us to live as if we were already back as part of the Garden of Eden.   We cannot avoid the consequences of the fall, but we can still live in harmony with Yah’s Creation.

Adam ate of the fruit, but so did the woman, but the woman was humble and confessed, Adam was arrogant, he wanted to be a god knowing his good from his evil.   So Yah had to throw him out, he was no longer part of Yah’s sphere of knowledge, he wanted to go his own way, and Yah let him.

Adam was thrown out, the woman went with him, but she was not thrown out, the tense in the Hebrew is masculine singular, if she too had been thrown out, it would have been masculine plural.

We can assume that the woman, because of her confession and humility could still enter the Garden to gather such things as seed and food.

It follows that if we are prepared to be humble and adopt Yah’s ways, then we too can have a synergy with Yah’s Creation since we are not only part of it, but we are the one thing that makes it perfect..

We start with the scriptures, we learn and do what Yah commands not what the men, the professional theologians, interpret.   We live in synergy only because we are seeking first the Kingdom of Yah and His righteousness, Yah’s Knowledge of Good and Bad, not men’s (Adam’s) knowledge of good and bad based as it is on the opinions of men.

To do this we must first understand that these two things are very, very different.

We live in a world of ‘knowledge’ and indeed knowledge defines how we live,   But knowledge can be true or false, it can be a ‘bubble’ in which we try to create our own reality governed by rules of our own making.   If indeed in the beginning Yah created, then His Creation is the truth, the true knowledge, if I build my own knowledge bubble because I don’t really believe the in the beginning Yah Created, then those places where my knowledge deviates from Yah’s knowledge are false and my ‘world bubble’ is a lie.   If my world is a lie then I cannot live in harmony with Yah’s creation and I am like Adam, unable to enter the Garden and collect of its fruits.

Torah, the Way, permeates the scriptures, we find Abel keeping Torah, we find Abraham keeping Torah, we find Yah revealing Torah to the Elders at Mount Horeb, but the Elders of Israel reject the direct revelation and Moses has to set up the indirect relationship through the Tabernacle in the Wilderness (soon to become temple worship).   But Jeremiah promises a renewed relationship where the Way (Torah) is written upon our hearts, this being fulfilled when “Torah (Gr: Logos) was made flesh and dwelt amongst us”.

Yah is unchanging, and His Knowledge of Good and Bad is CREATION, Adam’s knowledge of good and bad is DEATH, a state where one is outside of Yah’s Creation, which one do YOU choose, you have free will, its your choice!