On Coronavirus

Fear not!

The idea of a pandemic is part of evolutionary medicine, and a bit of research puts us in a good position to improve our immune system and prevent dismay.

I have an autoimmune disease, and have had it for decades, which means that for me every year’s flu season is potentially lethal.   I take some precautions:-

I take at least 1000mg of Vitamin C a day to support my immune system, if I catch flu, which for me is a 5 monthly event I increase the dose substantially; when the headache gets bad, or the nose is totally blocked I take a 1000mg pill which gives substantial relief in 20 to 20 minutes.   I do not take aspirin (salicylic acid) or acetaminophen (paracetamol) because they both interfere with the body’s ability to fight the infection, and are poisons in their own rite.

Vitamin D is vital, and the ability to get vitamin D from food is limited, better to supplement if there is an identified threat.

Zinc and selenium are usually too low in western diets and contribute to immune problems, Brazil nuts provide an adequate amount od selenium, but 4 to 5 a day is sufficient, selenium is poisonous in anything but trace quantities so don’t take too many.

Zinc is present in nuts such as almonds, but supplementation may be more reliable.

Yah has everything under control, It is to Him that we must look if this gets really bad, you will hear Spanish Flu mentioned time after time, but Spanish Flu may well have been caused by overdose of aspirin. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/10/091002132346.htm

Beware of rushed ‘cures’ and ‘treat the symptoms’ type medicine, Big Pharma does not profit from vitamin C sales but it is an easy over-the-counter treatment.   Sars was a coronavirus, see this British Medical Journal article:


Don’t panic and have faith.

Out of my Egypt

It is a common fallacy to think that we have to work to obtain forgiveness of sins etc, the truth is much more simple, yet infinitely more difficult.

To sin, is to fall short of Torah as an arrow might fall short of the target.   Torah is the abstract for the words which Yah uttered when He spoke Creation into existance, and thus the ‘unforgivable sin’ is to deny that “In the beginning Yah Created”.

Yet we allow sin to be redefined time and time again such that we don’t know whether we are coming or going.   I have heard a pastor tell children that it is a sin to pray for themselves, thus inventing a new sin, a sin of Cain one might say.

Religion thrives on the invention and convention of sin, but Yah is not really interested in what men perceive to be sin, sin can be dealt with, unbelief cannot.   It is our faith that “in the beginning Yah Created” that makes us whole, and that further, living a Creation compliant life carries its own rewards far in excess of what we can achieve by following men’s religions.

Jesus did non carry my sins to the old rugged cross, what Yahushua did was to defeat Satan in Hades such that he could no longer accuse me, or the many others born into Adam’s enslavement.   It is for this reason, and this reason only that there is no condemnation to those in Yahushua.

For those who do not believe that in the beginning Yah Created there is condemnation, condemnation because they are the creation of Adam, the creation of death, for Adam was thrown out of Creation (Eden) because he had chosen death rather than life.   Being very physical, we tend to see death as the failure of the body, but there is the ‘breath’ to consider as well as the dust.

My body is beginning to disassemble, I am past retirement age and I grow slow and weak, I lack the stamina I had just a few years ago.   But my spirit does not age, in fact, it appears to grow more pointed and more profound.

In this age of distraction it is easy to convince ourselves the God is a sick joke, and to generally hold up our own godship as more important.   So Creation itself becomes irrelevant; it exists, it went bang, it evolved and sometime in the future it will pop like a bubble.   So eat drink and make merry for life is too short to get close to Yah.

Thus is religion unattractive, on the whole it preaches conformity and a dull and tedious group lifestyle where we all watch each other so we can point fingers, thus joining ourselves to that other great accuser.   Does this bring us close to Yah’s Creation?

Yah has to bring each of us personally out of Egypt, but to do this we have to hold out our hand to Him, He is the Creator, His is the voice that spoke the words of Creation, and only his word can take me personally out of Egypt.   It is then up to me to continue along His Way, along the path to Creation Compliance.   Soon the barren deserts of our Egypt turn into the riches of our nearness to  Creation, and that maybe we can re-enter that seraphim guarded gate.



When Adam was thrown out of Eden he had to build a new world out of the ‘debris’ of Yah’s Creation.    Adam had been made in the image and likeness of Yah, and had been taught by Yah, but he had eaten of the forbidden fruit (at the behest of the serpent) and had his intimate alignment with Yah’s knowledge of good and bad destroyed, and replaced by his own puny knowledge thereof.

Man’s knowledge of good and bad is limited and perverted because mankind is not omniscient.   But we still think that we know better than Yah, we still think that if we do what a religion of Adam requires then we are ‘good’.

But entwined in the fallen Adam and his own opinions of good and bad was the serpent who could still whisper in his ear.

So Adam built his world, a world of sin and death, where might was right – a world of wolves, of sheep and of shepherds.

The wolves bully, kill and eat the sheep, the shepherds defend the sheep.

Cain was a wolf, maybe the first wolf, Abel was a sheep and fell prey to the wolf.

It was into this world of Adam that I was born, a world that will surely end in my death.   A world where the serpent can whisper in my ear too.   But Yahovah is my shepherd, and if I listen to Him I will not want, he will guide me through the dangerous places, through death and beyond.

If and only if I listen to Him.; I must seek His truths, not Adam’s deceits.

The seed, the words of Yah, fall to the ground, I am that ground, if I am hardened the seed cannot even take root, and the wolves devour it.   If I choose to stay with Adam’s world, I am choked and do not prosper, if I cannot get rid of my pagan beliefs and traditions, those stones which the roots of the sprouted seed cannot crack open, then my plant is scrawny and unfruitful, only if I let those roots encompass my whole being and belief does the seed grow into a strong plant and bear fruit.

Adam created the first religion when he accused the woman and then Yah, for religion is all about spreading the blame for our evil deeds, we pay our dues, confess to the priest or the rabbi and he gives us his blessing.   This is the way Adams world works, it is a pigsty, but it also throws and scatters the stones that obstruct the roots of Yah’s seed.   If we cannot give up Adam’s religions we cannot have a true relationship with Yah.

No, Jesus did not decree that we need not keep Torah, in fact Yahoshua demanded that we keep it until all is fulfilled (Matt 5).   Paul, in Galatians appears to tell us that Torah has been superseded, but if this is so then he is in conflict with Yahoshua, who is to come again before all is fulfilled.

This is the dilemma of Adam’s world, and it is why the prodigal, me, needs to be met from afar to be taught the Way home to the Father.   We can listen to Adam, we can heed the whispers of the serpent, or we can heed the words of Yah and His servants, and let Him lead us to all truth, the choice in my life belongs to me and the choices in your life belong only to you, do you belive in the religions of men, or in the truths of Yah.



In Genesis chapter 3 we see Adam becoming as a god, knowing good from bad, and here we have the idea of a god as an arbiter of societies’ mores.   Further down the chapter we find Yah, the Creator, saying about Adam, “now he is one of us knowing good from evil” and Adam is ejected from the Garden of Eden and must build his own creation based upon his own knowledge and opinion of good and evil.

It is into this world of Adam’s that we a born, a world of man’s opinions and flexible definitions of good and bad.   But for most of us, might is right, and the strongest and the most ruthless rule.

So, as children, our minds are formed within the culture of our parents, and then at a tender age, most of us have to conform to the culture of a ‘school’ as well.

Education can be of great benefit to us if we are inculcated with the ability to discern: good from bad, truth from lies, workable from unworkable, fantasy from reality.

However if we are taught fantasy as truth, we are considered to be brainwashed, but who decides what is fantasy?  Darwin or Yahweh, Mohammed or Jesus, Hitler or Marx, Mao or Chiang?

The truth always has a ring to it, but if we are tone deaf, or there is too much other noise, we cannot hear that nuance and we fall back on self-interest.

Allah is presented as a god, the equivalent of Yahovah, but he is a god who hides behind a curtain, a curtain guarded and fronted by a bouncer who controls all access.   The bouncer is long dead, but access is still denied.   The legacy must be maintained by any means and at all costs.

Marx however was a man, a dead man, but a man who left a godlike legacy, a manifesto set in stone.   It described a utopia which has proved elusive to those for whom Marx aspires to godship.   We see cycle after cycle of Marx with small variations, in desperate attempts to make it work, it never does and people die quickly.

One society made things work reasonably well, those who came out from under the heel of Rome and went back to the whole bible.   They prospered, and wealth trickled down and created communities of relatively healthy well meaning people in Europe and its far flung offshoots.

Then the enemy moved again and undermined the idea of a Creator and many were fooled into abandoning the bible; the Warlords started to gain in power once more.

We are born into Adam’s world, but we can choose to leave it, we can, all of us, leave the pigsty and follow the Way which leads back to the Father’s house, we can do it privately, we don’t need to change religions or convert to anything, we just need to keep His Commandments,   we start walking the Way, and we are met from afar to be guided home.

It is a very personal path, we don’t need to advertise, we just need to build a relationship with Yah and His Way.


Being the Rookie

As believers and seekers after Yah’s truths; followers of the way as Shaoul (Paul) would say, there are basic things we must understand about Yah, the first of which is that he is not a man, and he does not lie.
In all aspects of His Creation, He is the expert and I am the rookie, I need to listen and learn, and not dictate to Him how He should behave.
Mosaic Torah is voluntary, it gives us a basic set of rules for living in a community that is devoid of a personal relationship with Yah, a personal relationship that needs to be written upon our hearts, and not set in stone.
It is very fundamental to understand that when the Elders of the Children of Israel rejected the personal relationship offered to them at Mount Horeb, they chose badly, and were thus encumbered with this Torah set in stone, because they could not discern the better Way. Ironically, a Torah for the hardened of heart – one might call is a Pharaoh-centric Torah.
We, as humans, almost always get the priorities wrong, comfortable and secure in our muddy environment we sing hymns together when we should be seeking truths as individuals, we are happy to the Moseses talk to Yah instead of listening and learning for ourselves.
For example, Yah is not so obsessed with sex as man is, we, as manlind, have layered up a simple act of procreation with layers and layers of taboo and boogie-woogie ask yourself the following questions:-
Where is ‘marriage’ in the Torah?
Where is Monogamy in the Torah?
Where is ‘age of consent’ in the Torah.
Torah protects the family, and Toraic ‘divorce’, Toraic ‘adultery’ and Toraic ‘fornication’ need to be looked at in the Toraic context of protecting the family and not in the supercharged emotionalism of modernity.   Sex is not ‘recreational’ it is a basic tool in carrying out a commandments of Yah.
The Torah based society is voluntary and based on free will, and the idea of ‘death’ is not of Yah and implies a separation from Yah, if I refuse to keep Torah then I am cast out of Toraic society – I am separated from Yah. If I go around having casual sexual relationships then I have made my choice, I have rejected Yah’s way and have chosen Adam and the world.
The object of ‘sex’ is to go forth and multiply, and any man can have a child with any woman. What is important here is the child; children have to be nurtured and taught the ways of Yah, so it is incumbent on the parents to provide all that the child needs. You will note the total absence of emotion in this.
Divorce is all about ensuring continuing provision for the mother and child(ren), it is the man’s duty before Yah to provide for his offspring and their mother, divorce only happens when the woman (and children) are supported by another man at the choice of the mother.

Adultery, on the other hand, happens when the wife has a sexual relationship with another man, but deceives the father of her children into supporting her. Adultery is also when a man avoids his responsibilities to support his wife(s)* and her offspring.
It is actually all very simple – but only if you understand Yah’s Way.

*all the women with whom he has had a sexual relationship

Jerusalem or Rome

Why would Yahovah move His ‘centre’ from Jerusalem to Rome?

All Christians must ask themselves this question, why, because most Christian sects are descended or are daughter churches of Rome.   If your sect keeps Sunday Sabbath (or non at all), then you must seriously ask yourself this question.

The Apostle Paul brought the ‘gospel’ to Rome, the centre of civilization at the time, but was this the good news of a dead deity on a cross (as preached by the church of Rome), or the news that Messiah had dealt with the problems of Adam and death (see here)?

The assembly of believers in Rome flourished until it was wiped out by Nero, but was re-established after a decade or so, and went on to become the universal (catholic) religion of Constantine and his successors, and which, for a thousand years or more dominated (and enslaved in feudalism) what we now know as Europe.

But we first need to ask ourselves was the post Nero Roman assembly the same as the pre-Nero assembly that was wiped out.

We don’t know an awful lot about this time in history, it is as if it has all been purged.

Archelogy gives us a picture of the early post-Nero assembly as including and combining with the Zoroastrian ‘Mithra’ cult within its structure and indeed, Constantine himself, although supposed to have ‘converted’ to Christianity, also appears to have remained a ‘Papa’ of the Mithra cult.   see http://www.viewzone.com/mithras.html  it is also available here

If the roots of modern Christianity lie in this merging of Mithra and Christ into a single Roman ‘Church’ then we have to be incredibly careful when we look at traditional interpretations of scripture.

Every time we walk through the portals of a ‘church’ we need to ask ourselves where in our scritures do we ‘see’ this?  If the answer is ‘Rome’ then we need to be on our guard, if the answer is Jerusalem then we are closer to Yah.

It could well be that the “Synagogue of Satan” is more to do with Rome than of Jerusalem.

But the big issue here is whether or not Jesus died on the cross for our sins, and, arising from that, was the Law of Yah nailed to that same cross.   This idea is fundamental to ‘Roman’ Christianity and its derivatives.

The above belief system also portrays the idea of a trinity of gods, making one God, and this is very different from Jerusalem where Yah is one.   So much so that those believers in ‘Jerusalem’ were persecuted and destroyed by the authorities in and of Rome down the decades of ‘Rome’ dominance.

To me, the truth lies in the scriptures, we have to look very carefully at everything, cross referencing what we find in the New Testament with what we find in the Old Testament, and we have to understand that Yah is unchanging, and Yahushua is the same Yesterday, today and forever.

It is my belief that a church building, with a pastor/vicar/priest in the pulpit, and a congregation who have to abide by a doctrine interpreted and prescribed by a hierarchy of men is not only unscriptual, but is indeed a “Synagoue of Satan”.

If you keep ‘Sunday’ as sabbath, be warned, Yah holds the ‘seventh’ day as very pivotal in his commandments, it is the only one of the commandments that he seals with his signature:-

Observe the sabbath day, to keep it holy, as Jehovah thy God commanded thee. Six days shalt thou labor, and do all thy work; but the seventh day is a sabbath unto Jehovah thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, nor thy man-servant, nor thy maid-servant, nor thine ox, nor thine ass, nor any of thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates; that thy man-servant and thy maid-servant may rest as well as thou. And thou shalt remember that thou wast a servant in the land of Egypt, and Jehovah thy God brought thee out thence by a mighty hand and by an outstretched arm: therefore Jehovah thy God commanded thee to keep the sabbath day.

In this quote from Deuteronomy chapter 5, Yah emphasises that He is the God who brought the people out of slavery, if we try to pretend that Sunday (a Mythratic ‘sabbath’) is Yah’s seventh day, then it is to keep a pagan sabbath, not Yah’s Sabbath.  It is to keep Rome, not Jerusalem.

The Keys of the Kingdom

The traditional view that the ‘Keys’ of the Kingdom were handed to the apostle Peter and that he alone becomes the ‘gatekeeper’ of the Kingdom, is much like the description of the Roman god Janus, who in his alternate identity is Bifrons:-

In demonology, Bifrons is a demon, Earl of Hell, with sixty legions of demons (sixty-six according to other authors) under his command.[1] He teaches sciences and arts, the virtues of the gems and woods, herbs, and changes corpses from their original grave into other places, sometimes putting magick lights on the graves that appear like candles. He first appears as a monster, but then changes his shape into that of a man.[2]

The origin of the name is the Roman god, Janus.


So we find the usual satanic invasion of Roman deities is accepted into traditional religion, and we too are destroyed by our lack of knowledge of it.

We are destroyed because Yahushua is telling us something very important here, but to understand it we must look at Isaiah 22v22:

“And the key of the house of David will I lay upon his shoulder; so he shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open.”

Unfortunately, the ideas here have been hijacked by the Popes who uniquely claim this authority as successors to Peter.   But this is not so; Peter had just received a revelation from Yah, as such he had become a prophet, if a minor one, and this spiritual ‘gift’ of knowledge is one of several ‘Keys of the Kingdom’ the main one of which is the ‘Key of David’ that is Yahushua himself, along with another key, that of ‘knowledge’ (see Luke 11v52).

Peter is not the unique recipient of the ‘Keys of the Kingdom’ and the ability to bring about a union between the things of the Kingdom and the things of the world.   We are all eligible.   But if we believe that only Peter is elegible, then the door is shut to us.   When I become ‘Creation’ compliant, I walk the world as one who is in the world, but not of the world, I cease to be part of Adam’s creation and move on to be part of Yah’s Creation once more.

The ability to receive Yah’s Knowledge (not the same as man’s knowledge) and to thus be compatible with Yah’s Creation is what is going on here, one who adheres to Adam’s knowledge of good and evil will always put his own ‘godship’ first, and will fling his own ‘godship’ in Yah’s face at every opportunity, he will never understand what are the keys to Yah’s kingdom, and he will never open and shut the doors of the Kingdom as a gift from Yahushua.

The Pope calls himself the “vicar of Christ” which, translated into common English means ‘in place of Christ’ we have a name for this – antichrist.   You have been warned!

It is all too easy to be deceived by the serpent….