Stony Grounds

It should be remembered when dealing with the parable of the Sower the we are the ground, that Yah is the Sower and that the seed is the truth of Yah.

We are the ground that receives the seed, the truth, but the stones are beliefs that we hold dear and are not prepared to change.   These beliefs might be the doctrines of a favoured Rabbi or Pastor, or maybe from a book such as a catechism or Talmud or commentary.

Yah demands that we seek His kingdom, the place where only He reigns, if we have other gods in our lives then our ‘roots’ cannot feed upon His Word and we are poor crops for the harvest.

Stones are impenetrable, and immovable, held in place by our stubbornness but giving no nourishment, and too many render our beings weak and our fruit poor.

For some this is going to Church on Sunday when Yah’s word instructs us that Sabbath is the seventh day (Saturday).   For others, it is that we do not use His Name, substituting HaShem or ‘God’.   These are titles not names, if we have a personal relationship with Yah then we are able to use His proper name Yahovah, Yah for short.

When we follow the rules of a ‘religion’ we must be very careful to find out for ourselves if those rules are man made or Yah made. The whole idea of ‘Church’ for example, is laced with paganity.   The Greek word, ekklesia, means ‘an impromptu assembly’ as James informs us, the first of these took place at Mt Sinai (Horeb) at the time of the Exodus.    The ekklesia in Acts met in the Temple cloisters…..

Look at your lives and try to see what stones you have.   I have been picking stones out of my life for some sixty years, and I still find a few now and then; I read the scriptures and hold my life up for scrutiny before them, if there is a stone in my life then I must set about reducing it.

Only in this way can I be fruitful.

Some fell on the path

This is the first case situation from the parable of the sower, and unfortunately the most common.   The Path is hard trodden ground constantly abraded by those traveling the path, crushed underfoot these seeds have no chance of even germinating, they become food for whatever belief systems dominate their culture.

This used not to be the case in Europe, but the advent of the religion of ‘science’ has rendered many unable to think for themselves, those who are prepared to let ‘scientists’ do the work for them.

These people are gullible beyond belief, whilst being convinced that they are ‘well informed’ and ‘intelligent’ and hat those who believe that “in the beginning Yah Created” are stupid and believe in the myths of Genesis.

Of course the same people who shame believers would never think to question their own narratives, That whilst Darwin mike explain survival of the ‘fittest’ it and posits an explanation for the origin of species, it in no way approaches and explanation of how sentient life came about.

That is like driving a car but having zero understanding what is going on under the bonnet (hood), whilst we may know that we cannot put petrol (gasoline) in a diesel car, do we believers in ‘science’ actually understand why?  Or do we just consider ourselves a ‘good’ driver, and that the ‘science’ does not matter.

The West arose to greatness because our forefather kept to biblical principles (mainly because they work), as, in the wake of Darwin, we slowly abandoned the Torah and its 10 commandments, so society disintegrated, and the birds of the air can have a feast on our (spiritually) dead carcass

What is ‘Good’

We think we know a lot about ‘good’ and about ‘evil’ – but do we really?..

Are there really 7 deadly sins?

Scripturally , There is only one deadly sin, that of unbelief. The rest are just the products of the fevered imaginations of our religious leaders.

Sin is disobeying Torah. Deadly sin is disbelieving that “In the beginning Yah created”

So much for the ‘bad’, but what about the ‘good’?

Adam’s knowledge of ‘good’ is as much part of his godship as is his knowledge of evil, and as such, is just as detestable as his knowledge of evil.

Only Yah is Good.   Men’s ‘god’ works are as filthy rags. 

When the sower sows his seeds they fall on the ground and those that fall on infertile ground are immediately eaten up by the birds of the air (evil forces).

If we have our own opinions of what is good, and reject Yah’s seed then we are either stony ground where the seed cannot penetrate the stones, or thorny ground where the seed is chocked because we are too obsessed with our own good ideas to listen to those of Yah.

The fertile ground yields to the roots of the seedlings, it nourishes then and waters them, and the seed thrives, Yah does the growing and flowering, not the ‘good’ ground.

We must be very careful when we form our own opinions of good and bad because they are usually shaped by Adam’s world of religions and their hierarchies.   We must be flexible as we follow Yah’s Way or we will conform to religion and lose our visibility of Yah’s way.

Yah’s Math

One f the first steps we take in seeking the truths of Yah is to come to believe that “in the beginning Yah created”

If we have been taught ‘Darwin’ as the only ‘scientific’ answer then it is difficult to take that first step because Darwinian theory drags us away from the first three books of Genesis and hence away from an understanding of our own ‘godship’.

We were thrown out of Eden because we threw our godship in Yah’s face, we decided that our knowledge of good and evil was superior to Yah’s Knowledge of Good and Evil.

To believe Darwin may be in line with Adamic ‘godship’; it is very rational and seems to fit, but the math is all wrong.

The world hates math because math points to intelligent design.   It points to Yah, and for evolution to be ‘scientific’ then the math of evolution has to work; it does not.

Darwin projected observable micro-evolution into macro-evolution, but did not at any time test the math.

The idea is that a ‘beneficial’ mutation can get absorbed into the genome and thus evolve something ‘new’.

To enable this, ‘science’ we must make two assumptions, fiirst that the planet is many millions of years old, and secondly, that those years complied with the ‘theory of uniformity’, that there was no fundamental change in the laws of physics in that period.

They claim that these assumptions are valid because we  obviously have successfully evolved; a circular argument.

Is there such thing a a beneficial mutation? None have yet been found…..

And even if such a thing were to be isolated, how would it become part of the Gnome?   It would have to be strikingly ‘beneficial’ and would have to happen at least twice in a small locality in order to ‘reproduce’.   One can track the math of this process, and the probability of a mutation being absorbed into the whole is infinitesimally small, hence the need for ‘billions of years’

For more information about the math of Creation, read Lee Spetner’s book “Not by Chance”

On Wokery

Wokism is an absurd new cult that reduces knowledge of good and evil to a simple matter of skin colour, and in doing so, destroys everything achieved by those who have kept Yah’s 10 commandments for the last few centuries.

Of course, the material trappings of ‘white supremacy’ are retained, and enjoyed, it is only the Judeo-Christian heritage that allowed these technical advances that is to be despised. 

Skin colour politics is deeply embedded in the pagan cultures of the warlord cultures, so there is nothing new about wokery.   To Yah it is just another of man’s high jinks to evade His truths.

Paul tells us that in Christ there is neither Greek nor Jew, bond or free, male or female.   One would have thought that this kind of blind equality was a good basis for integration and diversity, but no, we must create ‘harmony’ by creating division, by segmenting society into its constituent cultural groups.   This, of course is a futile exercise, but the Accuser has always created division with a smarmy smile.

For the Communists it was a ‘class’ division, for the Nazis it was ‘blood and soil’.

Everywhere where mankind rejects Yah, and adopts humanism, so the political absurdities become the cultural mainstream: it has happened for thousands of years and will no doubt continue.

Its aim is to enslave the masses under the whip of the elite few, to do this one must divide and rule, and if divisions don’t exist, then to create them.

A few hundred years ago the printing press gave most people access to the scriptures, thereby ending the religious hegemony of Rome.   Those who studied the scriptures began to perceive that there was a Way, a Truth and a Life whereby one could choose to do things Yah’s Way, and for a few decades real reform happened and western (so called ‘white’) society prospered.

It did not happen because of skin colour, it happened because at the core of this society was the 10 commandments of Yah.    Wokery confuses the moral treasure of ‘white’ society and its underpinning by a Yah centred society, with a ‘black’ skin colour orientated counter culture based upon Cain’s walled city, walled to keep Yah out.

Wokery is going to destroy society because it is at heart amoral, it exposes humanity to the shifting sands of human emotion and shies away from the solid rock of the 10 commandments.

One cannot do a deal, make a treaty or a contract with those for whom ‘truth’ is effervescent and ephemeral.


If we (secretly) doubt the existence of Yah then we have to fabricate the things we do and erect facades to hide our doubt.

Yah has nothing to hide, He has no hidden agendas, and he says what he means, and means what he says.  

We, on the other hand tend to want to fill in the holes in our knowledge with made up thoughts and speculations, especially self-interested ones.   Yah cannot work with us and in us if we don’t give him space to so do, if we don’t keep the Seventh day, if we are busy, busy, busy with our own self-righteous deeds, then we deny that space to the reality of Yah and the result is man made religion.

Most of us think ‘religion’ is good, today is Tish B’av in the Jewish calendar – a totally man made ‘festival’ of fasting and affliction celebrating punishments of the Jewish people.

Yet Taruwah has been totally dropped from the Jewish calendar; replaced by Rosh Hashonna.

Do we really think that this is ‘good’?

All the works of men are as filthy rags, so we should always be looking to doing things Yah’s way, it is easy to assume that Yah does not care over much as long as we do ‘something’.

But do we ,in doing that something fill that space where Yah should reside and thus fail to see the reality of a Yah centred life?     

Leaving the room

If we imagine the prodigal’s pigsty as a stinking crowded room, then we can start to analyse the people in it (and those who have left the building)

The broad majority of the people are ‘happy’ as pigs in manure, to them it is normality and they grub around looking for treasure, and trying to stop others from trying to find treasure in their space.

Clusered around the door are those who ‘see’ the light but are too afraid to take the steps out into that light, for it entails personal responsibility, it entails a walk with Yah along His pathways; a trust and reliance that the Way of Yah leads to salvation.

In the dark stinky places at the back are those who manipulate, those angels of darkness many of whom pretend to be angels of light, their job is to stop the hords escaping – they need to keep those who ‘see’ the light imprisoned within the sty, scared to make the commitment required to leave the pigsty and take to the Way.

For those who read the Word and are brave enough, they can leave he pigsty and enter into a covenant with Yah, that by following His Way, we can arrive at the Father’s gates.

But that covenant is not to be found in religion, it is found by lifting our hearts such that His Torah can be written upon them – Torah is a signpost that means that we can follow the Way….

Blessed are the Pure in Heart

Blessed are the pure in heart. Why?

Because it is they who have “Torah written upon their hearts”

Only then can the secret of Yahovah be revealed and their soul become Torah’s (Christ’s) abode.

This is a one-to-one relationship, not a group relationship, Yah ‘sees’ us only to the extent of what is written upon our hearts, he does not see a Jew or a Protestant or a Catholic, He sees an individual, me, the I, and He sees either a surface upon which he can write, or a heart of stone, already written upon by somebody or something else.

If we “lift up our hearts” He can write upon them, if we harden them, then the ‘ink’ cannot penetrate.

We cannot have a group relationship with Yah, one does not achieve salvation by attending a shoul  or a church, one achieves salvation by allowing Yah to write His laws upon our hearts so we instinctively obey, trust and rely on His Will, not our own.

“For we like sheep have gone astray, we’ve turned everyone to his own way”

Yes we try to do it our way, Adam’s way, the wrong way, we do this in ignorance because we don’t understand what caused Adam to separate from Yah.   Because we listen to men, and do the works of men, then only the words of men are written upon our hearts, Adam got there first and carved his initials in our flesh. 

There is One Way, and it is the Way of Torah, Yah does not change, we either do things His Way or we perish.

Good and Evil Revisited

The factor that separated Adam from his Creator was knowledge, and to be specific it was knowledge of good and evil.

Gen 3:22 – Then the LORD God said, “Behold, the man has become like one of Us, knowing good and evil;  ……

We gloss over the idea of good and evil on the assumption that there is only one definition of good and one definition of evil, but this is wrong.

We cannot claim John 3 v 16 if we do not understand Genesis 3 v 5

Gen 3:5 – “For God knows that on the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will become like God, knowing good and evil.”

The dire consequence of Adam acquiring his own knowledge of good and evil was separation from Yah.   If we grasp John 3 v 16 without understanding Genesis 3 v 5 then we are clutching at straws; for we will continue to thrust our godship, our knowledge of good and evil, our opinion, in Yah’s face in perpetual violation of the first of the Ten Commandments.

If we continue to define our own (Adam’s) opinion of good and evil as the way of our lives then we have no relationship with Yah and no trust and reliance in Him.  John 3 v 16 cannot then work for us because we do not fulfil its condition of belief.

There is no “I did it my way” before Yah, we do it Yah’s Way or our life has no value.

Yah’s Way is the Way of Torah made flesh and dwelling amongst us, nothing else is acceptable. It is only this Way that leads to Salvation.

We must therefore dump our own knowledge of good and evil in all humility and diligently seek Yah’s Way, and we do this by opening our bibles or Tanachs to find out what Yah has to say to us, personally.   When we come before Yah at the seat of Judgement, our favourite Rabbi, priest, vicar or pastor will not be there to speak for us, we alone will be held accountable for our actions, and we will be judged against what is written in the Book and what is written upon our hearts if there is anything there.

Yah’s Knowledge of Good and Evil has layers, the first layer is realizing that Yah’s Knowledge of Good and Evil is different to my own knowledge as inherited from Adam and further gained from the experiences of life in Adam’s creation.   For example, Yah’s Knowledge tells me that the Sabbath is the seventh day (Saturday) whereas Adam’s knowledge tells me that it is Saturday, which one do I keep? the world’s convenient Sunday or Yah’s Saturday.

Likewise if we believe that our righteousness is defined by a religious uniform and a funny hat or headscarf and ritual attendance at a holy building, , then we are engulfed in Adam and not in Yah.

The second layer is having the humility to accept that “In the beginning Yah Created” not Adam (or me-myself), we are born into and live in Adam’s world and we are taught the values of Adam’s world, and as such we hold Adam’s knowledge of good and evil as true in our lives.   Having realized that Yah’s Knowledge is different to Adam’s knowledge (my knowledge) we must have the humility to accept Yah’s Knowledge as superior.   They are both knowledge as such, but one is the product of the Creator and Truth, the other is the inferior knowledge (opinion) of the created.

One is Truth, the other is the phantasy of our own godship in antithesis to Yah’s Creation.

The third layer of Good and Evil is to understand that Yah’s prime means of communication with us is the “Torah written upon our hearts” – if we have a heart of (Adam’s) stone then we can have no communication with Yah.    We read the scripture to gain basic Knowledge, and as we read and act upon the scriptures for ourselves, so only then are our hearts softened and one-to-one Communication with Yah starts.

But if we are proud, and cling to our (Adam’s) knowledge then we continue to be separated from Yah no matter how holy we appear to our fellow men…..

The Pathway to Yah

There is a very distinct and simple pathway that leads to a personal relationship with Yah and re-entry into His creation.

It first involves a belief that “In the beginning Yah CREATED”, He created all things, look out the window, see those trees, how do they grow, we plant the tiny seeds which seem inert, and they sprout into life, can science replicate and replace this?

No, ‘science’ cannot even begin to explain how a 1000yr old seed can sprout when the conditions permit. How can an inanimate object like a seed make the decision to germinate.

That in the beginning Yah created is also the beginning of TRUTH.   Creation is Truth, and if we seek truth, we need to look to His Creation.   The theory of evolution does not offer any clues to Creation, it only outlines a possibility of a progression from an already existing (created) unicellular lifeform to higher things, on the way it makes an assumption that there is a ‘beneficial’ mutation that adds the ‘information’ necessary for evolution to take place.

Mutations so far found involve a loss of information, but if beneficial mutations exist, where would this new data come from to enable such a beneficial mutation?   The math of this process deals with staggeringly high numbers in terms of both probabilities and the sheer number of mutations and their associated data events required for the most simple of mutation.

So we end up with ‘panspermia’ and its ilk that tell us that ‘in the beginning aliens created’ is Yah an alien?  He is certainly not a human son of Adam.

So Yah created an entity which we call Creation, Adam, the first man was part of that entity, but he was thrown out because he became a god ‘knowing good from evil’ and was therefore in competition with Yah – “you will have no other gods before me (in my face)”

So Adam built his own creation by the sweat of his own labours, and this is the world we are born into.

Adam’s creation is based upon man’s knowledge of good and evil. And each of us has this ability to decide what is right and what is wrong for ourselves, and to live our lives according to our own opinions of how we can manipulate ‘right and wrong’ to our own advantage.

In the beginning Yah created an absolute right and wrong (Knowledge of Good and Evil) which Adam discarded (the woman accepted and confessed that she had violated it).   This right and wrong became Yah’s Torah and defined the entry criteria back into Yah’s Creation.

To start to seek Yah’s TRUTH is to start a journey back to Yah’s Creation, it is to leave behing the Adamic pigsty and to take to the path that we call the Way, Paul tells us that he was a “follower of the Way” and to step out of Adam’s realm, we must deny our knowledge of good and evil and adopt Yah’s Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Yah is not a democrat, there is no room in His Creation for our opinion of what is and is not ‘good’.

But men always try to trick other men into paying for ‘salvation’ by selling them a fake torah, we call this ‘religion’ where men, for a price, will take responsibility for our ‘walk with god’, these are the blind leading the blind.   Men dress up in funny uniforms and pretend to have a direct connection to god(s).

You, dear reader are solely responsible for your own salvation, please do not think that others can do the work for you, your salvation is as unique as are your fingerprints and your DNA, and cannot be delegated to a rabbi, priest, vicar or pastor.

Yah has a key with which you can re-enter His creation, but it is a key that only you can use, and you have to earn it by leaving Adam’s pigsty and following the Way such that when you reach the Father’s gates, your unique key is there waiting for you to unlock the gates.