Hearts and Minds

Adam was made in the image of Yah in effect he was a clone of Yahovah, and when he ate of the forbidden fruit, it poisoned him such that his linkage to Yahovah, and to Yah’s knowledge of Good and Evil was severed.

Adam became a ‘mind’ centred being, the poisonous fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil severed the connection between Adam’s Heart and Adam’s mind so that Adam’s senses were now connected to his mind ONLY.

This not only isolated Adam from Yah, it also isolated Adam from all of Yah’s creation, including the Woman and the Serpent. He was now in a completely physical bubble centred on his own intellect.

In effect, he had created his own world within his own intellect and governed by his own torah (instruction manual).

His ‘neshamah’ , his connection to Yahovah had been severed, not externally but internally, his heart was still in contact with Yah, but his physical senses and cognisance (intellect/consciousness) were not.

The woman, recognised the problem, confessed it to Yah and was healed/forgiven, but the man, Adam, was arrogant, he blamed the woman and Yah, and for him there was no way back until he was humble enough to seek Yah’s grace and forgiveness.

The woman was deceived, her sin was unintentional and was thus covered by Torah the moment she confessed. Adam’s sin was intentional, he wanted his own knowledge and his own creation.

Within his new state, Adam defined his own rules using his own intellect, he was able to ‘do it my way’, not Yah’s way. He was able to, and did, define for himself what was good and what was bad, totally independently from Yahovah the creator.

So Adams opinion of what is good, did not necessarily agree with the Good of the Creator, and what was Adam’s opinion of evil did not necessarily comply with the creator’s definition of Evil.

The universe, as created was Very Good, but Adam had added his own torah to creation, thus bringing in elements of deviation from the Creator’s Very Good. Products of Adam’s creation were not up to Yah’s standards of Creation, Adam’s good did not come up to Yah’s standards of Good.

But Adam carried on regardless, and therefore had to be ejected from Eden (into the realm of his own creation where the soil is cursed, it does not work properly and brings forth ‘tares’). So, the very ‘ground’ of the land of Adam’s creation is cursed, everything Adam does in his own creation will bring forth ‘weeds’.

Yah has given both Adam and the woman instruction in His way (Torah), and this will be re-iterated at Mount Horeb when the five books of the Pentateuch are given to Moses.

So how does Adam get back to Yah? First, he has to reject his own torah and start living by Yah’s Torah; the portion of Torah that is relevant to mankind , given to Moses at Mount Horeb and written down as the Pentateuch. It is NOT the mishna or talmud which are works of Adam’s knowledge of good and evil (they are man’s opinion). Adam’s torah always carries with it a mishna and a talmud, Adam’s torah he is born with, it is his nature, his mishna and talmud are his nurture, the nurture of family, particularly parents, and the nurture of the culture he is born into. Mishna and talmud are the trappings and traditions of a humanist society, they have no part in the Torah of Yahovah.

As Adam keeps Yah’s Torah; he keeps the commandments, he keeps the Sabbath and the other feasts of Yahovah, he is being trained to recognise the Truths of Yahovah. We live in a society where lies abound, men tell us that there is no Creation, that life ‘evolved’ over millions of years. But look out the window, do you see ‘evolution’ ? or do you see that each entity reproduces after its own kind? Daffodils give birth to Daffodils, and acorns give rise to oak trees. No deviation from this principle has ever been found.

When Adam keeps Sabbath on the seventh day, he acknowledges that “in the beginning Yah created” and that “on the seventh day he rested”. When he keeps Passover he acknowledges that Yah has power over life and death, and over bondage and freedom. When he keeps Matzos he acknowledges that he has to be separated from his husk; his knowledge of good and evil, which is just chaff to be blown away on the wind.

If one does not keep Torah, then these things go unrecognised. If one keeps mishna and talmud then Torah is obscured.

Keeping Torah brings knowledge; for the consequence of keeping Torah is that the Torah of Creation is written upon our Hearts and we come to love Yehovah with all our Hearts.

There is no connection to Yah through our minds, our intellect or brain, the connection is through our Hearts, if we want to live a life in Yah’s Kingdom then we must remake the spiritual connection between our consciousness and senses and our Heart, and this has nothing to do with emotions or conscience, which are firmly centred in our own torah, mishna and talmud. This is about remaking the neshamah link that was severed when Adam first ate the forbidden fruit.

Our eyes must be reconnected to our Hearts to see Yah and His realm, not through our minds which can only see Adam’s physical realm, our ears must be reconnected to our Hearts to Hear Yah, our smell, touch and taste must align with Yah through our hearts not our minds, and most of all, our consciousness must be a consciousness of Yah through our Hearts.

Messiah assists with this, Messiah is the timeless scion of Yah, He is the branch, the right arm of Yah, his role is the defeat of the accuser, thus the easing of the repair process for those who keep Torah.

It is through our Hearts that we enter Yah’s spiritual realm and to become a spiritual man, first we must make the woman’s confession; “I too was Deceived by the serpent”, then we must, in all humility Keep Yah’s Torah, acknowledging that Yah knows best. Only then we will begin to recognise the things of Yah, within us and without. Then we must allow, the Spirit of Yah tol fall upon us (Shavot), cleansing us and making us whole once more so that we may be a useful (spiritual) tool of Yahovah.

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