Building a picture

It we allow Him to, Yah will build a portrait of Himself in our hearts, in our innermost places such that we can use it to discern the things of Yah.

When the prodigal decides to leave the pig sty, he alone makes the decision and he alone starts the journey to his father’s house.   It is very, very important to understand that this is not a group decision, it is not a shared decision.   It is a self-centred decision that we alone must make, and we must be prepared to be single minded about it.

It is terribly difficult to abandon friends and fellowships and tread the lonely path towards the house of the Father, but that is why He sends His servants to meet us.

The moment you cleave to Yah, the pig sty will reject you anyway.  Everyone I know who has started seeking Yah’s truths has been thrown out of church or fellowship, acrimoniously and in short order.

Yah requires that we be focussed on Him, for He is the source of all truth, and when we are focussed on Him then there is no room left for the traditions of men.

You must stop and think, you must assess the situation, Yah put His picture in your heart so you have a reference point.   The scriptures are very useful, but they are not always to hand, and may disappear from free circulation as the pig sty expands.

You may, or you may not meet with fellow travellers along the way, listen, learn and ask the question, does this blend with the picture Yah has placed on my heart?

If it presents a problem, see what the scriptures have to say if they are available, for the word of Yah neatly divides the flesh from the truth, if not, then trust the picture.   It is always easy to turn to the flesh, to turn away from anything we find that disrupts our comfort zone.

We grow up in tradition, we come face to face with Yah and we have to make a choice, stay in the comfort zone of tradition or move towards Yah’s truth.   However, unless we are very fortunate, our tradition is the tradition of the pig sty, and our idols are the boars and the sows…..