Eden and TORAH

In the Garden of Eden, Adam and the Woman consumed a poison, a poison uniquely potent to those created in the image of Yahovah.

Yahovah created all things, He spoke and it happened, the two trees that were part of the creative process were in position, one represented Knowledge, the other represented life. Then Yahovah made the ultimate creative act, he spoke mankind into life and endowed him with the potential for knowledge, mankind was as Yahovah, the pinnacle of the creation.

All that Yahovah spoke to create all things, we call TORAH. The five books of Moses are those parts of TORAH relevant to mankind. Works of man are NOT part of TORAH.

Thus the two trees transmitted to Adam the very essence of existences , those of life and those of knowledge.

Adam needed training in how to use life and how to use knowledge and so Yah trained him, he trained him by living alongside him and by working with him, it was a slow and exacting process
Lucifer was also there. Lucifer is an angel, and angels have a different covenant with Yahovah.

Angels live in a master slave relationship with Yah, there is nothing wrong with slavery in this instance if the slave master is benevolent and knowledgeable. But Lucifer rebelled, he had no cause to rebel, but he did, and so doing put himself outside of TORAH.
TORAH is creation as Yah intended it, Mankind was created with the ability to make choices, we could choose to live inside Yah’s creation or outside of it. This is the love of Yah and mankind could choose to live in the love of Yah and reciprocate it, or he could reject the love of Yah by living outside of TORAH.
Adam’s acquisition of knowledge from Yah was slow but sure, but there was a short cut.
Lucifer had found out how this short cut worked, and was aware of its implications to Adam; Yah transmitted knowledge to Adam through the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Through the tree, Yah could transmit and impart His knowledge, between himself and the realm in which he lived, to the Edenic realm where Adam lived.
Yahovah framed His creation in TORAH, thus TORAH is in itself a definition of creation. Thus Yah himself must keep TORAH in order to preserve His creation. The implications of this are enormous since Yah MUST keep His covenants, whereas for Adam they are optional, and for Lucifer they are tyrannical.

Adam can keep Lucifer under control where Yahovah is tied into TORAH. TORAH is much more than the five books of Law. TORAH governs how Yahovah interacts with the whole of His creation and He MUST abide by every aspect of it including those aspects of it governing His relationship with angels and with Lucifer in particular.

Adam can control Lucifer without breaking TORAH as Lucifer is well aware, Adam can thus do things to Lucifer which Yah cannot; for Yah MUST keep His covenant with the angels and with Lucifer whereas there is no covenant between Adam and Lucifer.

It therefore appears to be in Lucifer’s interest to suborn Adam, and he does it by deceiving the woman. Adam is then left with a difficult decision to make, probably without full understanding of the consequences.
When Adam eats of the fruit of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil he makes a new torah based upon his own incomplete knowledge of good and evil, he is made in Yah’s image, and the action of eating the forbidden fruit is an action of creation, but whereas Yah’s Knowledge is PERFECT so Adam’s knowledge is partial for his education is incomplete. Adam creates a new existence based upon his own partial knowledge.
Adam’s creation is what we call the physical world, the world as perceived by our five senses, sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. These things define the world into which we are born. But it is a tiny fragment of Yah’s creation and therefore Yah’s TORAH.
It is a world devoid of the Tree of Life, and thus a world where we have no connection to the Lifegiver and His Knowledge. Yah has to transfer the life giving essence to the woman by activating her womb.
So Lucifer is instrumental in bringing mankind down to a level lower than himself, to a ‘physical’ dimension which is self-limiting, and in which he is a ‘hidden’ influence. Thus he has neutralized Yah’s ability to exert control, or so he thinks.
When Yah created man, he created in man a resilience, a pattern recognition process which seeks to recognize and fill in the gaps in his knowledge, in this way mankind will always seek knowledge of TRUTH.

Absolute TRUTH is the complete understanding of Yah’s creation, and it could therefore be said that TRUTH is TORAH and TORAH is TRUTH. There is only one TRUTH, and as man seeks TRUTH so his understanding of TORAH increases. Yah delights in revealing His TRUTH to those who seek it.

But Yah’s TRUTH is hidden in plain sight, we can look out of the window of our physical shell and there is Yah’s TRUTH all around us. Unfortunately we prefer to watch Lucifer’s television set in the corner which builds a different picture.
Lucifer’s picture is a designer fantasy, it is a world within a world, fashioned to appeal to Adam’s fallen nature.

To rise above it, we have to go seeking Yah’s TRUTH and if we do that, Yah will ensure that we begin to find it, however we may not recognize it if we do find it because it is completely at odds with the picture we are born into.

Yah’s picture is the creation picture; the TRUTH, it is fixed and cannot change. If we go seeking Yah’s picture with a pre-formed idea of what it looks like, then we will find a truth that complies only with our pre-formed idea. Yah gave His picture to Abraham and his descendants, their job was firstly to preserve the picture for mankind, and secondly to teach mankind how to ‘see’ the picture.

The seed of Abraham succeeded in preserving Yah’s picture, but unfortunately they presented a different picture for the world to ‘see’, when they should have been presenting TORAH to the nations, in actuality, they ended up presenting their own pictorial tradition instead.

If we read and keep the man-relevant part of TORAH as given to Moses and written down in the first five books of the bible, we pre-form a picture of Yah which allows us to recognize Yah’s truth when He presents it to us.

This is important because ALL religions paint god with their own paintbrushes, so a Christian goes looking for Jesus, a Muslim for Mohammed, and Lucifer will ensure that they find them. A Jew goes looking for Akiva or Schneerson or the Rambam and gets totally confused.

Jesus is a picture of a mithratic deity as defined by the pagan Roman Emporer Constantine, it is not a picture from which we can recognize the things of Yah. Mohammed is a picture of a 7th century brigand with a narcissistic personality disorder, this picture does not equip us to see Yah. Akiva was a 2nd century revolutionary and terrorist, Schneerson was a 20th century demagogue and Rambam, an 11th century occultist.

When we fail to ‘see’ or ‘hear’ Yah, then Lucifer will happily fill the gap with his own pictures.

The fall of Adam locked humanity in a physical cage that few could break out of, the problem being that Yah, under TORAH, had delegated to Lucifer the role of ‘accuser’, with the responsibility of accommodating those who failed to comply with TORAH. Lucifer should have applied Yah’s grace to the role of accuser, but he rebelled and became a condemner instead.

Thus, unless perfect, the dead were trapped in Hades, Yah could not bring safely those covered by His Grace into His Kingdom without submitting these elect to the errant and rebellious Lucifer’s TORAH defined role as accuser, without breaking TORAH himself.

But Yah is clever, much more clever than either man or Lucifer. He devised a trap for Lucifer that would solve the problem of grace, once and for all. That trap was in the form of Yahushua; TORAH made flesh and dwelling amongst us.

Yahushua kept a perfect, Torah compliant life, his one sign was Jonah’s three days and three nights in the fishes (Dagon’s) belly.

He descended into Hades and spent three days and three nights there.

Lucifer was delighted, he had TORAH within his grasp, all he had to do was to leave the Kingdom of Yah (as defined by TORAH) at his own volition, go to Hades (outside of TORAH because death was a product of Adam’s creation not Yah’s) and change TORAH to make himself Yah. He failed because Yahushua; TORAH made flesh, had not betrayed either TORAH or Yah. Lucifer was not powerful enough to separate Yahushua, the man, from the TORAH (and therefore the whole of creation) that he carried within his being.

Yahushua was a Scion (branch) of the Tree of Life that is Yahovah the Creator.

Lucifer fell into the trap, he had left Yah’s kingdom voluntarily, and as a result Yah could exclude him and still be TORAH compliant. When Lucifer tried to re-enter the Kingdom of Yah he was thrown out.

The resurrected Yahushua could now safely bring home those covered by Yah’s grace, for the accuser was trapped in Adam’s kingdom of death, not Yah’s Kingdom of life.
Lucifer now had to change tack, he had failed to usurp Yah, all he could do now was to usurp Adam, and the truth of dispensationalism (Christianity) is not that Yah changed the rules, but that Lucifer did. Yah does not change.

Lucifer invented first Christianity which trashed TORAH, then Islam which trashed the scriptures and finally darwinistic atheism which trashed ‘God’ and set mankind in his place (mankind under the thrall of Lucifer that is).

The poison of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil still runs in our veins, imprisoning us in the physical world into which we have been born, but we can be born a second time, this time we can be “born from above”, we too can seek FIRST the Kingdom of Yah and His TORAH (righteousness).

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