From the time that Adam ate of the forbidden fruit, and, by it, obtained his own godship, his own ability to decide what is good and what is evil, mankind has wobbled away from the Creator’s path; The Way, The Truth and The Life of Yah, and substituted his own way, his own truth and his own life.

The serpent aided and abetted this process and will, forever, influence mankind to each “do it my way”. Satan does not care what we do as long as it takes us away from Yah’s Way. Yah’s Truth and Yah’s Life.
Man’s free will means that he has choices in life, and the biggest choice he has is whether to seek the Creators truth or not, to seek the Creator’s truth he must put aside his own godship, if he does not then he will always find the truth according to his own knowledge of good and evil.

There are many things that man considers evil, but Yah does not, one of them is polygamy, another is underage marriage. There is nothing in the bible which prohibits these things, and both are surrounded by man-made social edifices. To understand Yah’s attitude we must consider the role of husband, and or father.

“go forth and multiply” was Yah’s commandment, and multiplying means that fertile women must get pregnant or humanity dies out (and Satan wins). Yah’s rules are there to protect women with young children, to ensure that they are fed and housed in a manner where the family can prosper. Satan does not like mankind to multiply so he entices man into creating social rules concerning multiplying over and above those of Yah.

We are born into this world, into a ‘culture’, and that culture may adore Yah or despise Yah or even just ignore Him. There are many shades of acceptance or rejection of Yah.

If we are born to Parents seeking first the Kingdom of Yah and His righteousness, then we have a true advantage, if not, then we have to start learning from scratch.

The first step is to look out of the window and realize that Creation is no accident, there are just too many co-incidences for it to be random. Just getting to the point of realizing that there is a Creator to seek is more than many are capable of; many people are very happy to lead pointless lives in a seemingly pointless world, their purview shaped by their own puny knowledge.

Yah created me so that I can, if I deserve it, inherit His Kingdom.

To inherit His kingdom, I must first become part of it, and the first prerequisite to that is to realize the difference between my useless knowledge and His omniscience. I need to decide to do things His way.

The prodigal son leaves the pigs and starts following the way back to his Father’s House, but not as a son, he is prepared to re-enter his Father’s house as a servant, at a time when servants had no free will of their own.

Sonship(not necessarily genetic) is a trusted position within the household, a son has free will and can represent his father in the transactions of life. But the prodigal is humbled, he realizes that he has gone astray and that there is a gulf between servanthood and sonship that he alone cannot cross, he used his freewill to reject sonship (adhering to his Father’s rules) and made up his own according to his knowledge, and he ended up with the pigs.

As the son reaches the gates of his Fathers house, he must make himself presentable. He must deal with the cause of his humiliation, and he must deal with the products (the excrement) of his humiliation.

This is the process of atonement, he cannot appear before his father with the vestiges of his rebellion still clinging to this mind and his body, his spirit must be cleansed of the rebellion against his father’s Way (Torah) and his body must be cleansed of the product of rebellion.

Today is the Day of Atonements the moedim which is a picture of what the prodigal must go through before tabernacling with his Father. His are the two goats, he must cast out Azazael (his own knowledge of good and evil) and he must be cleansed by the blood of the sacrificial goat. Then he must wash off the dirt and come before his Father in all humility.

The Father can then consider his status, sonship or servanthood……