Rabbi Worship

Having characterized Christendom, let us now have a look at Judaism, the religion of the tribe of Judah.

When the Northern Kingdom was sacked by the Assyrians under Sargon at the behest of Yah, Sargon’s

successor Sennacherib marched south without Yah’s blessing and started sacking the towns and cities of the South, he surrounded Jerusalem and issued a ultimatum to King Hezekiah king of the Sounthern Kingdom comprising mainly the tribal lands of Judah and Benjamin.

Hezekiah took the ultimatum to his prayer chamber and place it before Yah.

Yah’s messenger of death passed over the Assyrians during the night, and Sennacherib got the message and withdrew with what was left of his armies.

But the kings following Hezekiah had their own ideas, and eventually the Southern Kingdom was obliterated by Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon and the elites were taken captive.

After 70 years exile and when Babylon was in its turn conquered by Medes and Persians, the Jews (Judeans) were allowed to return to the Southern Kingdom, but they took with them the Babylonian Talmud.   This was the text book of a new religion – that of Rabbiism a.k.a. Phariseeism.

This new religion paraphrased and interpreted he scriptures into a set of rules with some fairytales and a few extra parties thrown in.   The simplicity of the sabbath was lost in a welter of traditions and prohibitions.   Food had to be supervised (approved) by a Rabbi, at a cost.

And then there is the uniform, the traditional black and white garb.

None of this is Toraic, it has all been added to or taken away from Yah’s Torah in such a way that the average Judean never ever reads his bible, he only listens to the Rabbis and reads the Rabbinical commentaries.    Did the Rambam have a personal relationship with Yah, or did he just reduce Yahovah to Hashem, did he replace Loving Yah with all our hearts with loving Rabbis (elevated ones) with all our money?

The scriptures are our single defence against Satan, and if we neglect them he can easily wheedle his way in and become the centrepiece and object of our worship.    Are Rabbis just perpetuating Hosea’s wife’s whoredom?

Just who do Judeans worship?  It is the god hashem, for it is now forbidden to love Yahovah your Elohim with ALL your heart,  Yah says call me by my name, the Rabbis say that we must call him hashem or Adonai, because we don’t know how to pronounce יהוה  so must we disobey Yah and worship the Rabbis?