The Ten Matters

The 10 Commandments are central to the way we must behave if we are to become creation compliant, they are the minimum specification for life recognised by Yah, keep the ten commandments and you will certainly come up on His horizon.

But do we really know how to keep those commandments?

Do we really know who is the god that we should not throw in His face?

To Adam, pre fall, keeping Yah’s commandments was instinctive, He had personal contact with Yah in his daily life.    But as a result of eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge his eyes were opened and he, himself became a god because he was now able to judge good and bad for himself.

But he was not very good at it, because he lacked the wisdom to use the knowledge and as a result his good and his evil became muddled.

So Yah adopted Abraham and trained him in righteousness as defined by creation and not by Adam.

But the later generations of Abraham’s seed sold Yah’s chosen (Joseph) into slavery.   But Joseph kept faith, he endured the Ishmaelites who hated Jacob’s line (oh yes they would have known exactly who this crowd of men were and who Joseph was).   He kept faith as a slave of Potiphar and whilst in prison in imminent danger of being ritually murdered.

So Jacob and his family were forced to go to Egypt to seek food, having discarded the ways of Yah, the sons of Jacob were out of step with Yah’s creation and were desperate.   Joseph, who was in step with Yah’s creation still adopted them and supported them and they prospered in Egypt, for a while.

But they ended up an enslaved people.

Yah rescued them from slavery, and set them up with His Torah as dictated to Moses, and the key part of it was the ten matters.    These ten matters are the key to walking in Harmony with Yah’s creation, they are a starting point of a journey of belief that starts with believing that in the beginning Yah created, and goes on until the whole of Torah is written upon out hearts.

We start with our hearts corrupted, dominated by our own knowledge of good and bad and the interpretations thereof.   We end with our hearts echoing Yah’s creation, in humility we keep to Yah’s knowledge of good and bad, not our own interpretation of it.

In our society every one of the ten commandments has been perverted and corrupted by man’s puny knowledge, do we keep the sabbath holy by going to church on Sunday as the Pope demands, or do we honour the seventh day (Saturday) Shabbat by rest meditation and meeting together as we are told in the Psalm.

In Hebrew, the days do not have names, they have numbers, day 1 through to day 6  (Yom Rishon to Yom Shishi), and Shabat is the seventh day (from shevah Hebrew for seven).

Yah expects us to keep within the bounds of His Commandments as a starting point for our walk with Himself, he expects our nations too to respect his commandments, and as the nation moves further away from those commandments so chaos and mayhem ensue.

Only one nation on the planet keeps the seventh day Shabbat and that is Israel, and Israel is just beginning to prosper.   Think about it!