The Serpent was able to deceive the woman who was to become Chavah the lifegiver because the doctrine that she had been given about the tree of knowledge of good and evil was wrong, she was told that she should not touch it because then she would die, we are not told who told her this but it was obviously not Yah.


Chavah was learning, probably from Adam, how to relate to the environment around herself, but the untruth/partial truth about the function of the tree of knowledge made her vulnerable to deception.


When mankind starts to embroider Yah’s truth with his own bells and whistles, he is creating spiritual ammunition for satan to use against us.


The woman believed a partial truth, she believed it because it probably came from Adam himself and she was the helpmeet for Adam. She had faith in him and did not lay it before Yah to seek His truth because she obviously felt no need to.   Although she has her own relationship with Yah, truth for her was what Adam said, or latterly, what the serpent said.    Although an adult in body, the woman was trusting like a child.


We all do this to a certain extent, and for us the consequences of believing untruths is not so immediately dire but maybe just as damaging.


Now we need to learn from the ‘occult’ a truth that is forbidden by the Adams of this present world; that when I sacrifice an animal (or child etc.), I receive the spiritual energy released by the killing of that animal.   Those in the ancient world knew this, and they also knew that for spiritual entities, spiritual energy is currency.   This is taboo in western culture, but it is open and obvious if one reads the scriptures.


The benefits of trading with the enemy in spiritual currency are immediate and obvious, and the man’s or demon’s puny transactions work.  The Tophet was kept very busy devouring children sacrificed to the greed of their elders who should have known better.


We can mis-use spiritual ‘credit cards’ to “take the waiting out of wanting” but Yah does not do credit.   And satan will be looking for  payment with compound interest at the end of the month.


Yah only accepts hard currency; the sincere, from  the heart, ‘love’ of an honest seeker after truth, one whose eye is single, an eye set only on Yah’s truths.   To those who patiently seek he will give rivers of living water (Yah’s uncorrupted form spiritual energy) in an abundance unmatched by that of men or of demons.