What is a Church?

The word in the New Testament which is translated as church is the Greek word ‘ekklesia’, but does it really mean ‘church’ or does it mean something else.

I was once taught that the ‘Church’ is the bible’s best kept secret and that it was suddenly sprung upon God’s chosen 2,000 years ago when God changed His mind about who should represent Him.

Yes, God changed His mind, He broke his own rules (Torah) and invented the Church?

No, No and many times no, Torah is forever…..

The Greek ekklesia means “called out assembly” and refers to the spontaneous political meetings that were a feature of the short-lived Athenian democracy and where impromptu meetings of citizens discussed events and policies.

So the first ‘Church’ in biblical terms was the impromptu meeting at Mount Horeb.

When Constantine absorbed all the various Roman religions into one universal religion, he needed to express the continuing importance of (pagan) temple worship and attendance thereof.   There is no real emphasis in the scriptures of going to ‘Church’ (and giving money to the priests) so this had to be invented outside of the scriptures.

There is nothing new in the New Testament, in fact, there is nothing new under the sun.    Yah created everything in the first six days.   Because the idea of Temple worship in Rome does not exist in the scriptures, it had to be invented so the roman priesthoods could continue to earn a livelihood.

So the idea of a ‘Church’ became one of the central pillars of Universal Christian worship.   Much to the continuing profit of the Church professionals.   Each pagan temple became a church, and whilst everything changed, nothing much changed, the sun was still central, and the various Ikons of polytheism were represented by apostles and saints.

A central pillar of the Way of Yah is Shabbat; keeping the seventh day set apart for rest, meditation and gathering together.   The ‘Church’ says we keep SUN day at a set apart building on a Sunday in accordance with Constantinian tradition, is this what Yah wants, or is it what the serpent wants?

When we see the word ‘church’ in the Renewed Testament what we are reading about are those who have had a Horeb experience, a face to face with Yah, and further, those who are actively seeking the TRUTHs of Yah.   The two should be inseparable, but unfortunately, even the very elect can be fooled by the deceits of the serpent.