Sex, Marriage and Divorce

Adam and the Woman were naked, and they knew it not, until after the fall that is….

Then everything changed, and they were embarrassed by their nudity, and the first act of fallen man was to cover that nudity and fallen man has been obsessed by nudity ever since.     Yah, however is not obsessed by it for it is, to Him, the natural state of mankind.

Of course, most societies insist that we dress with some degree of modesty, and the more satanic the society, then the more that rule is enforced, especially on women.

When one has eternal life, reproduction is not a prime requirement, it is only when one has a prescribed lifetime that it becomes necessary to breed, and to multiply, a breeding pair must be able to raise at least 3 children to adulthood.

Hence the provision that Yah had to make for the woman to increase her fertility, and to also speed up that vital period where she is vulnerable due to childbirth.    This was not a punishment, the woman had done nothing wrong, she was deceived by the serpent, confessed so and was forgiven (see Numbers 13).   It was what Yah had to do to ensure survival of mankind.

It also made the woman dependent upon the man for support, and it is this reciprocity that must be born in mind when understanding the Toraic provisions for marriage.

There is no religion about marriage, it describes only the act of copulation and nothing else. If one sleeps with a member of the opposite sex and engages in coitus, then one is married to the person, full stop, and it is the male duty to support the woman and any offspring that should happen along.

Divorce, on the other hand is when the woman chooses to become dependant upon another man and to become his sexual partner.    If a man abandons his wife (sexual partner) for another liaison, leaving the wife destitute, then that is adultery and both the man and his new partner are liable.   The practicality here is that the abandoned wife and child/children then become a burden on the society, which is unacceptable, the man and the adulteress must pay, or be put to death.

There is no room for emotion in Yah’s plan, it is purely a practical policy for the sake of going forth and multiplying, and anything that gets in the way of that is wrong and Torah deals with it.

Unfortunately religion then comes along, and the , so called, men of god, make up their own rules according to their own wisdoms, and complicate the issues.   Thus marriage. If done properly,  becomes a very lucrative side-line for the professional religious leader.