I am Sailing

With Yah there is only one way and one truth, if we seek that way, and if we seek that truth, then we are promised that we will find those things, but how do we seek?

To seek is an active verb, it is a decision we alone must take in order to start seeking, and those further decisions along the way to keep seeking, there are many people who start the process, get their first revelation and instead of seeking further truth, the settle down and exploit the truth they have been given until they have wrung every cent out of it by writing books and appearing on TV and going on lecture tours.


This is not Yah’s way.

Yah is not a career opportunity, it is not a profession, it is a conviction, I seek Yah’s truth because it is Yah’s TRUTH.   Along the way, I am changed into His likeness.

Yah promises to supply our needs, abundantly, but we have to let Him do it, if we do it we will be corrupted in the process.   Yah is not a commodity, we do not buy stocks and shares in Yah

So what is in it for me?  This is a very important question.   It is also a very religiously incorrect question because it suddenly means that we have to look at our motivation.

I can only look a me, and my motivation, your motivation, dear reader is private between you and Yah.

I want to live in harmony with Yah’s creation, but in many ways I lack both the knowledge and the tenacity to do it.   My heart fails through fear many times daily, I forget that Yah is the provider not me, I go to work in the morning, that is scriptural, I serve my earthly masters as required and to the best of my ability.   But I fear for my job around which pivots so many (worldly) things, I forget that Yah is my provider, but He does not.

Yah has always provided, I have always had food and shelter, job or no job.

Yes I would love to be wealthy, but can I have wealth and remain humble, would my wealth destroy me?   I don’t know, but Yah does.

The Kingdom of Yah is right here, but it is a kingdom only of those who choose Yah as their King,  most do not, they choose some other god as their master and provider and expect Yah to ‘bless’ them despite their unfaithfulness.

I choose Yah, but I must follow up that choice by actual contact with Yah, I must bring my very essence into line with His essence; but it is a process where, if I am humble, and prepared to discard my godship (for I too ate the forbidden fruit) He will change me.

As to reward, yes, anything is possible, but Yah will never reward us in a way that will corrupt us, so I remain humble and patient, I keep Torah to the best of my ability and understanding, I meditate and commune with others of similar persuasion.

The spirit (Ruark = wind) blows where it wants to blow, and I hope that I am as a sailing ship traveling with that wind.