Many people view Judaism and Christianity as separate religions, they are not.

Christians tend to emphasise the idea of Jesus as part of a triune ‘godhead’  int the manner od ancient pagan religions based on the Nimrod/Semriage/Tammuz tradition with God, Mary and baby Jesus figuring largely in the major Christian tradition.   A tradition controlled by a ‘head of the Church’’ and a hierarchy of priests, bishops ec.

In Judaism we have Rabbi worship.    Rabbi’s pop up after the destruction of the Temple, Sometimes referred to as Sages, they hold that ‘tradition’ is more important than scripture, taking the idea of the Mishna, the verbal commentary as of greater import than the Mosaic text itself, especially given that this non-scriptual commentary is controlled by themselves.

The Tanach/Bible is available for all to read, but the vast number of people do not read the scriptures, they are happy to let others interpret for them.    This has always been the major source of problems for thos who seek the truths of Yah and a personal relationship with Him.

When I finally come before Yah, He will judge me against His Creation, if I meet the criteria, then I am accepted, if I fail then I perish.   So who sets the criteria?   The Rabbi’s, the Pope?

In the beginning Yah Created, Adam was part of that Creation, but he rebelled and was thrown out of Creation into a wilderness that he had to tame and make fruitful by his own labours.   So Adam built his world and Yah did not interfere with Adam’s world (except when it was invaded by fallen angels).

But Yah provided a way back, first through Torah, for those aligned with Chava (the lifegiver) and subsequently through Yahushua, for those aligned to Adam.

Let me explain, Chava (the woman) confessed. And because she confessed she remained Creation compliant.   Adam, however, blamed the woman and Yah, he took no personal responsibility for his actions and was therefore thrown out of the camp (Eden).    Note that only Adam was thrown out, the Hebrew is in the masculine singular.   Chavah’s desire was to be with her husband and he ruled over her.

So, there are the Adams that reject Torah (Creation) and the Chavah’s who embrace Torah (gender has nothing to do with it, Paul tells us there is neither male or female in this scenario).

I am born as a mixture of Adam (sin and death) and Chavah (spirit of life) and I have a free will to chose which way I go.   But when I am before Yah, then my Adamic component is still unacceptable to Creation even though I have chosen the spirit of life, the way of Torah.

Hosea laments “My people are destroyed through lack of Knowledge” and this is so when we allow others to dictate our knowledge for us.

Jewish believers and Christian belivers are divided by words, words manipulated by Rabbis and Popes and their ilk.   When words are changed in meaning the picture become confused and the Way (the Torah) becomes confused.

The New testament is not Christian, and was first written in Hebrew, then translated into Greek and Latin.   Much of the Hebrew is lost, but we have a Hebrew text of Matthew (Shem Tov) and  Hebrew fragments of John and luke, all of uncertain origin, but both have textual credibility in the sense that analysis of the accepted Greek texts tend to show that they are translations of Hebrew originals.


There are 3 particular words which divide Jews and Christians: Logos, Nomia and Ekklesia and the misunderstanding of these words puts huge barrier between Judah and the mixed multitude.   If one looks at the book of Exodus, where Yahs people are taken out of the pigsties that have entrapped them, they are accompanied by a mixed multitude of Egyptians who have chosen to tie themselves to Yah and His Torah.    In many ways, Christians are that mixed multitude, and the prodigal son must leave his pigsty to, and follow the Way (Torah) to his Father’s house.

Logos in the Greek is translated as ‘word’ in English, but what of the Hebrew? In the Septuagint (translation of Tanach into Greek in about 163BC, both the Hebrew words Torah and Debar are translated as ‘logos’.    Torah is a signpost i.e. the Way, Debar are the instructions of Yah, these two words align perfectly in Judaism, one follows the Way by keeping the instructions of Yah.   In the Hebrew fragment mentioned above, John 1 v 1 uses the Hebrew word Debar.

So we can, with a little licence translate John 1 in the following way using Torah in its English sense as being more meaningful than Debar:

“In the beginning was Torah, and Torah was with Yah, and Torah was Yah”

We are then told that all things were made by debar (commandment of Yah) and without it, nothing was made,   and also that Debar was made flesh and dwelt amongst us.   As you may surmise, this is very different to the standard Christian viewpoint.   I have read a lot of literature explaining that the ‘Word’ of God was Jesus, part of the Trinity, but never relating Logos, Debar and Torah.

Nomia is the Greek word for ‘Law’ and anomia means ‘without Law’.   But nomia in Greek is any law or regulation; it could be a “keep off the grass” sign.   It is thus a word that is somewhat vague and contextually sensitive.   So in Matthew 7, we find ‘believers’ who are rejected as being ‘lawless’ (anomia).    Now we have to ask ourselves which Law does this refer to, the Laws of man or the Torah of Yah.   If you reject Torah, you need to be very careful that you get this use of anomia in context or you may find yourself rejected.

“If you Love me, KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS!” (JN 14 v 15)

In the context of Torah made flesh and dwelling amongst us, this passage is very definitive.

Ekklesia is translated as ‘church’ but the Greek did not take that meaning until about 200AD, before that it was a word used for a political meeting, particularly in the times of the Athenian democracy.

The first Ekklesia of the bible was at Mount Horeb after the Exodus, after all, there is nothing new under the sun.

The usage of these words has lead to a different interpretation of the first Century Jewish writings, and because the Jewish religion had to reinvent itself after the destruction of the Temple in 70AD a chasm was created where both parties chose ‘Religion’ rather than TRUTH.   So real knowledge of the TRUTH died because people stopped following the WAY (Torah)  and Creation centred LIFE was destroyed, all through lack of KNOWLEDGE!