The Father of Lies

From the very beginning, Satan has used lies against the personal relationship between man and his Creator.   Those lies are even now surging through Yah’s creation destroying all those houses built on the sand of human knowledge.

The dialogue between the serpent and the woman in Genesis 3 is fascinating; and every word is nuanced.   But the big lie of self godship, is built upon a previous half-truth; the woman believes that she must not even touch the tree of knowledge.

Knowledge is a raw material, it is like a ton of bricks which if expertly place each one in relation to another, will build a palace, but which, without the necessary expertise, is just a pile of rubble.

In Eden the expertise was supplied by the linkage to the tree of life, connection to Yah was a connection to His omniscience that enabled knowledge, the raw material  to be shaped and  used to understand and live by the truths of Creation.

Wisdom is the combination of the Creator’s knowledge of Creation and the knowledge which is the product of Creation itself, in effect the tree of Knowledge supplies the knowledge and the tree of life supplies the ability to use that knowledge properly.

Wisdom is always the first casualty of distaining creation, of a belief in ‘evolution’ and other ‘modern’ science in a religious manner.

Thus when properly armed, a wise person can see through lies, but when the connection to the tree of life is cut off, then the knowledge becomes just a pile of rubble.   Worse, when the tree of life is supplanted by a serpent, then the rubble can be terribly misused.

It would appear that the pre-flood peoples were playing with genetic modification, so fauns and sphinxes may well have existed as chimera the products of ignorant meddling, and thus had Noah to be free from any of this genetic tampering.

As a result we too are part of the perfection of Creation, and we have the same choices that Adam had, Yah’s way, or man’s ways.    Yah’s way is the way of the Creator as described in the Torah of Moses, man’s ways is the ways of knowledge without expertise and wisdom, without Yah and His tree of life we know not how to use knowledge.

However Yahushua created a way back to the Tree of Life, a way back to wisdom, but we still have to leave behind the world’s way of dealing with knowledge and through a combination of ignorance and lust, this remains a very difficult exercise for most people.

So when men try to use the building blocks of knowledge with their own puny wisdom, all sorts of things go wrong; gulags and totenlagers were the creations of men of ‘good’ intention butt twisted by Satan, a death camp like Sobibor was a hugely sophisticated engineering feat with a despicable purpose, how could God allow this to happen? He didn’t, man did, with a little help from his ‘friends’.

Man and Satan between them have created a bubble of lies which always serves to steer mankind generally towards ‘mankind’ knowledge and away from Yah knowledge.    If we acknowledge that “in the beginning Yah created” and seek the truth of that Creation, then we come to Torah and Tanack, to the wisdoms contained in the first 5 books and check summed in the prophets and the writing.   If we are sensible we work to understand them and live them, and soon they germinate and bloom in our hearts, rendering us Creation compliant sucking in the synergy of living with Creation rather than against it.   The most sincere worship of Yah is to live the life he has laid out for us, the yoke is easy, and the burden is light, but the rewards are tangible.

Casting off the snake’s skin, and taking up Yah’s covering is to learn once more to live (the tree of) life abundantly.