Are you Creation compliant?

“ In the beginning YAHOVAH created”

Man has a choice; he can choose to be part of Yah’s creation or he can choose to be part of his own creation and get himself thrown out of the Garden.

Godship is the ability to define right and wrong, and to dictate that to others.   So Adam became a god, he decided to build his own creation in his own image inside of Yah’s creation, and we have all done it.   Therefore must we be ‘born again’ (more properly “born from above”).

Man has free will and can therefore disagree with Yah (at his peril) but angelic beings, which includes Nephilim and Satan do not have this privilege and are thus condemned if they rebel, but Nephilim, being half human are a direct challenge to Yah and hence his wrath against them.


So when we read of Yah’s acts of violence there is always Nephilim involved, even against Sodom, the Sodomites wanted to use the angels staying with Lot to breed Nephilim.

Men reacted to the slaughter of WW1 with the question “how can God allow this to happen?  The answer is the He did not, man has freewill, and man chose to make war with terrifying weapons.   Since the myth of evolution appeared to ‘scientifically’ justify man’s assumption of godship, man has abandoned what little compatibility with Yah’s creation he ever had.

We know little about Yah Himself except that He is not a man that He should lie, and His creation is TRUTH!   So it is incumbent upon me to seek his truth as it will set me free, free to live in harmony with His Creation.

To do this I need to read and understand the handbook that came with Creation, at first I comply with it because it is Yah’s truth  even though I do not understand it, I comply to the best of my limited knowledge and understanding in FAITH that it is Yah’s truth.    The more I comply with Creation, so the more I am changed into His image as a citizen of His Creation and His Creation, His Torah, is written on my heart and I gain in understanding.

But be wary, Satan has laid many traps and snares designed to impede your progress, to keep you ‘world compliant’, he whispers in our ears that we can use our own ‘godship’ to interpret Creation, that Shabbat, the day on which Creation rests can be any day of our choosing,   That if we go to church/shoul we can have the rest of the day off….

That I can go into the world and preach the revelation that Yah has given me, call myself a pastor and elevate myself just as the pagans do, and gather the worldly riches thereof.   Instead of seeking more of Yah’s truth….

That we can keep the pagan festivals of Ishtar and Saturnalia (Xmas) instead of the Creation appointed festivals of Yah (see Leviticus 23).

I finish with a quote from Daniel:

Dan 10:12  And he saith unto me: Do not fear, Daniel, for from the first day that thou didst give thy heart to understand, and to humble thyself before thy God, thy words have been heard, and I have come because of thy words.  (Young’s Literal)