Man’s Talmuds

The Torah of Yah defines the Creator’s way, the healing and beneficial environment which all of His Creation, including mankind can prosper and be at ease.

Adam however creates his own torah, according to his own opinion, and this is not the healing and beneficial way. Adam lacks the wisdom to create a healing and beneficial environment, he can only create a bizarre imitation of what Yah intended.

That bizarre imitation is a talmud, an inflated replica of Yah’s Torah which is made to satisfy man’s fallen nature, his godship of ‘good’ and ‘evil’.

Yah’s people are supposed to be humble (‘small’ in the Hebrew). They are supposed to be looking for Yah’s truths, not their own opinions, when mankind starts to seek and worship his own opinions then the ball and chain of religion comes upon us.

All Jewish sects and Christian denominations are religions, they all celebrate the triumph of man’s opinion over the simple truths of Yah’s Creation.

Other religions may indeed reflect interference by demonic bodies, typified by human sacrifice, whether it be the auto da fe or the topheth. Human sacrifice has long been the hallmark of Satanic intervention. Satan hates mankind, but needs him to provide the spiritual energy from which fallen angels and demons draw their powers.

Yahushua tells us to beware the leaven of the Pharisees; the Pharisees have taken Yah’s Torah and turned it into a lot of tiresome and pettifogging rules concerning the most trivial of everyday things. This is leaven, it fills the dough with hot air which so disguises the bread as to make it unrecognisable.
Torah tells us that we must allow the leaven of Yah to work in us during the Counting of the Omer, the period in time between the Feast of Unleaven bread, and the waving of the leavened bread at Shavot. Most people are more interested in the leaven of the Pastor or Rabbi to be searching for Yah’s leaven.

Men rely on propaganda to ‘sell’ their own brand of talmud to other people, so we are daily bombarded with doctrines of man which cannot pass the tests of the Bereans. Going to a building for worship is one of these. The pagan priests used their buildings to conduct rituals and spectacles to get people to contribute and to thus gain power and wealth for the priestly caste; in this way mobs can be incited.

This pagan practise crept into synagogues and ‘churches’ so instead of a ‘reading room’ as Ezra intended, the synagogue became a pagan temple where men worshipped the leaven of Rabbis; the rituals and traditions of men.

Soon after the resurrection and ascension of Messiah, the Temple at Jerusalem was destroyed, the Temple was a physical representation of a spiritual fact, that fact was that Yah still resides with man and in man. The original Temple was a tent in the wilderness, not at all a flamboyant affair. David and Solomon set it up as a permanent structure in the heart of Jerusalem, and Yah’s spirit entered into it. This is a typical Toraic picture for what happened next.

The temple reflects the heart of the true believer, where Torah is written upon the Heart, with the Advent of Messiah, and the success of His task, the Physical temple is no longer needed, for the Heart of the believer can once more inhabit the Kingdom of Yah, for with the demise of the accuser, there is no condemnation there anymore.

But for those who follow the talmuds of men there is no rest, there is just the perpetual religious tasks of humanity, the daily grind of religion, be it political religion, priestly religion or material religion. Marx called his talmud ‘Capital’, Darby called his ‘The Brethren’ many worship on the talmud of television or Xbox. There is no healing and beneficial message in any of these….

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