The Two Trees

When Yahovah created all things, including mankind, He did it by His word, He spoke his creation into existence. He spoke trees into existence, He spoke stars into existence, all things He spoke into existence. The words He used to speak these things into existence we call Torah, and Torah is the blueprint of Yah’s creation.

Strictly speaking, the blueprint describes the design drawings of a project and the way that they used to be reproduced by the elementary copying machines available before the modern photocopying machines. But design documentation, known as the blueprint (they were literally blue prints), was not only the drawing, it was the whole design and included the descriptions of the materials used and how they fitted together, how they were to be manufactured (casting, forging etc.) and how the parts were to be heat treated or other like processes.

Torah thus describes Yah’s creation, and the part of it relevant to mankind was given to Moses at Mount Horeb, to be written down and to become a guideline of how mankind should live in order to live in harmony with Yah and his Creation.

Adam was created in the Image of Yah, this is a very important concept indeed as we shall see later, and Yah put Adam into the garden of Eden along with two trees. One of the trees was the Tree of Life, the other was the Tree of (Yah’s) Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Good and Evil are a relative concept and are subject to an individual’s opinion, we have the saying in English “one man’s meat is another man’s poison”. Thus in some societies child brides are acceptable, and in others they are not, in some culture an item left unguarded is there for the taking, in others this is called theft.

A god is an entity who defines ‘good and evil’ for a particular society, and a religion is the way that people in that society adhere to their particular god’s definition of ’good and evil’. Yehovah’s Godship was thus defined through His tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. His warning to Adam was that for Adam to eat the fruit of Yah’s tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil would be followed by the direst of consequences, and in this context it was death.

Why is this? It is because Adam was made in the image of Yah, and in eating of the fruit of Yah’s Godship (Knowledge of Good and Evil), he too, defined a creation and a torah, but not based on Yah’s Knowledge (omniscient) but based on his own knowledge (partial and limited).

Adam’s creation of his own environment (torah) which was not compatible with Yah’s environment (Torah) meant that he had created a rift between himself and Yah, no longer did Yah and Adam adhere to a common Knowledge of Good and Evil as defined by the Creator, Adam had now created his own knowledge of good and evil (religion) and chose to abide by that instead of confessing and repenting as did the woman.

And there were consequences.

The tree of life transmitted Yah’s life to His Creation. This life was not only physical life but spiritual life as well. We well know physical life for it is the existence within the realm that Adam created when he ate of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Physical life is this life we live; the life we live in three dimensions and within time/death as a boundary. All things in physical life are measurable within the bounds of our physical senses (Seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting).

But the Tree of life is spiritual and therefore fell outside of Adam’s physical senses, thus when he ate of the forbidden Fruit, he was cut-off from the tree of life. Adam, and therefore mankind, was doomed to permanent separation from the Creator which is called ‘death’.

But Yahovah knows and understands Grace, and therefore made a compromise, He implanted the physical attributes of the Tree of Life into the womb of the woman and thus enabled the race of Adam to survive. Man and woman, in union together, could go forth and multiply in spite of death and separation from Yah.

Adam did it his way, and in so doing destroyed himself, leaving his torah behind as a legacy of separation from Yah to all his progeny. Adam’s torah defined Adam’s opinion of good and evil, and the seed of Adam inherited Adam’s torah as their physical world.

Because the woman acknowledged her error, and confessed it to Yah, Yah was able to define in the woman’s seed a way back for mankind.

There are many torahs now at work in this world, Carl Marx and Charles Darwin wrote a torah, Mohamed wrote a torah and the Roman emperor Constantine wrote a torah. These torahs have given rise to great religions, but they are not the Torah of the Creator.

If I invent a machine, I know it intimately, but others can only guess at how it works, can the reader tell the difference between a spark ignition motor and a compression ignition motor by sight? If you were driving along in your car, and did not know what engine was in your car, you would not know which fuel to put in your car, and if you put the wrong one in the engine will die. So we read the manufacturer’s manual which tells us what is best for the car and thus preserve the life of the motor.

So it is with the two trees. If we want to live life as our Creator intended then we need to pay attention to His Torah and get the right fuel. If we read Mohamed’s torah, Darwin’s torah or Marx’s torah then we take extreme risks with our expectancy of life.

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