Staying with the Pigs

The Servants of Yah met the prodigal son from afar, and guided him home, and that is wonderful, but first he had to leave the pigsty….

If you are a pig, then pigsties are nice, comfortable places, but if you are not a pig then they can be very smelly and brutal.

Adam chose to use his own godship, so Yah had to evict him from Eden into the physical existence that we call this world.    An existence where we can build and wallow in our own pigsties in peace, knowing that Yah will leave us to it.

But for some of us, even the pigsties of our own building are not very comfortable, and we start casting around for a way out.   We look, and we listen and sometimes we realise that our own godship is just not enough.

It is at this point we have to make a decision.

For those of us born into a Judeo-Christian society, we can start to explore the scriptures, many of us will have been able to relate the picture language of childhood bible stories to the realities of adult life, and some of us even come to the realization that we are living with the pigs.

Others are not so privileged and did not have the benefit of a bible based childhood.   But if they follow their hearts, Yah will be found of them, He can do that.

To leave the pigsty we have to have a change of heart, we need to ‘see’ the mud and filth in which we are living, and we have to leave it behind us, as we are reborn from above, we come up on Yah’s radar as our homing beacon, our heart, starts transmitting a signal that Yah can understand, a signal of life not the usual signal of death.   We must voluntarily leave the gross familiarity of the pigsty in the same way our forefathers left Egypt.   But in the same knowledge the servants of Yah will meet us from afar.

And yes, the Egyptians will pursue us, but is that not what the servants of Yah are there for?  If we are prepared to listen to them….