Hearts and Minds and Trees

There were two trees in the garden of Eden, two trees that had a profound effect on mankind, one was the tree of knowledge, the other was the tree of life. When Adam was told not to eat of the fruit of the tree of Knowledge he was told that the consequence would be death, in fact, death twice.

If we assume that the tree of life gave Adam a connection to life, and as a corollary, the tree of knowledge gave Adam a connection to ‘knowledge’, then we suddenly come into line with some profoundly modern scientific research into the connection between consciousness and the unified field where there is now a proven linkage.

If we think of the trees as wireless transmitters, a concept unknown at the time Genesis was written, we can imagine Adam, with his mind connected to the tree of knowledge, and his heart connected to the tree of life. With the heart link ruling over the knowledge link because the tree of life is the spiritual link to Yah and the Tree of Knowledge is the physical link to Yah’s creation.

Upon eating the spiritually poisonous forbidden fruit, Adams ability to draw from the tree of life is killed off as Yah told him it would be. This is the first death and happens instantly, and Adam discovers that he now has absolute control of his own knowledge and he likes it.
The woman is not so happy, she has been tricked by the serpent, and defrauded of her direct connection and relationship with Yah and she does not like it.

But the woman is the lifegiver, and Yah has a plan which leads back to Eden.

But mankind can no longer receive input from the tree of life.

Our brains are still connected to the Tree of Knowledge, but the connection to the tree of life is severed the physical has overcome the spiritual,

Modern science has been investigating the heartmind connection, where it has been discovered that the heart is a transmitter and far more powerful than the brain (and also a receiver of information).

So when we are commanded to love Yahovah with all our Heart, it is about reconnecting the Heart with the Tree of Life. Our Hearts, now circumcised and with Torah written upon them are reconnected with Life and with Yah, ready to once more control our wayward minds.