Tov Mehod

At the end of day six Yah looked back at His creation and called it ‘Tov Me’od’ which is translated into English as ‘very good’ but that is an inadequate translation, for his creation was ‘perfect and completely fit for the purpose’, and like Yah himself, is unchanging and timeless.

Adam ( that is, all humanity) too was ‘perfect and completely fit for the purpose’, and nothing there has changed either, for he was made in the image and likeness of Yah himself..

Now we must learn to see things from Yah’s point of view, not from man’s point of view. Yah does no see time as we do, He sees it as just another dimension, so to Him, our lives are a complete beginning to end picture, whilst to us they are dominated by a timeline, by birth and by death. To Yah, the beginning and the end are in the same plane, and ‘visible’ as such.

When Yah created Adam, He knew that Adam would be pushed off the path (Torah) by satanic intervention, but he also knows that Adam will find the way back because Adam is a perfect creation. Adam has an inbuilt ‘homing’ instinct, exactly as a pigeon, and the moment that Adam ‘trusts and relies’ (believes) on Yah, he will begin to find his way back to the true way.

The key here is Knowledge, Adam’s knowledge has been poisoned, it is running off the wrong source, Adam has put on Satan’s spectacles and can only see what Satan wants him to see, and in the ‘colours’ that Satan wants.

So at first Adam’s ‘homing’ religious instincts are dominated by what Satan wants or allows him to see, but if he, Adam is willing to take off Satan’s spectacles, he will begin to see Yah in all his magnificence. Adam then has a choice, either seek FIRST the Kingdom of Yahovah, and His righteousness, or discard Yah and seek only the wonders of Yah’s creation (and a different pair of Satan’s spectacles).
If he seeks Yah first, then Yah will start revealing Himself; slowly but surely, Adam will turn back to Yah’s way. This is made possible because Yahushua has defeated Satan and made it possible for our chains to be unlocked and our prison doors to be flung open.

Satan tells me that I am a sinner, this is the pot calling the kettle black. I am created in Yah’s image and likeness, and He sees me not as I am now, but as I will be….

If I look through Satan’s spectacles, I see only what he wants me to see, I either see myself as a monster, or as a saint, both are wrong, both are distortions. I am created in the image and likeness of Yah, I am the most magnificent part of Yah’s creation, but temporarily knocked off course, and I am in control of what I do next.

If I remove Satan’s spectacles, I will be able to read Yah’s scriptures as He intended, I will be able to rest and meditate on Yah so He can reveal himself to me, and I will find those others who have listened to Yah’s truths and learn from them in convocation. Thus will I have kept my first Shabbat.

The place where I am today is away from Yah’s path, but the abyss between us is bridged by Yah’s ‘agape’ for me, and which will, if I let it bring me to all Knowledge, it will repair me, it will set the source of my knowledge back to Yah. I will see as Yah sees because I am made in His image and His likeness.

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