The Houses of Satan

Do we think that Satan having been defeated during the three days and three nights, that he remained inactive?

No not at all, he immediately set about perverting the ‘back to the Torah’ movement that Yahushua had started.

He got his opportunity when Nero wiped out the assembly in Rome.   Rome was the capital of the world and to have a trojan horse in Rome was a huge asset.    It just may be that just such a trojan horse was set up in Rome as a ‘revived’ ‘christian’ movement in the closing years of the 1st century.

But this trojan horse was a symbiosis between pharisaic Judaism and the mithra cult, and which grew quickly and became very influential from the 1st to the 4th centuries in Rome, culminating in a line of emperors, one of whom was Constantine.

One can read the article here for further information on this idea, I am not saying that it is indisputable history, but it is an interesting hypothesis.

When Constantine invented ‘christianity’ he amalgamated elements from all the paganities currently represented in the Roman empire of the time, so even now we can see Dagon, Mithras (sol Invictus) , Celebe, Circe, Saturn, and himself (pope: as pontifex maximus) in the Roman tradition of Christianity.   And what is more, Yah’s Torah has completely disappeared (except for the idea of tithing of course).

Having dealt with the Western spread of Torah, Satan turns his attention to North Africa and the East, here we find Islam, a supposedly monotheistic religion invented by a bandit cum child rapist ho creats his own invisible god allah who speaks only to himself.   We read that this bandit mohammed was demonically possessed by an entity calling itself Gabriel, and the cult was taken forwards as a political religion which stood Yah’s Torah on its head.   This cult of brigandage then proceeded to wipe out the Yah-centric communities of North Africa and the East.   Not only has Torah disappeared, all Yah’s scripture has disappeared.

Satan’s final foray was into the cult of Science, the word science means ‘knowledge’ and has become the basis for a set of cults that claim that nothing became something and evolved, unguided to the point where we are today.    Not only has scripture disappeared, but Yah himself has been replaced.

These three satanic cults now account for a huge proportion of the world’s population, and the established Christian churches, the daughter churches of the universal Catholic church are all part of it.

How do we tell these satanic cults, well they all hate Israel and Jews, none of them keep the seventh day sabbath and they all substitute man-worship for keeping Yah’s Torah.

Allah is no Yah, he is in fact Ba’al (a satanic pseudonym).   Nothing can become something without due cause (a ‘creator’) and the Pope may well be the vicar of Christ (Vicar = In place of).

Christian back to the bible movements are a way of progress, but only when one starts to leave behind pastor worship and seek a personal understanding of Yah’s truth can one be lead away from the pig-sty and start the journey back to the father’s house, and the good news is that one is met from afar and inducted into the Father’s household whilst still on that road.