3 Days and 3 Nights

If we are to take seriously the life and works of Yahushua (the so called ‘Jesus of Nazareth’) then we need to seriously look at what the scriptures say as opposed to what Christian doctrine says.

Christian doctrine tells us the ‘Christ’ died for our sins on a Roman pagan ‘cross’ and took the ‘punishment’ for our wrongdoing once and for all time.

Sin is defined in the scriptures as the transgression of the law (the Torah) but Christian doctrine tells us that the Torah was “nailed to the cross”.

At Easter (Ishtar) time Christians celebrate the gory execution of Jesus on his Roman Pagan cross, however the scriptures tell us of the execution of Yahushua on an upright pole at Passover, is this different?.

When challenged by the Pharisees for a “sign”, Yahushua told His opponents that the only sign that they will get is the sign of Jonah that is “3 days and 3 nights in the belly of the great fish”.

The Pharisees would have been well acquainted with the Jonah episode, they would have known that the Assyrians were worshippers of the fish god dagon (King Neptune) and that any witnesses to the Jonah event would have apparently seen ‘dagon’ swim up to the beach and spit out Jonah, who then proceeded to Nineveh, the capital city, and preached the gospel of Yahovah.

The Assyrians turned their lives around and believed in Yah, the impossible happened!

But this is the only sign that Yahushua is prepared to admit to, he made no reference at this point to hanging on a cross and dying to save the world. Christians believe that with the physical death of Jesus all sin is forgiven.
But Yahushua tells us that it is the 3 days and 3 nights that is significant, is this a contradiction?

Let us reconsider the scenario in the context of the Judaism of the time, when the seventy were sent out to preach the Gospel, what Gospel did they preach, was it the gospel that Jesus was going to die for our sins even though the event had not happened yet?

If we look carefully at Numbers 15, we will see a separation in terms of sin, if a sin is committed through ignorance (deceit) then it can be forgiven under Torah, however if a person chooses, of their own volition, to defy the Torah of Yahovah then that sin cannot be forgiven under Torah, and that person is “cut off from the midst of his people”.

The Pharisees would have been well aware of this, and, indeed they tried to use it several times against Yahushua himself, substituting their own traditional distortions and amplifications for the Torah of Yahovah. Much the same as is done in any modern Church or Synagogue to this day.

This separation between intentional sin and accidental sin is vitally important if we are to discover what really happened in the year dot. Paul tells us in 1 Timothy 2 that “Adam was not deceived” now we must understand this statement in the light of Numbers 15, Adam chose to eat of the forbidden fruit whereas the woman was deceived into eating the fruit.

So the woman was in ‘transgression of Torah’ through deceit and ignorance; “God hath said, Ye do not eat of it, nor touch it, lest ye die”, Yah said nothing about not touching the tree, and the woman has been told (or imagines she has been told) something erroneous. The woman can be forgiven under Torah, her sin was unintentional, but Adam cannot because he chose to eat the fruit in full knowledge of the consequences, that is ‘death’, in doing this he discarded Torah so that there was no mercy and no forgiveness available to him any more.

Satan’s job under Torah was as accuser, an accuser under Yah’s grace. But he rebelled and was therefore no longer under Yah’s grace and presumably wont to condemn instead of applying Yah’s wisdom and grace.

Yahovah always keeps His own Torah, “not one jot or tittle of it can change until all is fulfilled” (including the 7th millennium). Torah appoints Satan as Accuser and accuser Satan will remain until all is fulfilled at the end of the 7th millennia.

Adam cannot go to ‘heaven’ because he has intentionally contravened Torah, and would thus be at the mercy of a fallen accuser (Satan; heaven’s ‘District Attorney’) who no longer reflects Yah’s mercy in his judgements, thus Adam would most certainly be condemned.

This poses a problem for Yah, and means that he cannot bring anybeliever who has purposely violated Torah into the Kingdom. So we see in the parable of the Rich man and Lazarus that Lazarus is in the bosom of Abraham, but the rich man is in torment and is thirsty.

Believers go to the bosom of Abraham, unbelievers suffer as did the rich man. But Lazarus is in condemnation by virtue of Satan being a dishonest accuser. Yah cannot break Torah; he cannot dismiss Satan from his Torah defined role. He needs a solution.

The 3 days and the 3 nights are a trap for Satan in the same way that ‘dagon’ being seen to vomit out Jonah is a trap for the people of Nineveh, a sort of ‘false flag’ event.
John 1 tells us that Torah (the Word of Yahovah) is Yahovah, is Yehovah’s creation and that Torah was “made flesh and dwelt amongst us”.

So the Yahushua nailed to the upright pole was indeed Torah and Creation, and the Yahushua who descended into Hades was indeed Torah and Creation personified. But for the first time He is outside of the Realm of Yah, for death is the creation of Adam not Yah.

Satan wants to be as Yah, he wishes to usurp Yah as the preeminent deity in the realm, but to do this he has to change Torah, and with Torah laid bare in Hades, this was his chance. So he leaves the Kingdom of Yah and rushes down to Hades where Yahushua, “Torah made flesh”, is at his mercy.

He tries to take over Torah but fails because Yahushua has lived a totally Torah compliant life and is without sin, so Satan has no hold on this perfect man. Satan fails, but he is now trapped outside of the Kingdom of Yah.

So there is no longer an Accuser in Yah’s Kingdom, and “there is therefore now no condemnation to those in Yahushua the Messiah” because Satan, the accuser, is now trapped outside and cannot get back in.

Nothing changed as far as Yahovah is concerned, but everything changed for Satan.
The ‘first fruits’ may now rise with Yahushua to the Kingdom of Yah, hence the dead are seen to walk. Adam still cannot be forgiven, but there is no Accuser in heaven to condemn him.

Satan is trapped on ‘earth’ and all he can now do is to seek to dominate it. To do this he creates 3 new religions, Roman (pagan) Catholicism which has no Torah, Islam which has no scriptures, and finally Atheism which worships man as god.

The dispensations so necessary to make Christianity work are in fact Satanic, Yahovah never changes, and Yahushua is the same yesterday, today and forever.
I am very sorry if you do not like this, but the objective is to find Yah’s truth not man’s truth.

4 thoughts on “3 Days and 3 Nights

  1. Ely

    Hello, Mike, and thank you so much for your postings. I greatly enjoy the information you provide, it’s a real eye opener in many ways.
    I had the following question: if I understand it correctly, it seems that Satan (and maybe other angels too) had a free will or agency, similar to us – humans. If Satan could choose to rebel agains God, ‘sway’ Adam and Eve etc., is it really any different from exercising free agency? Yet, we are told that angels were not created by God with that “free will” feature (i.e. not “in His image”), and were only meant to serve God. And if indeed there is no difference, then what makes us more special than Angels, especially considering the physical limitations of our human bodies? What is it that set us apart so much, as to “piss off” some of the angelic beings? Thanks again! Ely.

    1. mike93c Post author

      Hi Ely

      Thank-you for your comment, One must understand the difference between free-will and rebellion. Man has free will which means that he can hold a different opinion than Yah and it is not ‘sin’ as such. Angels MUST obey Yah and if they do not then they are in rebellion.

      The basic difference is that man can break Torah and repent and be forgiven, an angel cannot be forgiven

      Numbers 15 defines this for man, but there is no forgiveness for angels, if they rebel they are thrown out and it is final.

      Mankind is made in the image and likeness of Yah, angels are not. So we find Abraham and Moses negotiating with Yah for better conditions…..

      Hope This helps

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