About Satan


We don’t know much about Satan, but he knows an awful lot about us.

Genesis 3 is well worth re-reading to try to get the picture; Satan is distorting things and the woman falls for it, the man willingly follows on.

Satan is still doing this same thing today.

Satan wants to rewrite Torah in such a way as to elevate himself to the role of supreme Godship, whilst Yah created using Torah, if he Satan  can take control of that Torah then he becomes ‘God’.

Satan envies mankind’s freewill for a very good reason, it is the freewill adherence to Torah which makes man worthy of becoming a ‘Child of Israel’ and a ‘Son of God’ i.e. an heir of the father, a joint heir with the son.

Angels do not have this privilege, and most of them were happy to serve Yah, but some were not, and rebelled.

Man has choices and is allowed to make mistakes, that is free will.   Angels MUST obey Yah, they do not have free will and if they disobey they are in rebellion.

If man lives a Torah compliant life, in harmony with Yah’s Creation, he has a brilliant future.    A future that puts the angels beneath him, Satan does not want this servitude, he wants to rule over mankind and destroy them, he is a murderer who continually attacks mankind by destroying the family, by attacking the woman’s role as ‘lifegiver’ (Chavah aka Eve).

Torah is the words by which Yah created (spoke) all things into existance, if we keep Torah then we are living in harmony with Yah’s creation, anything else is religion, either made by man or by Satan

To achieve dominance, Satan needs to change Torah to set himself on high, Yah gave him an opportunity through Yahushua in the 3 Days and 3 nights.   But Satan failed, and having lost the ‘de jure’ battle he must now work on the ‘de facto’, he must persuade mankind to worship himself not Yah.

Satan has always used man’s desire for instant gratification against mankind; the Faustian have it now, but pay for it later.   If one worships Satan then the results are quick and impressive, so much so that the greedy will happily sacrifice their children, born or unborn.

When one sees institutionalised lies and murder, one knows that Satan is around.   Many ‘big’ men and woman are closet Satanists and owe their fame and fortune to the devils and demons they worship.

The fruit of the Spirit (of Yah) is Love, Joy, Peace, lomgsuffering, gentleness, goodness meekness, faith and temperance and when you see these things attacked and ridiculed then you know Satan is prowling around seeking to devour those whom he can entice.

As we keep Yah’s Torah so we are changed, we become godlike, and our spirit becomes at one with Yah’s Creation, it is ‘set apart’ (holy).

Satan is subtle and remains hidden using surrogates to do his dirty work.   He hates any who adhere to the scriptures no matter how tenuously, and seeks to drive bible based Judaism and Christianity from the world and replace it with – nothing but nihilism.

If we remove carbon-dioxide from the planet then the planet dies, we actually need more carbon dioxide, not less, because all our food derives from CO2, and to remove CO2 is to remove the gas that plants need to survive, thus destroying the food chain that keeps us alive.

You see, this nasty Satan guy is subtle beyond the knowledge of mankind – so go out and buy that old gas guzzler, guilt free, and help out the world!

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