in harmony with Yah’s Creation.

I cannot emphasise too much the need for us to live as if we were already back as part of the Garden of Eden.   We cannot avoid the consequences of the fall, but we can still live in harmony with Yah’s Creation.

Adam ate of the fruit, but so did the woman, but the woman was humble and confessed, Adam was arrogant, he wanted to be a god knowing his good from his evil.   So Yah had to throw him out, he was no longer part of Yah’s sphere of knowledge, he wanted to go his own way, and Yah let him.

Adam was thrown out, the woman went with him, but she was not thrown out, the tense in the Hebrew is masculine singular, if she too had been thrown out, it would have been masculine plural.

We can assume that the woman, because of her confession and humility could still enter the Garden to gather such things as seed and food.

It follows that if we are prepared to be humble and adopt Yah’s ways, then we too can have a synergy with Yah’s Creation since we are not only part of it, but we are the one thing that makes it perfect..

We start with the scriptures, we learn and do what Yah commands not what the men, the professional theologians, interpret.   We live in synergy only because we are seeking first the Kingdom of Yah and His righteousness, Yah’s Knowledge of Good and Bad, not men’s (Adam’s) knowledge of good and bad based as it is on the opinions of men.

To do this we must first understand that these two things are very, very different.

We live in a world of ‘knowledge’ and indeed knowledge defines how we live,   But knowledge can be true or false, it can be a ‘bubble’ in which we try to create our own reality governed by rules of our own making.   If indeed in the beginning Yah created, then His Creation is the truth, the true knowledge, if I build my own knowledge bubble because I don’t really believe the in the beginning Yah Created, then those places where my knowledge deviates from Yah’s knowledge are false and my ‘world bubble’ is a lie.   If my world is a lie then I cannot live in harmony with Yah’s creation and I am like Adam, unable to enter the Garden and collect of its fruits.

Torah, the Way, permeates the scriptures, we find Abel keeping Torah, we find Abraham keeping Torah, we find Yah revealing Torah to the Elders at Mount Horeb, but the Elders of Israel reject the direct revelation and Moses has to set up the indirect relationship through the Tabernacle in the Wilderness (soon to become temple worship).   But Jeremiah promises a renewed relationship where the Way (Torah) is written upon our hearts, this being fulfilled when “Torah (Gr: Logos) was made flesh and dwelt amongst us”.

Yah is unchanging, and His Knowledge of Good and Bad is CREATION, Adam’s knowledge of good and bad is DEATH, a state where one is outside of Yah’s Creation, which one do YOU choose, you have free will, its your choice!


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