Helping Yah out

I have spent many frustrating years trying to help Yah out, but never realizing that the world Yah created for me was already perfect, and MY thoughts, actions and opinions only take away from the perfection of His Creation.

Yah asks only three things of me

That I live in harmony with His Creation

That I go forth and multiply

That I talk to those around me about His Creation

Is any of this difficult?

Anything else is trying to add to, or take away from His Torah, His perfection that is His way of doing things, it is to usurp this perfection of His and to substitute my own pathetic version of it.   The version based upon my (man’s) knowledge of good and bad not His.

He does not require me to go to ‘church’ or ‘synagogue’

He does not require me to become a ‘rabbi’, ‘priest’ or ‘pastor’ for if I am living in harmony with His Creation then I am already doing what He requires of me, it is His decision to send me on ‘ministry’ not mine, if I self-appoint myself as a sage/theologian  then I can only give of my knowledge, my opinion, if the rabbinate appoints me, then it is to spread their agenda not Yah’s.

We really have to get this straight, what Yah created in six days was good, and when man was added to the mix it became perfect.    When man disobeyed Yah and ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and bad, the Creation remained good, and when man once more becomes Creation compliant (if he does) then that creation once more becomes perfect.

If I live a Creation compliant life, doing things Yah’s way not my way or men’s ways, then I live in perfection.

Adam’s deviance did not change Yah in any way, but it changed Adam profoundly, he became like a sheep going astray, he turned to his own ways according to his own free will, he wandered off on his own and built his own little torahs around his own puny knowledge of good and bad.

This we call religion

Religion has its set of rules, rules with which we must demonstrate to each other our compliance in order to be seen by our fellow men as ‘good’.    Rules we must virtue signal to all and sundry.

But what does Yah require?

He requires that I live in harmony with His Creation.   But men’s religions say I must follow the rules laid down by ‘men’, to go to a building sit, stand and  sing hymns and make donations to pay salaries…..

That I go forth and multiply,   But men say that I must send my wife out to work and only have a few children, and abort (murder) them if they are inconvenient.

That I talk to those around me about His Creation.   But men say that I am not qualified because I have not studied at Yeshiva or bible college.

Get the picture?

Yah created Perfection. Adam continues to create religions,  and Satan always perverts them.   This is the never ending story, that is, until we walk away from the pigsty of religion and start the journey back to our Father’s house, but in humility, as a servant, willing to learn to live as members of Yah’s household doing what He requires not what men dictate and Satan twists.  It is He who elevates us to sonship – nobody else can do it.

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