Is your will free?

Yah granted us free will, but he did not grant the angels free will
So, what does a fallen angel think of this? Just maybe Satan harbours an age-old resentment against mankind and his greatest possession.
What entities in your life imprison your freewill?
Maybe you believe in the evolution hoax (My opinion) because of the ridicule and approbation you will receive if you don’t.
Maybe you worship your Rabbi or Pastor because to not do so will mean ostracism from your community.
Perhaps you believe that a man can be Yah’s representative on earth because to not do so will entail the loss of family and friends.
These are all ways whereby Satan can attack and imprison our free will.
It is also why we should be Bereans and check everything for its veracity before Yah.
There are political regimes in this world today that seek to bind your Yah given gift of free will, they start with things like compulsory seat-belt laws and go on to forbid ‘hate speech’ where he, Satan defines what ‘hate speech’ actually is. Karl Marx was probably a Satanist, and communism is all about removing the scriptures from our midst and making sure we do not ever open our bibles to seek Yah’s truths for ourselves.
Yet we see communism creeping ever more strongly into our day to day lives.
Bullets load themselves into guns and pull the gun’s trigger. So if we ban guns, murders will stop…..
Guns are banned in the UK and knife violence is rampant and now they want to ban knives.
As a boy I was expected to have a pocket knife to sharpen pencils etc. and at all times when sailing, it was considered a potential lifesaver. Now because a certain satanic religion teaches its adherents that they must kill unbelievers knives the authorities dictate that knives must be controlled.
Where is my responsibility before Yah?
Gone, because Karl Marx says that there is no god, only man is god, and only those who believe in Marx may rule, men must be controlled, and their free will must be imprisoned.
Our free will is there to enable us to truly seek Yah’s truths and so earn the rewards that His truths bring us

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