One Way, One Truth, One Life.

Readers of other articles on this blog will know that I consider that Satan created 3 institutions to counter the “back to Torah” message of Yahushua; Catholicism (no Torah), Islam (no bible) and Darwinism (no God).   With these three instruments, he now virtually rules the world.

But he is already defeated in his Toraic role as accuser, he has been thrown out of the heavens, out of the presence of Yah so that he can no longer claim those in Yahushua who have kept Torah to the best of their ability and understanding.

Yah does not care about numbers, He does however care about quality, He wants to change us into His own likeness, so that we can dwell with Him in eternity, and to be able to do this we have to become compliant with His Torah, not with man’s religions and their imitations of, and substitutes for, His Torah.

Yah spoke creation into existence and the Words He spoke comprise Torah and they resound across the ages, they are as relevant today as they were 6000 years ago.   Those words became flesh and dwelt among us, and as a direct result, Satan was defeated; Torah does not change, and Satan’s role as accuser does not change, but he can only be accuser in the presence of Yah, and he is no longer in the presence of Yah thanks to the Torah made flesh.

The Christian Church is a sad corruption of this message, with its roots in the various religions of Rome, it is at best a huge red herring.   Jesus did not carry our sins on a cross so that we can indulge in our own fantasies of good and evil that we make up as we go along.   Yahushua told us that we must be Torah compliant or else He would not acknowledge us before Yah.   Popes down the ages, and pastors in their pulpits have preached a different story.   Rabbis too have made a hash of it, rewriting Torah in their own image, that the sheep might worship men and follow their rules and traditions not those of Moses’ Torah, whilst Christianity comes from Rome, Judaism comes from Babylon and both have taken the Word of Yah and twisted it beyond belief.

But Yah can untwist it for us if we can leave the doctrines of men behind and seek Yah’s truths as we find them in the scriptures and as we find them written upon our hearts once that personal relationship with Yah is established.

When I come before Yah to be judged, I will be on my own, the Pastor and the Rabbi will not be there, Yah will either welcome me as an old friend clothed in garments of righteousness already washed clean, and with whom He has shared His Torah, or he will be look at my unwashed garment stained and torn with the scars of my unrighteousness, a tear for every  violation of His Torah, a stain for every Sunday I insisted was His Sabbath.   A bloody maw for each time I threw my own godship in his face.

The choice is mine for I have a free will, I can choose His Way or my way, I can like a sheep, go astray, each to his own way, or I can seek the safety of the shepherd, do things His Way, the Way defined by Torah, be recognized and survive.   If I follow my own way, the Rabbi’s way or the Pastor’s way I will not be recognized and will be dismissed “get thee hence for I know you not”.

It is your choice too, Yah is looking to select those who have kept faith with his Word, His Torah, he has no interest at all in those who follow other gods (including self-godship), there is no universal salvation, just a broad highway that leads to destruction.   One Way(Torah), One Truth(Creation), One Life(mine or yours; each saved from destruction by a one to one relationship with Yah and His Torah).