Whose Truth?

Satan does not like the truth, for truth is what the Creator created “in the beginning”.   If he can, Satan will modify the ‘truth’ to enhance his own lusts and desires.   But to modify truth one must hide reality and create a convincing deceit.

We see this in the dialogue between the Woman and the Serpent in the garden, we are not told who convinced the woman that she must not even touch the tree on pain of death, so when the serpent shows her that she has been lied to, probably by touching the tree himself, then the woman is deceived and confused.   The woman did not intend to violate Yah’s edict but she was manoeuvred….

Most people are like the woman, they don’t want to violate Yah’s edicts, but, through ignorance and laziness, they are presented with the lie that Torah is irrelevant and that “dancing with the Stars” is reality, and they fall for it.

Worse, some seekers after truth are presented with the picture of Jesus as a sacrificial lamb, dying on the cross to relieve them of personal liability for their ‘sins’.    Where ‘sin’ is no longer violation of Torah as is scriptural (even in the new testament), but is redefined as a violation of manmade social convention.

But the worst case is where modern day Pharisees have hidden Yah behind a screen of their own making, and on their own authority as self-appointed ‘sages’ who have taken Torah, added to it, taken away from it and by this ploy, they keep whole swathes of Yah’s own people in bondage.

They enjoy their elevated  power and authority on Earth, but then they will come before Yah, and He will call them out for what they are; a brood of vipers who have ambushed the people, who have killed the prophets and defiled the very Torah they claim to uphold and represent.

Theirs will be a great fall.