In society there are rules, and if I keep the rule I can exist hassle free, if I break the rules I eventually suffer as a result.    It is the same with Yah’s creation, He gave us a set of rules, rules which tell us how to get the best out of His creation.

When we break those rules we do not appear to suffer any more than anybody else, could it be that that is because everybody else is also breaking the rules?

Yah’s people. We are told, are exceptional, they stand out.   Why do they stand out? Because they guard His Torah, the Torah given to us in the first 5 books of the bible.

Rabbis and pastors are like shopkeepers, they are selling a product, and the more product they sell, the better off they are.   Where is this in Torah?   Often these rabbis and pastors wear a uniform so that they can be ‘exceptional’.

All religion is about a contrived adherence to a god or gods, it is aimed at getting you to give your wealth to their priesthood.     If I have a one to one relationship with Yah then I do not need to buy him at the local convenience store, Yah is not open just from 7 to 11.

So who do I allow to make the rules for me?   Do I make them up as I go along?  Do I decide that the Sabbath is on Sunday when Yah says it is on Saturday?   Does the Pope decide that I can worship a graven image, or the Chief Rabbi that I can put up a picture of the Rambam?

Why would Yah want me to wear a skull cap (Kippah) when it was a sign of adherence to the goddess Cybele with her rite of celibacy and castration.

I can go into a Jesus shop and buy a product called ‘grace’ from the salesman, I can then apply grace to hide all my deviations of Yah’s Torah, but from whom am I hiding them?

Every time I contravene Yah’s Torah I damage my spirit and leave a scar, each scar is thus a tally that can be read.    Yah can look at that tally and know the price of redemption, and if I cannot pay the price, then I belong to the accuser (Satan).    Yah created Satan to show mercy, but he fell and he chose to use his Yah given power to condemn instead.

Yahushua repaired this situation, but to do this he had to die, he had to be murdered by the religious authorities; the shopkeepers of the time, he was ruining their monopoly on religion.   So they did a ‘wet’ job on him.

Most shopkeepers are physicalists, they are not interested in a spiritual life, they are interested in ‘bums on seats’ and money in the collection plate.   Imagine Rome in 220 AD. A temple on every corner, each with its priesthood selling its wares.   These pagan temples became ‘churches’ in the great Constantinian revision of religion.   The Greek word ekklesia was mal-translated (Church) and twisted to refer to these pagan temples and the products being sold there were unified into one self-serving entity.

The Beit Knesset (synagogue) started off as a reading room, where Torah could be read by all and sundry, and where the illiterate could hear the words of Yah.   They too were highjacked by the checkerati and converted into a religious shopping mall.

There is no religion involved in living in synergy with the Creator, but it does require that we understanding His creation, but Yah promises that those who truly and honestly seek His truth will find that truth and the understanding that goes with it, Torah can be written upon anybody’s heart, but before it can, the heart must be circumcised, it must be exposed, and it must accept the truth of Yahovah, and not be encapsulated in religion.

When we come before Yah in humility, seeking His Truth (not our own opinion) then He can ignore those spiritual scars because Torah can deal with them and because Yahushua, Torah made flesh, dealt with the accuser in 3 days and 3 nights.