Why evolution is so damaging.

The acceptance of the idea that man evolved as an accidental progression of random events is now almost universal, and much of our reality is anchored in the idea that “man is god” and “doctor knows best”.

So the great and the good try to dictate our lives according to their values and their preferences.

As believers, we know that there is a major (spiritual) reality, and a minor (physical) reality, and we know this because “In the beginning. Yah created”

Evolutionists, on the whole, are physicalists only, and this gives them a very narrow world purview, one in which man, and only man, can solve the problems.

There is also a group who indulge in ‘religion’, which is the worship of deities, usually men, or represented by men (priests, vicars, shamans pastors etc.).

As children we construct a worldview, we pull together the things around us and use that to build our personal  view of reality.   If we grow up in a reality (culture) where Yah’s truths abound we build a reality founded upon the solid bedrock of creation (Torah).

Anything else is as sand, and evolutionary thinking is so full of holes it is like sand.

When we use the television as a babysitter, our precious child uses that television to build his or her reality, and unfortunately television does not differentiate between fantasy and reality.   So our children’s ability to discern is impaired because there is a lack of  parental input.

When we teach our children that they are evolved animals, and that fantasy is absorbed into the spectrum of their reality, and Yah’s truths are then very difficult to see as anything but mythology.    But the theory of evolution explains very little, and whilst micro evolution within species can be demonstrated, the subsequent speculative jump to the idea of macro evolution between species is based upon a difficulty in comprehending numbers.   Theory of evolution leaves out how things began, and its story begins when the first cell is already formed.   Darwin knew this, and hoped that there would be subsequent scientific progress, in actual fact, we are further away from an explanation of the beginning than we were in Darwin’s time.

Evolutionists claim that evolution happened over billions of years, and that appears to be an awfully long time.   But when you look at the mathematical probability of spontaneous generation of the first cell, you end up with numbers in the region of 10 to the power 40000 (Hoyle), now think of a billion years with 9 zeros behind it, and think of a number with 40,000 zeros behind it.   Billions and billions of years do not provide any of the real answers.   Humanity has been looking for beneficial mutations now for about 150 years and found none.   Mutations so far observed have entailed a loss of genetic information not a gain as is required for evolution to be demonstrated.

Many devout evolutionists have attacked Hoyle’s numbers as they are based upon an estimate of the numbers of enzyme strings required for a live cell.   But even to half the number of enzymes required makes very little practical  difference, and half of 10ˆ40,000 is not 10ˆ20,000 (which is still considerably more than 10ˆ9  or 1 billion) to understand the math we look at numbers we can comprehend vis.10ˆ6 is one million half of which is 500,000 (5 x 10ˆ5), but 10ˆ3 is 1000 which is 1 thousandth of a million.    Even if one uses factorials the numbers are huge.

In the end, evolutionists are guessing, but they don’t want us to know they are guessing so they try to confuse us with pseudo-science (deceit).   Not one of them can actually define what life is, yet they blithely pretend that this does not matter.   If I give an evolutionist a bucket containing all the materials required to build a trout (fish) and in the right quantities, he will not succeed, not only because he lacks the knowledge, but also because the spiritual elements required for life are missing and our evolutionist does not even acknowledge their existence.   But lying through his teeth provides him with a comfortable living so why bother?

But I exist, therefore I evolved, is what we are told, and if we refuse to believe this we are ridiculed and treated as lunatics.   The ad hominem attack is the tool of the man who has built his house on sand, and who feels that he has to defend his position, not with rational argument, but with insult and boycott.   He tells us that our arguments are ‘beneath his consideration’ because his thought processes are so much better focused than ours…….

This arrogant failure to address the real problems has become the mainstay of the whole of our shared mindset, and it has become established in our culture, so that when one should make a stand, one appeases, when one should use discernment, one fudges and says all things are of equal value.

Folks, Darwin’s theory of evolution supplied Yah’s intrinsic enemies with the hammer with which the coffin nails of our western civilization have been driven home.

The mind and the consciousness are very delicate in that they can be turned upon themselves (and others) very easily.   When we start to keep the Creator’s Torah we start to connect with the Creator’s healing and beneficial message, we become like babes connected to Yah by an umbilical cord, a cord through which we receive physical healing and spiritual nourishment, and by which our waste and debris can be removed.

The problem with a belief in evolution is that it removes the choices, it tells us that, because the world is only physical, then if we cannot see it or hear it, touch or smell it or maybe taste it, then ‘IT’ does not exist.

But what if Yah only reveals Himself to those who seek His truth!    Yah does not need bums on seats or a full collection plate, in fact He does not need anything from us, but he does enjoy the blessing that He can pour out on those who humble themselves and start to seek His truths.