The Occult

Most Christians flee the ‘occult’ as something most evil, but it is something that Yah created and his Tanack (bible) is full of it. To live a truly spiritual life we must get to grips with the ‘occult’.

Yah created, and inhabits the realm of the Spiritual, he populated it with Adam, formed in his own image and likeness, and latterly by the woman (who came to be known as ‘lifegiver’ (Chavah)). When Adam ate the forbidden fruit he created a new realm, a realm based upon his knowledge as it was at the time, it was a realm within a realm, it was a bubble of physicality inside Yah’s realm of spirituality.

What was ‘new’ in Adam’s realm was the concept of ‘death’ which was to enslave mankind’s existence in this physical realm for all the subsequent generations.

Death is separation from Yah, it is the degeneration of the structured dust which is mankind’s ‘physical’ component. In this physical realm, man is chained by his physical senses, he can see no further than his physical sight, he can touch nothing, hear nothing outside of his physical senses. There are however times when the senses detect the spiritual realm as well as the physical realm, this is particularly so when interacting with babies and children and with animals.

To ride a horse one must ‘communicate’ with the horse, as any rider knows, a good horse responds to the mere ‘thoughts’ of the rider.

We do not live in isolation, we live in ‘Yahspace’ the place that Yah created for us; the physical realm is the bubble which we think is ‘reality’ but is, in fact, the result of Adam messing with things he did not understand.

The spiritual realm, the ‘occult’ realm is, in fact, the realm that Yah created for Adam, and is the homocentric garden into which Adam was placed, and from which he was evicted. The concept has been hijacked by Satan as a huge red herring to keep most of us away from Yah’s spirituality and to steer some of us into his, satan’s service, and consequently, to share with him in his final demise.

There are two ways to approach the ‘occult’, Yah’s way, and Satan’s way. Yah’s way is the narrow path of Torah, Satan’s way is the broad highway that leads to destruction.

Most people prefer to sit on the fence, they neither take the way of Yah or the way of Satan, but remain content to be part of the ‘world’, they live in the flesh, that is, the dust from which Adam was moulded, and, lacking the life giving essence of Torah, when their physical body dies, there is nothing left.

When we keep Torah we identify ourselves with Yah’s creation, firstly by keeping the Sabbath day, the seventh day (Saturday to use the pagan title). By keeping the Shabbat, we bear witness to Yah’s creation and His place as Creator. We are taking the first footsteps in following Yah’s straight and narrow way.
Satan does not want you to keep Torah, he does not want you to keep Shabbat, he wants you to keep the pagan ‘lord’s day’ (The Hebrew word for ‘lord’ is Ba’al) on Sunday.

Satan does not want you to rest, meditate and enjoy each other’s company on Saturday as is Yah’s instruction, he wants you to go to a special building and indulge in ritual chanting and singsongs, and give money to his priests, and spiritual energy to his demons on Sundays, as prescribed by Popes and prelates, from the temple of Saturn (the Vatican) on the hill of serpents.

There is no church building in Acts of the Apostles, they met in each other’s homes and shared what they had together.

The way of Torah takes us on a life journey back to Eden, it takes us via Passover (liberation), Unleaven bread (the shedding of the leaven of Adam and therefore of myself), and the subsequent presentation of myself before Yah as a firstfruit, and, after the ‘counting of the sheaves’ (the recording of one’s assets, i.e. a training period), we have our Pentecost (Shauvot) , where we can become a spiritual ‘tool of Yah’. Further, Torah leads us to Taruwah (shouting a welcome), Kippurim (coverings ) and Sukkot (Tabernacling with Yah).

Paul tells us things concerning the spiritual in 1 Cor 12, but we are also warned in Matt 7 v 21 – 23 where spirituality without Torah is not acceptable (‘iniquity’ = anomia = lawlessness ‘without Torah’). We were created by Yah as spiritual beings, we still have those spiritual assets but they can be used wrongly. If I have not agape, I am as a clashing cymbal.

In essence there is no such thing as ‘The Occult’, when Yah created all things He called it “very good” (Tov Mehod) and this means ALL of Creation, Death is a word that describes a separation between man and Yah’s Creation, it is a negative concept that describes the absence of life, thus it has no part in the Realm of Yah.

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