The Occult

Most Christians flee the ‘occult’ as something most evil, but it is something that Yah created and his Tanack (bible) is full of it. To live a truly spiritual life we must get to grips with the ‘occult’.

Yah created, and inhabits the realm of the Spiritual, he populated it with Adam, formed in his own image and likeness, and latterly by the woman (who came to be known as ‘lifegiver’ (Chavah). When Adam ate the forbidden fruit he created a new realm, a realm based upon his knowledge as it was at the time, it was a realm within a realm, it was a bubble of physicality inside Yah’s realm of spirituality.

What was ‘new’ in Adam’s realm was the concept of ‘death’ which was to enslave mankind’s existence in this physical realm for all the subsequent generations.

Death is separation from Yah, it is the degeneration of the structured dust which is mankind’s ‘physical’ component. In this physical realm, man is chained by his physical senses, he can see no further than his physical sight, he can touch nothing, hear nothing outside of his physical senses. There are however times when the senses detect the spiritual realm as well as the physical realm, this is particularly so when interacting with babies and children and with animals.

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