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About Satan


We don’t know much about Satan, but he knows an awful lot about us.

Genesis 3 is well worth re-reading to try to get the picture; Satan is distorting things and the woman falls for it, the man willingly follows on.

Satan is still doing this same thing today.

Satan wants to rewrite Torah in such a way as to elevate himself to the role of supreme Godship, whilst Yah created using Torah, if he Satan  can take control of that Torah then he becomes ‘God’.

Satan envies mankind’s freewill for a very good reason, it is the freewill adherence to Torah which makes man worthy of becoming a ‘Child of Israel’ and a ‘Son of God’ i.e. an heir of the father, a joint heir with the son.

Angels do not have this privilege, and most of them were happy to serve Yah, but some were not, and rebelled.

Man has choices and is allowed to make mistakes, that is free will.   Angels MUST obey Yah, they do not have free will and if they disobey they are in rebellion.

If man lives a Torah compliant life, in harmony with Yah’s Creation, he has a brilliant future.    A future that puts the angels beneath him, Satan does not want this servitude, he wants to rule over mankind and destroy them, he is a murderer who continually attacks mankind by destroying the family, by attacking the woman’s role as ‘lifegiver’ (Chavah aka Eve).

Torah is the words by which Yah created (spoke) all things into existance, if we keep Torah then we are living in harmony with Yah’s creation, anything else is religion, either made by man or by Satan

To achieve dominance, Satan needs to change Torah to set himself on high, Yah gave him an opportunity through Yahushua in the 3 Days and 3 nights.   But Satan failed, and having lost the ‘de jure’ battle he must now work on the ‘de facto’, he must persuade mankind to worship himself not Yah.

Satan has always used man’s desire for instant gratification against mankind; the Faustian have it now, but pay for it later.   If one worships Satan then the results are quick and impressive, so much so that the greedy will happily sacrifice their children, born or unborn.

When one sees institutionalised lies and murder, one knows that Satan is around.   Many ‘big’ men and woman are closet Satanists and owe their fame and fortune to the devils and demons they worship.

The fruit of the Spirit (of Yah) is Love, Joy, Peace, lomgsuffering, gentleness, goodness meekness, faith and temperance and when you see these things attacked and ridiculed then you know Satan is prowling around seeking to devour those whom he can entice.

As we keep Yah’s Torah so we are changed, we become godlike, and our spirit becomes at one with Yah’s Creation, it is ‘set apart’ (holy).

Satan is subtle and remains hidden using surrogates to do his dirty work.   He hates any who adhere to the scriptures no matter how tenuously, and seeks to drive bible based Judaism and Christianity from the world and replace it with – nothing but nihilism.

If we remove carbon-dioxide from the planet then the planet dies, we actually need more carbon dioxide, not less, because all our food derives from CO2, and to remove CO2 is to remove the gas that plants need to survive, thus destroying the food chain that keeps us alive.

You see, this nasty Satan guy is subtle beyond the knowledge of mankind – so go out and buy that old gas guzzler, guilt free, and help out the world!

in harmony with Yah’s Creation.

I cannot emphasise too much the need for us to live as if we were already back as part of the Garden of Eden.   We cannot avoid the consequences of the fall, but we can still live in harmony with Yah’s Creation.

Adam ate of the fruit, but so did the woman, but the woman was humble and confessed, Adam was arrogant, he wanted to be a god knowing his good from his evil.   So Yah had to throw him out, he was no longer part of Yah’s sphere of knowledge, he wanted to go his own way, and Yah let him.

Adam was thrown out, the woman went with him, but she was not thrown out, the tense in the Hebrew is masculine singular, if she too had been thrown out, it would have been masculine plural.

We can assume that the woman, because of her confession and humility could still enter the Garden to gather such things as seed and food.

It follows that if we are prepared to be humble and adopt Yah’s ways, then we too can have a synergy with Yah’s Creation since we are not only part of it, but we are the one thing that makes it perfect..

We start with the scriptures, we learn and do what Yah commands not what the men, the professional theologians, interpret.   We live in synergy only because we are seeking first the Kingdom of Yah and His righteousness, Yah’s Knowledge of Good and Bad, not men’s (Adam’s) knowledge of good and bad based as it is on the opinions of men.

To do this we must first understand that these two things are very, very different.

We live in a world of ‘knowledge’ and indeed knowledge defines how we live,   But knowledge can be true or false, it can be a ‘bubble’ in which we try to create our own reality governed by rules of our own making.   If indeed in the beginning Yah created, then His Creation is the truth, the true knowledge, if I build my own knowledge bubble because I don’t really believe the in the beginning Yah Created, then those places where my knowledge deviates from Yah’s knowledge are false and my ‘world bubble’ is a lie.   If my world is a lie then I cannot live in harmony with Yah’s creation and I am like Adam, unable to enter the Garden and collect of its fruits.

Torah, the Way, permeates the scriptures, we find Abel keeping Torah, we find Abraham keeping Torah, we find Yah revealing Torah to the Elders at Mount Horeb, but the Elders of Israel reject the direct revelation and Moses has to set up the indirect relationship through the Tabernacle in the Wilderness (soon to become temple worship).   But Jeremiah promises a renewed relationship where the Way (Torah) is written upon our hearts, this being fulfilled when “Torah (Gr: Logos) was made flesh and dwelt amongst us”.

Yah is unchanging, and His Knowledge of Good and Bad is CREATION, Adam’s knowledge of good and bad is DEATH, a state where one is outside of Yah’s Creation, which one do YOU choose, you have free will, its your choice!


Helping Yah out

I have spent many frustrating years trying to help Yah out, but never realizing that the world Yah created for me was already perfect, and MY thoughts, actions and opinions only take away from the perfection of His Creation.

Yah asks only three things of me

That I live in harmony with His Creation

That I go forth and multiply

That I talk to those around me about His Creation

Is any of this difficult?

Anything else is trying to add to, or take away from His Torah, His perfection that is His way of doing things, it is to usurp this perfection of His and to substitute my own pathetic version of it.   The version based upon my (man’s) knowledge of good and bad not His.

He does not require me to go to ‘church’ or ‘synagogue’

He does not require me to become a ‘rabbi’, ‘priest’ or ‘pastor’ for if I am living in harmony with His Creation then I am already doing what He requires of me, it is His decision to send me on ‘ministry’ not mine, if I self-appoint myself as a sage/theologian  then I can only give of my knowledge, my opinion, if the rabbinate appoints me, then it is to spread their agenda not Yah’s.

We really have to get this straight, what Yah created in six days was good, and when man was added to the mix it became perfect.    When man disobeyed Yah and ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and bad, the Creation remained good, and when man once more becomes Creation compliant (if he does) then that creation once more becomes perfect.

If I live a Creation compliant life, doing things Yah’s way not my way or men’s ways, then I live in perfection.

Adam’s deviance did not change Yah in any way, but it changed Adam profoundly, he became like a sheep going astray, he turned to his own ways according to his own free will, he wandered off on his own and built his own little torahs around his own puny knowledge of good and bad.

This we call religion

Religion has its set of rules, rules with which we must demonstrate to each other our compliance in order to be seen by our fellow men as ‘good’.    Rules we must virtue signal to all and sundry.

But what does Yah require?

He requires that I live in harmony with His Creation.   But men’s religions say I must follow the rules laid down by ‘men’, to go to a building sit, stand and  sing hymns and make donations to pay salaries…..

That I go forth and multiply,   But men say that I must send my wife out to work and only have a few children, and abort (murder) them if they are inconvenient.

That I talk to those around me about His Creation.   But men say that I am not qualified because I have not studied at Yeshiva or bible college.

Get the picture?

Yah created Perfection. Adam continues to create religions,  and Satan always perverts them.   This is the never ending story, that is, until we walk away from the pigsty of religion and start the journey back to our Father’s house, but in humility, as a servant, willing to learn to live as members of Yah’s household doing what He requires not what men dictate and Satan twists.  It is He who elevates us to sonship – nobody else can do it.

Is your will free?

Yah granted us free will, but he did not grant the angels free will
So, what does a fallen angel think of this? Just maybe Satan harbours an age-old resentment against mankind and his greatest possession.
What entities in your life imprison your freewill?
Maybe you believe in the evolution hoax (My opinion) because of the ridicule and approbation you will receive if you don’t.
Maybe you worship your Rabbi or Pastor because to not do so will mean ostracism from your community.
Perhaps you believe that a man can be Yah’s representative on earth because to not do so will entail the loss of family and friends.
These are all ways whereby Satan can attack and imprison our free will.
It is also why we should be Bereans and check everything for its veracity before Yah.
There are political regimes in this world today that seek to bind your Yah given gift of free will, they start with things like compulsory seat-belt laws and go on to forbid ‘hate speech’ where he, Satan defines what ‘hate speech’ actually is. Karl Marx was probably a Satanist, and communism is all about removing the scriptures from our midst and making sure we do not ever open our bibles to seek Yah’s truths for ourselves.
Yet we see communism creeping ever more strongly into our day to day lives.
Bullets load themselves into guns and pull the gun’s trigger. So if we ban guns, murders will stop…..
Guns are banned in the UK and knife violence is rampant and now they want to ban knives.
As a boy I was expected to have a pocket knife to sharpen pencils etc. and at all times when sailing, it was considered a potential lifesaver. Now because a certain satanic religion teaches its adherents that they must kill unbelievers knives the authorities dictate that knives must be controlled.
Where is my responsibility before Yah?
Gone, because Karl Marx says that there is no god, only man is god, and only those who believe in Marx may rule, men must be controlled, and their free will must be imprisoned.
Our free will is there to enable us to truly seek Yah’s truths and so earn the rewards that His truths bring us

Times of Trouble

Nobody promised us a smooth ride; the way, the truth and the life lie along a rough and steep path with entry though a narrow gate.

Yes the gate is narrow, but it is not selective, anybody can go through it, but first they have to find it, and to find it, one must start looking for it.

For me, I looked around the Christian fellowship, and mentally compared it to what I read in the scripture, it was significantly different.   So I started to look at the meanings of the words in Greek and Hebrew, and instead of confirming the ‘fellowship’ picture, they took me further away from it.

That is when I really learned what a time of trouble was, not worldly trouble, but spiritual turmoil.

Christianity believes on the whole, that Yah changes his mind and rewrites the rules from time to time, these times the religious ‘leaders’ call dispensations, and in the one in which we are now living, Christians are the ones who have entered the narrow gate.

In this age of ‘Grace’, we do not have to keep Yah’s Torah because Jesus died on the cross for our sins, so we are not liable etc.etc.

If this is so, then who is it to whom Jesus says “I know you not, you doers of lawlessness (Torahlessnes)?” See Matthew 7 v 21 and subsequent verses.

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Inventing God(s)

There is Yah’s truth, and then there are man’s inventions that pretend to be truth; man’s doctrines, presented to other men and woman as Gods truth, but wrapped in a fabric of deceit, for whatever reason, and claiming to be either God’s truth or to ‘enhance’ Yah’s truth.

In the beginning Yah created, and what He created was TRUTH.   Everything else is a lie.

Adam invented his own truth the moment Yah challenged him – “she did it, the woman that You gave me”

We are not told how the woman got the idea that she could not even touch the tree, but there were not very many players at the time who could have done it, and one stands out as the most likely.    The consequences of this misinformation were, of course, tragic, and mankind still suffers the consequences.

Adam invented a lie about Yah, that Yah in some way conspired to get the man himself, Adam, that is, to eat of the forbidden fruit, and this was the first act of religion.   Adam projected blame onto the woman, and onto Yah Himself, thus leaving Adams puny self-righteousness intact.

How many times have I done exactly the same – please do not even try to count.

And Satan giggled all the way to his snakepit.

So now all religion embroiders Yah off the scene and substitutes gurus and rabbis and pastors in his place.

Religion is not Yah’s truth, all religion is man’s fabrication, sometimes ably assisted by serpents.   Both Yah and his truth, were, are and always will be the same, and it is up to us as individuals to seek it.

Yah intended Himself to be the only purveyor of all truth, and that if we want to know truth then we should seek it only from Him in a personal relationship.

Yes, I can write about Yah’s truths but it is up to you to do the fact checking for yourself, when you come before Yah, I will not be there for reference, I will be explaining my own faults and fallacies to Him.

Do I personnally invent religion and throw it in Yah’s face?   I hope I do not, but I always run the risk, and so do you if you accept what I write at face value.   The moment you see a ‘Donate’ button, be afraid, be very afraid, because it means that I have been bought.

Yah has always made sure that I have enough, I don’t need to rent out Yah’s word for a fee.   That way, it matters not to me whether You the reader approve or not, and my computer NEVER answers me back!  But Yah sometimes does……


The Vagaries of Yah

To continue on a theme mentioned in the previous article, the idea that Yah purposely makes things a bit vague, I had a conversation with an orthodox Jew a while ago, he justified the Rabbinate solely on the basis that the scriptures are vague and need to be interpreted for the likes of us, the ignorati, by the astute MEN of the community who have studied the words of both men and of hashem.

I did not get a word in edgeways during the monologue and Yah was not mentioned even once.

To most religious Jews, Yah is kept securely locked in a cupboard, obviously to keep Him out of mischief and to stop Him from upsetting the existing comfortable apple cart.   Only to be brought out when needed, the rest of the time He is mostly not needed, the ritual and the community (and its Rabbi) providing for all one’s needs for parading around, looking holy and virtue signalling one’s righteousness and usefulness.

They have been given rope, and they hang themselves to a Rabbi.

Yah gives me a rope too, and also room to hang myself, but by making His yoke easy and its burdens light, He makes my choice easy, but only if I go looking for His truth does my cup runneth over; my Sabbath was made for me as a day of rest, meditation and for meeting of others who also keep Yah’s Sabbath.   But within those guidelines I am free to do almost as I please, as long as it is not my normal work (of the six other days),

I am sure that a family play day meets Yah’s full approval, as does fixing bikes for a bike ride.

It is left up to me to fill in the gaps as I see fit, but only within Yah’s framework (yoke).   This applies to all of my life as a seeker after Yah’s truths.   Those things He communicates to me, through scripture or through revelation, I must keep to very carefully; but mostly I am free to enjoy life and be fruitful.

Living in synergy with Yah’s Creation is not difficult, and it is not rule-bound, it is full of the ‘new creation’ that a personal relationship with my Creator can bring.   Yah delights in those of His creation who can leave the pig-sty and begin the journey home, HOME!     Just think of it, the place where I can really belong, the place where I can be ME, the me that my Father created and nurtured, the me surrounded and swaddled in truth.

That is not to say that the journey home will not be uneventful, but I will be met from afar, and the servants of Yah will guide me and point out the way.    But I must keep moving forwards.

The ‘religions’ seek to keep me in their particular porcine mud-bath, whether it be up to my knees or up to my neck.    The mud may be warm and comfortable, but it is there to entrap me and to suck the life out of me, starving me of Yah’s sustenance that is the difference between life and death.

My body will go through death, but what happens to my consciousness is up for grabs, I can give it to Satan and join in his fate, or I can invest it in the world and religion (political or humanist/hedonist as well as conventional religion) and have nothing at the end of it except judgement and death, or I can invest in a relationship with the Creator and trust and rely on Him to provide for my future.

I have a choice, to explore this Creation and seek out its truths, or to ignore the Creation and its Creator and live as if I too was a god, knowing good from evil.