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Spiritual Male and Spiritual Female

If we forget for a moment the physicality of ‘male’ and ‘female’ and look again at Genesis but with the idea of the female (Chavah – the lifegiver) as the representative of the law of the spirit of life, and the male Adam (Earth) as the epitome of the law of sin and death) then we can begin a new phase of understanding, for I am a product of both these things and, as Paul tells us, they are at war in my members.

So the real battle of the sexes is within me!

Only Adam was thrown out of Eden, but as usual, Satan has obfuscated it all into an external physical thing and away from the spiritual realities.

So the life part of me still has the right of entry into the garden, but the death (male) part of me does not.

The more I become spiritually female (lifegiving) the more of me that can be immersed in Yah, and the less of me is subject to the male law of sin and death.

But as Paul explains, Yahushua is the trump card in that he can mask that part of me that prevents me from coming before Yah, He removed the handles by which Satan can grip me and accuse me of ‘death-giving’.

The battle of the sexes, the physical differences between male and female are mostly irrelevant, Females do tend to be more spiritually ‘female’ but will on the whole follow their fathers and husbands.   For this reason the scriptures are mostly aimed at physical males, they are the worst case.

Many women come to a relationship with Yah of their own volition because their spiritually ‘female’ side is also dominant.   In men, it is the reverse and they have to be dragged kicking and screaming to a place of humility where they can begin to learn to be spiritual lifegivers as well.

We have a tendency to physicalise the spiritual ramifications of sex, so that we miss the spiritual significance.  I must learn that I too, was deceived by the serpent and that it was nobody’s fault but my own.   For a female this is hard, but for a male it is even more difficult, male leadership instinct demands that I demean Yah, and lock Him away in a cupboard so that I can let my own god of sin and death dominate,

The female side of me wants to give, it wants to give life, the male side of me wants to blame, to exploit, to kill in order to demonstrate MY godship, MY superiority, and Satan sits back and laughs.

My female side is compatible with Yah’s creation, it is within the limits of Torah.   My male side is not compatible with Yah’s creation and because of it I am excluded.

Romans 8 :-

Consequently, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and death. For what was impossible for the law, in that it was weak through the flesh, God did. By[a] sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh and concerning sin, he condemned sin in the flesh, in order that the requirement of the law would be fulfilled in us, who do not live according to the flesh but according to the Spirit. For those who are living according to the flesh are intent on the things of the flesh, but those who are living according to the Spirit are intent on the things of the Spirit. For the mindset of the flesh is death, but the mindset of the Spirit is life and peace, because the mindset of the flesh is enmity toward God, for it is not subjected to the law of God, for it is not able to do so, and those who are in the flesh are not able to please God.

Sin and Death

Satan deceives us still, so we think it is all about sin, and about life and death, but it is not, it is about the SPIRIT OF LIFE!

When we are born, we are totally dependent upon usually our parents, to feed, nurture and sustain us, but they also teach us their ways and belief systems.   As we grow, we develop an independence which may well take us away from the parental norms, but it is very difficult to shake off the culture into which we were born.

For me, it was about being ‘good’ and staying alive (salvation), and my parents, and the religious leaders would tell me how I went about achieving these things.

This goal was to be achieved by things like going to church/synagogue, and reciting prayers etc.

This was all about sin, and it was all about death, this was Satan’s deception still working fine many generations after Adam first fell for it.

But what about the Woman, she recognised her error where Adam blamed everybody else.

She confessed, she acknowledged that she had been deceived by the serpent and was forgiven.   She was not evicted from Eden, only he (masculine singular in the Hebrew) was.

Nothing has changed, at Horeb the Elders of the children of Israel rejected a one-to-one relationship with Yah, a relationship where each was responsible before Yah for their own actions, no priests, no vicars.

Only by accepting responsibility for ourselves and our actions can we move into the Spirit of Life, it is not about sin; David, the beloved, was a murderer and adulterer, but he took responsibility for his actions and did not try to hide behind a priest or rabbi.

Yah defines what is good and bad, it is the privilege of Godship and of being the Creator, when man is prepared to accept God’s Way then he starts on a path that leads to life, when he lets others define good and bad then he lives a life of sin and death.   In redefining good and bad for ourselves, as did Adam, or allowing others to do so (including Satan) for us, we shove our puny godship in Yah’s face thus breaking the first commandment.

The ultimate deceit of Satan is for us to allow sin and death to dominate our lives, Satan takes the murder of Yahushua on a pagan instrument of torture, and twists it into an exercise of evasion of sin, when it was really the 3 days and 3 nights which mattered.   Jesus did not die on the cross for my sins, but he succeeded in there being no condemnation (for those in Torah/Debar/the Way made flesh and dwelling aongst us)

We start our spiritual lives with Yah’s commandments set in stone, as we leave the pigsty and follow the Way, seeking the Truth then Torah becomes written on our hearts, it becomes and instinctive way of Life, it becomes spiritual rather than physical.   The stone breaks, the heart is no longer in a state of deceit, and we can relate to Yah direct, discarding those who would be His substitutes.   We are not perfect, but there is no condemnation, we too are beloved.




Magic and the Subconscious.

When we think, we don’t think of how we think, we just do it.   But it is this ability to ‘think’ which had to be redefined in the 1950’s to make it physicalist in nature, i.e. if the phenomena s detectable by the 5 senses then it is ‘scientific’, if it is not then it therefore does not exist.

This is a scientific fudge that enables evolutionists enough wriggle room to not have to explain the idea of consciousness, the idea of thinking and being alive.   This is very fundamental ‘science’ and still cannot be explained away and is thus side-lined.

Evolutionists are alive but they know it not!

If “In the beginning Yah created”, and if indeed it is man that is the pinnacle of that Creation then our consciousness also becomes our linkage with that Creation, and the freewill thus entailed follows on from the ability to think for myself.

My consciousnes either dwells with Yah, or it dwells with me alone, I either share my existance with all those who re-attach themselves to Yah’s Creation, or it is an island of self-godship.

So I have choices, and there are consequences to my choices.   I can seek independence from Yah, my Creator, as did Adam when he blamed the woman and Yah Himself in the Garden of Eden; he rejected Yah’s creation and was thrown out the garden as a consequence.   Or I can re-attach myself to Yah’s Creation by humbling my own godship and coming back to Yah as an obeyer not as a dictator, a servant not a master.   If he the promotes me to sonship then so much the better, but servanthood comes first.

But what if we accept our part in Yah’s Creation?   What if we seek it, what if we participate in it?   What if we so discipline our consciousness such that, in all humility it ceases to throw our ‘godship’ in Yah’s face (as in the first commandment).

If we do, we essentially become a magical being in modern ‘scientific’ parlance, a being who is immersed in Yah’s Creation and is the best part of it as well.   This is the real ‘occult’, the Creator’s magic, the healing and beneficial magic that we read about in the scriptures.

It is my consciousness that participates in Creation, subject to my free will, but first I must think it through, I must make an active decision to seek the truth of Creation, I must, by implication accept that “In the beginning Yah created” and that I am part of that Creation and therefore subject to its rules.   If I purposely break them then I am thrown out, If I break them accidentally then I must acknowledge my mistakes and be forgiven (as was the woman).

The Woman was not thrown out of the garden, the ‘He’ (masculine singular) only was thrown out.   She confessed, she did not blame anybody but herself, she took responsibility for her own actions.

To get back into Eden I too must take responsibility for my consciousness and through it my relationship with my Creator.



Set in Stone

The 10 matters as given to Moses at Horeb were set in stone tablets, but Jeremiah tells us Torah should be written on our hearts, is there a difference?

The answer is Yes indeed!

Horeb was  failure, the elders of Israel did not want a personal relationship with Yah, they did not want that responsibility, they wanted Moses to take responsibility, they wanted vicars priests and rabbis to ‘lead’ them in ‘traditional’ mechanical worship – worship also set in stone.

But Jeremiah talks about Torah written upon the heart, a renewed covenant, an Abrahamic relationship rather than a Mosaic relationship, a relationship where Yah Himself comes to dinner.

There is no ‘power’ in a stone relationship, everything is laid down and rigid, the order of service is fixed.

In a heart relationship with Yah there is flexibility – Yah is accessible anytime, anywhere, we just commune with Him in a way that is natural to ourselves as individuals, in faith and humility and power flows.

Yah is the Creator, He knows how it all works, and He can tell us how I all works too if we are prepared to listen, but few of us are.

There is a part of me that we call my consciousness which is not physical.   It is the bit of  me that makes the bucket of chemicals alive.   We know very little about the conscious, but it is where our free will resides, the place where we can, if we want to, decide to “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness” as define by Torah.

But which Torah?  Moses or Abraham?

The Mosaic Torah will look after the body and the community, the Abrahamic Torah will look after the mind as well.

The Mosaic Torah is written down in black and white, the Abrahamic Torah is written on our hearts, but only if we are humble enought to see His face, and prepared to read and act on what is actually written there…


Today is Shauvot; Pentecost if you will – The day Yah gave Torah, the day the elders of Israel rejected the direct one-to-one relationship offered by Yah and chose instead a relationship through Mosaic Law.

It was also the day where the Apostles gathered together received the tongues of flame.    The signal of the end of the temple relationship and the renewal of the direct (Abrahamic) relationship.

It is important to understand here what is happening, I have written of mount Horeb before; the rejection of Yah, the Mosaic relationship and Law, the renewed covenant through Yahushua and his sign of Jonah.

Then we have Pentecost, to each a small burning bush, and to each a duty to liberate, to take the people out of the pig sty (Egypt) and to show them a better way.

We ARE part of Yah’s Creation, and there is a place in Creation for each of us.   It is our decision whether we take that place by complying with the Laws of Creation (Torah), or whether we reject them and go our own way thus giving up our place in Yah’s Creation.

It is our own choice and only we can make it.   To be of Yah or to be of ourselves.

Unfortunately, the Way to that decision is obscure, we have to actively seek it, we read the scriptures, we listen to others, we compare them, we accept that which is scriptural and reject that which is not.

We learn discernment, we learn to sift out the lies and the fabrications, there are many deceitful traders in the temple courtyard who will sell us their doctrines, but we must be wary, one cannot buy a place in Creation, we have to be humble and to follow the Way, seek the Truth and only then can we start to live the Life.

There are many traders in the temple courtyard, each claiming to know the way, each one wanting our money.    But there is no easy ticket.    Yah has His own ways of sustaining His servants and it is not with a ‘donate’ button.

Creation is Truth, and Truth is Creation, when we find Truth so we find Yah’s Creation is there too.

We must personally strive to take our allotted place within Yah’s Creation, to become at one with it.   It is our decision, our effort and our prize, we cannot share it.    We can tell others, but unless they act upon it in their own free will, it is of no value and will not succeed.



Jonah was running away from Yah, he thought Yah was limited in power and that he, Jonah, could outwit Him, by travelling in the opposite direction.

Then the three days and three nights caught up with him.

Yah took charge and Jonah had no say.

In the fishes belly he has an epiphany, he considers himself as dead, and, when spat out, albeit grudgingly, He bends the knee and does what Yah requires of him.

Yahushua did NOT die on the cross for our sins, Torah is quite capable of taking care of our sins, if we first acknowledge them.   But it is Jonah’s 3 days and 3 nights that Yahushua tells the pharisees is what it is all about.

Yahushua’s 3 days and 3 nights are what really matters to us too, it is that coming to obedience where we too must stop running as did Jonah, and we too must understand that doing things according to our own knowledge is not in HARMONY with Yah’s Creation.    Yah did the impossible for 3 days and 3 nights.

We too need that same Epiphany that Jonah had under pretty dire circumstances in his case, so that we too can become loyal servants of the Most High, and servants can become sons, but they must become servants first.

I can compare Yah’s Creation to the Royal Navy, I was trained for 3 years before I was considered qualified to drive a ship, much of the training taught me how to act in harmony with other ships, each with different crews, maybe different nationalities, and with different roles.  I had to learn to do things the Navy way not my way.   There was the Navy Way and the wrong way; if one does things the wrong way the Navy fragments because the desired common purpose becomes several dozen personal purposes which lose sight of the goal. We need our 3 days and 3 nights so that we too can qualify to become a servant of Yah and do His will not our own.

Yah made it easy for Jonah, but He still needed Jonah to go to Nineveh to be the catalyst for His works there .

Do I need 3 days and 3 nights in a fishes’ belly before I am prepared to humble myself and subjugate my knowledge of good and bad to that of Yah!


There is a truth, because truth was created by Yah, and His creation is the one sole Truth in this universe of ours

When man became a god by gaining his own perspective on Yah’s Creation, he sought to bend Yah’s Creation to that perspective, but he found that to do this he must lie:-

“She did it, the woman that you gave me”

This was the first lie, and thus was the first religion born.

Religion happens when man (or a fallen angel) seeks to turn his own perspective on creation into his ‘truth’, and to then pervert the appearance of Yah’s Creation to fit that ‘truth’.

So Karl Marx had a vision which he described in his writings, Lenin, Stalin and Mao tried to turn the Marxian vision into communist ‘truth’ and many illions died because it was not Creation compliant.

It is very easy to reject men’s visions, and, like Marx, think that by rejecting religion, one is rejecting Yah and His Truth.    Walking away from Christianity of Judaism changes nothing; what one must realize is that these religions are spring boards from partial truths such that the seeker may use them to explore Yah’s Truths.

If we look at the ‘church’ in the Acts of the Apostles, it is very different to the churches we find today this is because Christianity is mainly based upon the political religion founded upon the political needs of the Roman emperor Constantine.    Contantine and his creation did however preserve much of the ancient writings even if in Greek or Latin forms.

Modern Christianity still includes many of the compromises that Constantine had to make in order for his new religion to become universally acceptable through his empire, and although the scriptures have been available to us for hundreds of years, few really look at what they tell us about Yah as opposed to what church leaders tell us they say about Yah.

Many church leaders are more interested in monetizing their faith, they get a revelation and they then try and sell it to whoever will listen (and hopefully pay).

When the temple was destroyed, Judaism had to be reworked and jobs had to be found for the now unemployed temple workforce.   This is when the ‘rabbi’ (elevated one) and the ‘sage’ (wise one) appeared, and they usurped the earthly assemblies by ring fencing the word of Yah in their traditions and writings.

Most Jews and Christians do not read an follow the scriptures for themselves, they have a layer of ‘religious’ experts to do it for them (for a price).

If you wear a big black hat and a crucifix, and follow the rules, then you are righteous and your salvation is assured, no need to find out what actually Yah says, we have already done that for you!, no need to keep His commandments, just do what we, the leaders of the religion say, pay your dues and the keys of the kingdom are all yours.

(Make the cheques payable to me personally)

Want to be a millionaire, start a new religion……

This is the pigsty we must leave behind, and it is only when we humble ourselves to Yah as servants, can he send His servants to meet us from afar and guide us home, if we refuse to listen to the servants because we still believe we are ‘sons’ then we cannot progress.