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Yah’s name: I was, I am and by implication I will be.That name encompasses the whole of His Creation and I can choose to be part of it, or to be part of something else.

Adam is not part of Yah’s Creation; he was thrown out because he thought his own knowledge superseded that of the Creator and thus there was no longer a place for him in the Creator’s garden.   Adam chose badly, and instead of remaining a part of Yah’s Creation, he applied his own knowledge and thus built his own creation.

We call this creation of Adam’s the World   But it is a world in which death is inevitable.

Although I was born into Adam’s world, I do not have to be part of it, I can choose to put Adams dictates aside and start to adhere to those of Yah and start the long journey back to Yah’s Creation, Yah’s Eden.

Eden has gates, and this is important.   I do not put in a gate if it is not needed for entry or exit.   If the casting out of Adam was permanent, no gate would be needed.

But there is a gate and it is guarded by Cherubim, the warrior angels of Yah.

I cannot get through that gate whilst the law of sin and death still has a hold of my body.   The law of the spirit of Life is acceptable, so in order to re-enter, somehow I must restrain the sin and death within me.

I like a sheep have gone astray, I have turned to my own ways, yet Yahovah has laid on HIM all my sin and death, and by HIS suffering, I am healed.

So who can cover the Adam in me.

Torah made flesh and dwelling with me can cover me such that there is no longer condemnation.  I can go to the fathers gates covered by the three days and three nights of Torah made flesh suffering.

The gates will open for me – but only for me, I cannot take the baggage of religion and idolatry in with me.

I cannot take the Pope, the Archbishop or the Chief Rabbi in with me, they have their own struggles, and it is highly likely that they are herding their flocks in the wrong direction.

I have a Horeb for myself, I can chose Yah and have a personal relationship with Him, or I can choose Moses and he will build a religion for me.   The religion that Moses builds may bring me back to Horeb many times over, but until I choose Yah not Moses there is no going back to Eden.


Are you a Christian?  Are you a Jew? Or are you, like Paul, a follower of the Way?

Jews worship a sack full of scrolls and their Rabbis, Christians worship a Roman pagan torture device known as a crucifix.

Paul as a follower of the Way (of Yahovah) did not need identity or the external iconry of the ‘holy’ man.

When Torah is written upon our hearts we do not need the external virtue signalling to make us set apart, we just follow the pathway set out for us by the personal miracle of Yah that guides us.

When we left the prodigal’s pigsty, we started on a journey, a journey whose destination is the gates of the Father.

We take the journey with the mindset of a servant, and we are met from afar by other servants with messages of encouragement.   But we seek, we listen and we learn.   We strive to become Yah like so that when we arrive, the gates will open for us – we are a good and faithful servant and no threat to the household of Yah, and with no desire to once more demand our own selfish inheritance.

Our inheritance is free will, but it is what we do with it that matters, do we turn back to Yah, or do we continue to be choked by Adam’s world, the world where the path leads only to the pigsty.

It is not about being a famous evangelist, it is about a personal journey of humility, learning to put aside the ‘godship’ of the prodigal and re-entering Eden as a Yah and Creation compliant reborn and unfallen Adam.

Eden has gates, but only those who have given up on fallen Adam and become followers of the Way of Yahovah can enter back in.    That Yah put the gates in Eden means that we can come back, but not as Adam knowing his own good, and his own bad; defining his own identity and his own righteousness.   But as a servant, reborn from above, and displaying Yah’s good and avoiding Yah’s bad.

Adam cannot re-enter Eden unless he gives up his self-godship; his propensity to do it his own way. There is only one way that matters – Yah’s WAY.

Rabbi Nudnik

When we esteem our ‘reputation’ and position higher than our integrity then we indulge in ‘virtue signalling’ but we need to question ourselves as to exactly whom it is that we are signalling to.  

Yah is immune to virtue signalling, so our signals are to the men and women around us and to those in authority over us and ‘beneath’ us.   We esteem their opinion of us more than we do Yah’s opinion of us.

We throw their ‘godship’ in Yah’s face.

And then we expect Him to bless us for it.  Insanity really is about doing the same thing time and time again and expecting different outcomes.

Men and women have been worshipping Rabbis (elevated ones) for thousands of years, and these Neo-Baalam’s love it, have you ever flown First Class? Well they have, I’ve seen them.

The Christians too have their Nicolaitians (same word different language) and to be received by Yah we must give up our revered Nicolatians and Baalams.

Yah wants us to live by His code of conduct but without the additions of man-made add-ons, the rituals, the traditions, the faux charity and the Rolls Royces (or Cadillacs, lincolns mercs you name it).

If you believe that in order to enter Yah’s kingdom a Rabbi must stamp your passport, then I suggest you open Your Tanach (bible) and read what Yah actually said, not what Rabbi Nudnik interprets.

If you keep Yah’s Torah and become Creation compliant you can become as Elijah (Elijahu) but if you follow Rabbi Nudnik’s Talmud (or Catachism) you will become only the servant of Rabbi Nudnik

When YOU come before Yah, Rabbi Nudnik will be struggling with his own Judgement before Yah, he will not have time to testify on your behalf……


AI is now pop-culture, but behind it is an assumption that Yah does not exist and that humanity is just a self-programming computer.

If you have ever written code in assembly language then you know just how stupid computers are.

There are many things in the modern world, for which we have to assume the non-existence of Yah, each time we get vaccinated we are assuming that doctor knows what is really good for us.   But in reality, we take a vaccine in the knowledge that it is going to kill some of us in order that others may live, now where have we heard that before.

When we make that decision, to vaccinate, to abort, to transplant, do we really understand what is going on? Or do we trust that the doctors really understand.

Most vaccine ‘science’ is trial and error, and a sort of ‘publish and be dammed’ as the medical cartel make unimaginable amounts of money out of dodgy medical science.

Edward Jenner did his experiments on an 8 year old boy, Louis Pasteur plagiarized much of his work, these guys were salesmen rather than pillars of the scientific community.   Yet we adore them. When the herbalists were all burnt as witches, the barbers and their razors took their place, they were not healers, they were a blood letting priesthood.

Computers do not have a consciousness, so they cannot have ‘intelligence’ for intelligence is free will and a gift from Yah.   A cat cannot escape from its ‘cat’ programming, it cannot become a mind-dog. What we call Artificial Intelligence is a form of bondage with which we should not be entangled, we should read the small print.   Silicone based computers can read a series of transistors which are either switched on or off, and make a pre-programmed decision based upon the data.

The DNA code that works our bodies is has 4 bits not two, so the number of ‘states’ in any one strand is enormous.   Not only that, but the position of any sequence within a strand is also significant, the DNA related numbers are so huge that a normal silicon based just computer cannot handle it. But a carbon lifeform can. These processes are subliminal, we are unaware of them, this leaves us free to meditate on Yah (or not as the case may be).

We can rejoice in our free will, but to leave the pig sty we must also leave behind the lies of the worldly deceivers who want to undermine Yah’s eternal truths and switch us to become pseudo science junkies.

Each scientific consensus must be subjected to a Berean process – Is is Creation compliant, or is it yet another reptilian deception?


Adam’s fall was triggered by deceit, Adam fell for the deceit but did not confess it, the woman, later to be known as Chavah, was deceived too, but confessed.

It is most important to understand what is going on here, forget the genders involved, here we have two people, one is Yah orientated, the other is self-orientated.    Adam thinks that he can deceive Yah by a manipulation of words, the words he uses are not necessarily untrue, but they are not the complete truth.   Yes the woman did eat of the fruit, Yes, Yah did give Adam the woman, two true statements.   What Adam did not express was that he made a personal decision, independent of the woman to directly disobey Yah.   Yah told Adam not to eat the forbidden fruit even before the woman was separated out from Adam.   She thought she could not even touch the tree, consider where that erroneous information might have come from?

Cain murdered Abel, Whilst Abel did things Yah’s way and was commended for it, Cain disobeyed Yah, he offered Yah the products of his sweat and toil, not the blood sacrifice as commanded by Yah.   The sweat and toil was part of the punishment of Adam, it was a physical sacrifice not a spiritual one.

Cain murdered Abel because he was offended by what Yah said; by the ‘hate speech’ of Yah.

So was Cain the first ‘snowflake’ who then went away and built his ‘safe space’; his city with walls to keep Yah out?

We too have choices, we can seek to do things Yah’s way, or we can do things Adam’s way, Cain’s way, the way of the world into which we were born.

Cain’s way has unintended consequences, Cain did not reckon with Abel’s blood crying out, he thought his crime could be hidden, he too thought he could manipulate Yah.

Do we try to manipulate Yah?   Is that not what man’s religions are about?    If we are truly seeking FIRST the Kingdom of Yah, and His truths, then we will seek to do things Yah’s ways not men’s ways.

If we truly seek to find Yah for ourselves (rather than other men’s opinion of Yah) then He tells us “I will be found of you”, so you cannot find Yah if you are looking for a religious formulation because the ‘finding’ is controlled by Yah not by any religious leaders. Yah wants a personnal relationship with us, not a relationship mediated by a Rabbi, a priest or a vicar.

Daily Bread

I was born into Adam’s world, I was not born into Yah’s world (Eden).     Adam was thrown out of Eden and, by the sweat of his labours he had to tame ‘Adam’s world’ that world into which I was born, and which became the cradle of my nurture, so when I was a child, when I thought and acted as a child, it was as a child in Adam’s world.

So now I am a man, I must put away childish things, and Adam’s world is a childish material thing, but it is the world in which I grew up, it is my familiar place.

So what is the alternative?   The only other world mentioned in Scripture is the world that Yah intended Adam to inhabit, the world of Eden where one could go around naked and pick one’s food from the trees.

So what does it mean?   Can Yah give me each day my daily bread as he did in Eden?

Or do I have to go out and get it for myself?   Must I do it my way or step back and give Yah a chance?

We may pray often the Yah give us our daily bread, but such is the pressure of Adam’s world that we usually pre-empt Yah and provide our own daily bread, so we ask for it, but don’t wait for Yah but do it Adam’s way because that is how Adam’s world works.

There is indeed a war in my members, and most of us back the wrong side.


Yah is not a politician, He created a world and He expects us to live in it and abide by His rules.   Adam created an alternative world, a derivative world of alternatives, and Adam was a born politician.

We, unfortunately, are born into Adam’s world, we may be born into wealth and influence, or we may be born into poverty and slavery, most of us are born into something inbetween.

But we are born into Adam’s politics, and we learn from the cradle to wheedle the world around us to get what we want, for some of us that is barely enough food to survive, and for others, it is whether to buy a Mercedes or a Lincoln.

But Yah is not a politician that He should lie and cheat and steal, but He is remote from us because we play too political games, even whilst seeking first the kingdom (but whose kingdom?).

We have the scriptures, scriptures which can become political entities on their own and all too easily, scripture which can be mistranslated, misinterpreted and misplaced in our minds.

But if Yah’s Torah is written upon our hearts, then we get Creation straight.   The pure in heart see Yah, and by default they see the Way to His Creation and can choose to comply or to rebel.    

There is always a choice, Yah’s Way or my way, and even if Frank did it ‘My Way’ we do no need to be stupid and follow him to destruction.

The Way to Yah is rough and steep, it means that we have to deny ourselves (our knowledge of good and bad; our opinion), it means taking up the instrument of torture (the cross) and following Yah’s Way.

We start by becoming Torah compliant (not Talmud/church/catachism compliant),   Torah builds word pictures of Yah’s Creation, and in doing seeing those pictures, we achieve understanding.   But we must build our own pictures, we must seek Yah’s truths for ourselves, all the our Toraic paths lead to the same place, but the routes are different.   I can learn both good and bad from other people, but I can only learn Good and Bad direct from Yah.


There are two keys that unlock the Kingdom of Yahand they are only in our own hands if we care to use them, they are not in Peter’s hands, they are not in the Chief Rabbi’s hands, they are in the hands of each of us as individuals and with individual responsibility to Yah to use them.   The first key is a complete understanding of what happened in Eden as described in Genesis chapter 3, and secondly we each must have the the humility before Yah to become Creation compliant again.   It is our choice and responsibility and nobody elses.

Eden is about exactly whose godship man (Adam) is going to follow, Yah’s or his own; a god is someone who decides what is good and what is bad, and now, after eating the forbidden fruit, Adam has his own godship (as do we having been born into Adam’s world).

As created, the spirit of Adam was connected to Yah, the spirit of the woman, we must assume was connected to Adam (this comes out later – see the writings of Paul).

When the woman is deceived into eating of the forbidden fruit, Adam has a choice, but decides to follow the woman’s lead, and in eating the fruit, he severs his spiritual link with Yah.

When challenged by Yah, the woman confesses that she has been deceived, see Numbers 15 to understand this sequence, and by acknowledging guilt she remains Creation compliant.

Adam on the other had throws his new found godship in Yah’s face “she did it, the woman that You gave me”.   This would have been true, except that Adam alone made the decision to eat, not the woman.

So Adam has himself become a god  knowing (his) good from (his) evil (v23) and cannot therefore remain Creation compliant (following Yah’s good and Yah’s evil) and he (masculine singular) is thrown out of Eden to create his own world amongst the leftover builder’s rubble of Yah’s Creation.

But there is a way back.

Having understood what happened in Eden, we too have a choice, Yah’s way or my (Adam’s) way, if we have enough humility to choose Yah’s way, then we will be shown the door to the pigsty, and the long path that leads back to the Father’s House.

And God speaketh all these words, saying,

I am Jehovah thy God, who hath brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of a house of servants.

Thou hast no other Gods before Me.  (Exodus 20 YLT)


How often do I put my own godship before that of Yah?


There is civilization and thenthere is the warlord culture of the world and of darkness.   Man wants to be top dog; Adam rejected Yah and sought to establish his own dominance by pointing out Yah’s ‘mistakes’.   So he built his own world based on his own knowledge of good and evil – and when Cain killed Abel the warlord culture was born

Without Yah’s Torah, there is no freedom, and those religions that espouse the doctrines of men (Rabbis, Popes etc.) seek to keep men in bondage, and the only real revolutions have been those where men went back to the bible, back to a personal relationship with Yah.

Soon after the bible was printed in the local language, and became freely available, so men began to get back to the freedom that is embedded in Yah’s Torah, protestants went back to the bible and Northern European began to prosper.   Coincidence? No, not at all.

The 1800’s saw the dawning of an age of bible based Christian prosperity, but Satan once again moved to block it, just as he had done with Roman Catholicism and Islam.    Darwin proposed a preposterous theory which was latched on to by the brood of Adam and Cain as a way once more to short circuit Yah’s Torah once more.

Darwin, on the observed basis of micro evolution in the beaks of finches, proposed that there was no ‘Creation’ and that all life forms evolved from simple unicellular organisms by a process of natural selection and survival of the fittest.   That loving Yahovah and the family of men were just mythological constructs with no foundation in (his) ‘science’.

That we too are just animals with only selfish desires.

The religion of ‘evolution’ and its cruel offspring (Communism, Nazism, socialism) eroded the civilization that had grown up around the bible, and mankind once more began to succumb to the ancient warlord culture of aggressive and violent ambition and greed.

Whereas we should be depending upon Yah and His provision, we are now taught to worship the provision of men of supposedly good intent.   But to prosper, we must leave this pigsty and go back to the bible, back to Yah’s way, to Yah’s Truth to that personal relationship with Him that enables us to join in with the mystical synergy that comes from being Creation compliant.

Every Word

“Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of Yah”

Let us think this through a minute, man needs both food (bread) and the Words that came from Yah.   So what are those words?

If we look at Deuteronomy Ch 8 we see that the writer is talking about “All the commands which I [Yah] am commanding” that is Torah is it not?

We need to ask ourselves did Yahushua (or Paul) really did say the we don’t need to keep Torah, this verse implies that to sustain ‘life’ we need to keep Yah’s commandments.

Watchman Nee defined mankind in great detail in his work “the Spiritual Man“, he sees mankind as Body Soul and Spirit, and he sees the Soul as “Mind, Will and Emotion”

When Adam was created, he was in communion with Yah, and since Yah is spirit, then that communion took place in Adam’s spirit and his spirit was flooded with the essence of Yah.   Eating of the forbidden fruit caused this connection to die, and Adam’s fallback was to his own imperfect knowledge and judgement; his Soul and his body.

When challenged the woman confessed that she had been deceived, but Adam was arrogant and denied any culpability.   Adam made his own religion in defiance of Yah.   He decided that his torah was better than Yah’s Torah.

I am comprised of the woman and the man, so there is a war in my members, part of me wants to abide by every word that comes from the mouth of Yah, and another part of me wants to follow the law of Adam, a law of sin and death because it comes not from the mouth of Yah but from the mouths of men.

“Happy the clean in heart–because they shall see God.” (Matt 5 – YLT)

Do you want to see Yah?   If you do then you have to have a pure heart; Matt 5 tells us much about ourselves, but the pure heart is our responsibility, and to get a pure heart one must keep Torah

This is where Adam’s mouth can twist the words, for in mainstream Christian religious teaching we get a pure heart by believing in Jesus, but that is not what Matt 4, Matt 5 and Deut 8 are saying.   WE ourselves must have a pure heart and only then do we get to see Yah.   We must abide by every word that came from the mouth of Yah when He spoke the words of Creation and of the Law.

“Do not suppose that I came to throw down the law or the prophets–I did not come to throw down, but to fulfil;

for, verily I say to you, till that the heaven and the earth may pass away, one iota or one tittle may not pass away from the law, till that all may come to pass. “   Matt 5 v 17,18 YLT