God (and Satan)

Have you ever wondered how Yahovah thinks? It is an interesting exercise, imagine you have just created a complex device, say a car, and you are pleased with it, it works well, and it does everything you ask of it. You are happy.
But then the command system computer starts playing up, instead of listening to you, it listens to another voice and starts changing your creation. What do you do.

Well, first you isolate it, you put it in a place where it will not do too much damage. Then you set about fixing it.

That car is me, I am Yahovah’s creation, but I too have been listening to the wrong voice, thinking it was Yah. What can I do?

The first thing to do to repair any car is to read the manual, if only to find out who is qualified to do repairs. Which is the best manual? It is usually the one provided by the creator.

Yahovah knows His creation, He knows every little nut and bolt of His creation, He knows that His creation is entirely suitable for its purpose, it is a comprehensive creation, there is no need to add to it or take away from it. In His creation there is nothing new under the sun. His creation works, it is fault free.

Adam, part of Yah’s creation disagrees with Yah in this matter, in his opinion Yah’s creation can be improved upon, and has set about making changes. Adam too listened to another voice, a voice which told him that he, Adam, knew better than Yah, and that he, Adam, could improve upon Yah’s creation.

Yah had to isolate Adam into a place where he could not do any damage, that is, until the factory repair man could get things working properly again. That place of isolation was a place where the now damaged Adam could exist and reproduce, preserving the creation. It was a world attuned to the crippled Adam, a physical environment tailored to Adam’s remaining and impaired senses.

In computer terms, Adam was created with a ‘spiritual/physical’ operating system which is called ‘knowledge’, when he disobeyed Yah and ate the poisonous fruit, it impaired the spiritual part of his operating system so that it had no access to spiritual ‘knowledge’ only access to ‘physical’ knowledge. Adam was cut off from the tree of life (which might be equated to Yah’s internet), and became a ‘stand alone’ machine no longer accessing Yah’s web.

Free will was part of the functionality built into Adam, it was free will that made Adam powerful and able to do all the things Yah himself could do. This free will also enables Adam to take the personal decisions needed to make the repairs necessary to once more become a functional part of Yah’s creation, Adam must read the manual of creation, the Torah, in this way, if he decides to keep to Torah, then creation knowledge can be downloaded into him. So what Yah’s mechanic needs to do is not to repair Adam as such, but to remove the malign influences that bar Adam from Yah’s realm. The mechanic must deal with the voices that stroke Adams ego into fighting Yah rather than co-operating with Yah.

Torah is like a router, it is our primary connection to Yah, and reopens us to the spiritual knowledge of Yah, the mechanic will plug the wires in and give us the password if we let him.

Yah also created angels, these are beings without free will designed to do the bidding of Yah, however, a group of angels usurped free will and rebelled against Yah, lead by Satan.

Torah appoints Satan as the accuser, a sort of heavenly ‘district attorney’, and to him belong those who have knowingly transgressed Torah. Satan is supposed to abide by Yah’s rules of Grace and Mercy, but, we must assume, that since the angelic rebellion, Satan no longer abides by Yah’s rules.

However Yah cannot break or change Torah (until the end of the seventh millennia), so Satan’s position of ownership and disposal of those who have knowingly broken Torah (all of us) stands to this day. Essentially Satan owns death (separation from Yah).

The ‘food’ of angels is manna, in the form of spiritual energy, the source of which is Yah. But Adam, created in the image of Yah, can also generate spiritual energy, and the fallen angels, cut off from Yah as a source of ‘food’ now have to ‘milk’ Adam of his energy. Religion is what we call this process. A man goes to a ritual service at an appointed temple/church/mosque/synagogue and donates his spiritual energy to the fallen angels by a process of liturgy lead by priests etc.. This process is so ingrained in man’s psyche that he very rarely stops to question it.

Going to ‘church’ on Sunday has no authority in the scriptures, it is a pagan ritual instituted to empower fallen angels and their demons to give them spiritual power.

Yah does not ‘do’ Adam’s physical domain, that is the realm of Adam’s godship and all the Adams strut about in it propounding creation according to their knowledge of good and evil, each vying with the others for power and prestige. The fallen angels sit back and pull the strings, probably giggling to themselves as they suck the dupes dry.

The occasional Adam comes across the command to “seek FIRST the Kingdom of Yah and His Righteousness (Torah)”, and the few amongst the occasional actually do it! That is when things start to happen.

In a kingdom, the King has total control, He defines what is good and what is bad. He rewards what is good, and He punished what is bad. He allows nobody else to make the laws. In Yah’s Kingdom Torah is Law and Yah allows nobody else to make other laws, if I make laws subject to my knowledge of good and evil then I put myself outside of Yah’s kingdom.

This is why the ‘fall’ was so damaging.

I am a god (with a ‘g’ not a ‘G’), I have my own opinions which I must put aside because my opinions are not acceptable to Yah since my godship is the product of disobedience. Yah wants me to follow his rules, the creators rules, my godship wants me to ‘do it my way’ in opposition to Yah’s way, the Creator’s way.

The Creator knows best, he knows how it all works, if I learn His ways then I live life to the full in harmony with his creation not in opposition to it.

2 thoughts on “God (and Satan)

  1. William Benson

    You said a group of angels usurped free will and rebelled against YAH, But prior to that, you said YAH created angels without fee will designed to the bidding of YAH. If they were created without free will, how can they “usurpe” free will?

  2. mike93c Post author

    Yah expects to be obeyed since He is the Creator, Angels do not have permission to use free will, so if they do use it, they are in rebellion. Free Will is not a physical thing; it is the abstract permission to make decisions for oneself. The Angels (messengers) are covenanted to a form of slavery, albeit benign, where they only do Yah’s bidding, not their own or some other entities, By doing the bidding of somebody other than Yah (Satan for instance) they are in rebellion, But because Yah keeps Torah at all costs, He cannot ‘kill’ them so he banishes them. We can assume that the angelic covenant is similar but different to man’s covenant;.but man may debate and negotiate with Yah, angels cannot, man can choose to do the bidding of another, this, for man is not a ‘sin’. Man has free will because he is made in the image and likeness of Yah, So the woman may do the bidding of Adam, this is not a sin, But if an angel does the bidding of Adam then the angel is in rebellion.


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