Icons of Disgrace – What really happened at Horeb

Yah had the Children of Israel gather at the foot of the mountain and He spoke to them, but they did not want to hear Him directly and asked that He tell Moses who would pass on the word.

Yah was not acceptable to the Children of Israel, He was telling them how to become ‘Adults of Israel’ and they did not want to know.

As a result Yah had to set up the Tabernacle in the wilderness as a substitute for the children. Children need the iconry and the ritual, Adults can seek Yah directly for themselves. The temple is therefore the exact opposite of what men make it out to be, it is the Icon of failure for Yah’s chosen.

In the same way, when Adam ate of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Bad he separated himself from Yah’s healing and beneficial creation, and launched himself into the realm of death and separation from Yah. As an Icon of failure, Yah had to provide Torah; the pre-fall Adam did not need a separate Torah for he was part of Torah. But by disobeying Yah, and eating the forbidden fruit, he fell out of Yah’s Torah, the product of Yah’s knowledge of GOOD and BAD, and invented his own torah of sin and death; a torah based upon Adam’s own puny knowledge of good and bad (and his own opinion thereof).

But Yah is a loving Deity and when man self-destructs, He always provides a way back. The ultimate way back coming when Torah was made flesh and dwelt among us. Yahushua was the culmination of Yah’s icons of failure.

We are children when we think as a child and act as a child, a child runs away from Horeb, a child tells Yah to only speak to the Rabbi or the Pastor or the Vicar. That way we, as children don’t hear unpalatable things and don’t therefore have to make unpalatable decisions, we would rather pay a religious whore to take the heat.

We are Adults of Israel when we are a man and put away childish things, at that point the window becomes less dark because we are prepared to listen to Yah direct, and if we listen, and keep listening, then the scales of Dagon cascade from our eyes and we begin to see the healing and beneficial way of Yah’s creation, not the sin, death and destruction of Adam’s creation.

Adults of Israel do not need the Books of Torah for it is written on their Hearts, they do not need the temple for they are the Temple. For them, Yahushua has made the path straight

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