Times of Trouble

Nobody promised us a smooth ride; the way, the truth and the life lie along a rough and steep path with entry though a narrow gate.

Yes the gate is narrow, but it is not selective, anybody can go through it, but first they have to find it, and to find it, one must start looking for it.

For me, I looked around the Christian fellowship, and mentally compared it to what I read in the scripture, it was significantly different.   So I started to look at the meanings of the words in Greek and Hebrew, and instead of confirming the ‘fellowship’ picture, they took me further away from it.

That is when I really learned what a time of trouble was, not worldly trouble, but spiritual turmoil.

Christianity believes on the whole, that Yah changes his mind and rewrites the rules from time to time, these times the religious ‘leaders’ call dispensations, and in the one in which we are now living, Christians are the ones who have entered the narrow gate.

In this age of ‘Grace’, we do not have to keep Yah’s Torah because Jesus died on the cross for our sins, so we are not liable etc.etc.

If this is so, then who is it to whom Jesus says “I know you not, you doers of lawlessness (Torahlessnes)?” See Matthew 7 v 21 and subsequent verses.

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