Inventing God(s)

There is Yah’s truth, and then there are man’s inventions that pretend to be truth; man’s doctrines, presented to other men and woman as Gods truth, but wrapped in a fabric of deceit, for whatever reason, and claiming to be either God’s truth or to ‘enhance’ Yah’s truth.

In the beginning Yah created, and what He created was TRUTH.   Everything else is a lie.

Adam invented his own truth the moment Yah challenged him – “she did it, the woman that You gave me”

We are not told how the woman got the idea that she could not even touch the tree, but there were not very many players at the time who could have done it, and one stands out as the most likely.    The consequences of this misinformation were, of course, tragic, and mankind still suffers the consequences.

Adam invented a lie about Yah, that Yah in some way conspired to get the man himself, Adam, that is, to eat of the forbidden fruit, and this was the first act of religion.   Adam projected blame onto the woman, and onto Yah Himself, thus leaving Adams puny self-righteousness intact.

How many times have I done exactly the same – please do not even try to count.

And Satan giggled all the way to his snakepit.

So now all religion embroiders Yah off the scene and substitutes gurus and rabbis and pastors in his place.

Religion is not Yah’s truth, all religion is man’s fabrication, sometimes ably assisted by serpents.   Both Yah and his truth, were, are and always will be the same, and it is up to us as individuals to seek it.

Yah intended Himself to be the only purveyor of all truth, and that if we want to know truth then we should seek it only from Him in a personal relationship.

Yes, I can write about Yah’s truths but it is up to you to do the fact checking for yourself, when you come before Yah, I will not be there for reference, I will be explaining my own faults and fallacies to Him.

Do I personnally invent religion and throw it in Yah’s face?   I hope I do not, but I always run the risk, and so do you if you accept what I write at face value.   The moment you see a ‘Donate’ button, be afraid, be very afraid, because it means that I have been bought.

Yah has always made sure that I have enough, I don’t need to rent out Yah’s word for a fee.   That way, it matters not to me whether You the reader approve or not, and my computer NEVER answers me back!  But Yah sometimes does……


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