The Vagaries of Yah

To continue on a theme mentioned in the previous article, the idea that Yah purposely makes things a bit vague, I had a conversation with an orthodox Jew a while ago, he justified the Rabbinate solely on the basis that the scriptures are vague and need to be interpreted for the likes of us, the ignorati, by the astute MEN of the community who have studied the words of both men and of hashem.

I did not get a word in edgeways during the monologue and Yah was not mentioned even once.

To most religious Jews, Yah is kept securely locked in a cupboard, obviously to keep Him out of mischief and to stop Him from upsetting the existing comfortable apple cart.   Only to be brought out when needed, the rest of the time He is mostly not needed, the ritual and the community (and its Rabbi) providing for all one’s needs for parading around, looking holy and virtue signalling one’s righteousness and usefulness.

They have been given rope, and they hang themselves to a Rabbi.

Yah gives me a rope too, and also room to hang myself, but by making His yoke easy and its burdens light, He makes my choice easy, but only if I go looking for His truth does my cup runneth over; my Sabbath was made for me as a day of rest, meditation and for meeting of others who also keep Yah’s Sabbath.   But within those guidelines I am free to do almost as I please, as long as it is not my normal work (of the six other days),

I am sure that a family play day meets Yah’s full approval, as does fixing bikes for a bike ride.

It is left up to me to fill in the gaps as I see fit, but only within Yah’s framework (yoke).   This applies to all of my life as a seeker after Yah’s truths.   Those things He communicates to me, through scripture or through revelation, I must keep to very carefully; but mostly I am free to enjoy life and be fruitful.

Living in synergy with Yah’s Creation is not difficult, and it is not rule-bound, it is full of the ‘new creation’ that a personal relationship with my Creator can bring.   Yah delights in those of His creation who can leave the pig-sty and begin the journey home, HOME!     Just think of it, the place where I can really belong, the place where I can be ME, the me that my Father created and nurtured, the me surrounded and swaddled in truth.

That is not to say that the journey home will not be uneventful, but I will be met from afar, and the servants of Yah will guide me and point out the way.    But I must keep moving forwards.

The ‘religions’ seek to keep me in their particular porcine mud-bath, whether it be up to my knees or up to my neck.    The mud may be warm and comfortable, but it is there to entrap me and to suck the life out of me, starving me of Yah’s sustenance that is the difference between life and death.

My body will go through death, but what happens to my consciousness is up for grabs, I can give it to Satan and join in his fate, or I can invest it in the world and religion (political or humanist/hedonist as well as conventional religion) and have nothing at the end of it except judgement and death, or I can invest in a relationship with the Creator and trust and rely on Him to provide for my future.

I have a choice, to explore this Creation and seek out its truths, or to ignore the Creation and its Creator and live as if I too was a god, knowing good from evil.

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