Keeping the rules?

Torah is not a rulebook, it is a way of life that brings us into harmony with Yah’s creation, it is not the 5 books of law although those 5 books contain much about Torah

Man’s relationship with Yah went through phases, the phase which is featured in the 5 books is the phase after the incident at mount Horeb where the elders rejected a personal relationship with Yah and Yah had to substitue temple worship.

But when Yah spoke Torah, Creation happened; Torah is much bigger than the 5 books, but the 5 books give us many clues as to its nature, but one can study the five books for one’s entire life and learn nothing if one is looking for a receipe book only.

The 10 commandments happened before Horeb and are thus applicable in all circumstances

The temple ritual however is an inferior substitute for the personal relationship with Yah but it was demanded by the elders at Horeb, so Yah gave it to them.

Torah is the ‘Way’ referred to by Yahushua and by Paul, personally, I seek to become a follower of the Way but first I must put all ‘religion’ behind me.   Torah, when we truly seek it, writes itself on our hearts, establishing a two way connection and re-connecting our spirit with Yah’s spirit.   There is no separate ‘Holy Spirit’ deity, what there is is a miasma of righteousness around us, the power and intensity of which transforms the area around us into a bubble of ‘Edenic’ perfection, the size of the bubble demonstrating our degree of synergy with Yah’s Creation.

Torah is not a legal system, it is a heart love system that starts when we learn to love Yahovah with Heart, mind amd body, and when we seek first that place where He reigns supreme in our lives, only then can we take our places as the epitome of good in His Creation.

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