Of Priests and their Rituals

I cannot stress how important it is to seek the truth, particularly the truth of Yah and of His Creation.   We are taught from the cradle to worship man’s creations, edifices and idols and we must put this behind us, we must leave the prodigal’s pig sty and follow the path to the Fathers abode, returning to it in humility as servants willing to subjugate our own godship and serve our father by living in harmony with His household,  to be an obedient part of His Creation.

In Hebrew, sonship is a status rather than a genetic bond, a son is one whom the father can trust implicitly, not only to obey, but to conduct business and make decisions that the father would approve of and on behalf of the father.    A son can be a trusted proxy for the father.

The son who wants his own godship leaves his father’s house and rises or falls in the halls of men.

Religion is something that men make, it is a façade that substitutes men’s rules instead of Yah’s rules, the gaudy (or plain black and white) uniforms with funny hats, this is all about virtue signalling to other men to show how ‘holy’ one is,   it is those who seek to be part of Yah’s Kingdom who are truly set apart.   Yah’s truth seekers glow spiritually, although to men they maybe dowdy and boring.

Religion is just another of men’s pigsties, where men can wallow in the faeces of self worship, inside each of us is a god just waiting to be thrown in Yah’s face, if I am not careful I  put my godship before that of Yah.

At Horeb Yah intended to speak directly to the people, as he had been doing to the patriarchs, but the people refused him and demanded that he speak through Moses only, thus Yah had to set up the temple/tabernacle system as defined by the five books of Moses.

But Abraham had a direct relationship that did not need a temple. But he was deemed righteous even so.

In Galatians 3 Paul uses Abraham as an example not Moses, why, because in three days and three nights Yahushua destroyed the temple, and with it the Mosaic relationship.   From that point on, it is the Abrahamic relationship that Yahushua made work once more, and It is this that is the renewed covenant of Jeremiah, not the worshipping of some bloke dying on a Roman torture device supposedly so that we can sin in safety.

Torah defines sin, and has the built in ability to deal with sin, but the great sin; the rejection of Torah, has to be dealt with by other means.

I was brought up in a none Torah environment of partial belief, one lived in a society whose laws were based on the 10 commandments but deviated from them substantially.    God was ‘worshipped’ in a way that resembled pagan ritual rather than the word of Yah.

It took me a journey of some 50 years to break free of the pigsty and to start living in compliance with Yah’s Creation.    Nobody ever says it is easy, but we need to seek Yah directly for ourselves, we have that same choice, Moses or Abraham, priests and rituals or truth and righteousness.

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