Doing my Bit for the Cause.

I always wanted to be up there in the pulpit, amongst the great ‘men of god’ doing my bit for the cause.

Now I know that I am not qualified, I do not carry Yah’s credentials, I am lacking in the things required to live in Eden.

After his encounter with Yahushua, Paul, who had studied Torah all his life, had to spend over 14 years before hitting the road for Yah, and I have nowhere near Paul’s knowledge.

We read, we listen and we learn, we seek Yah as to meanings and we get His revelations.

Many of us get our first revelation and stop, seeking to exploit it for fame and fortune, we go on the preaching circuit,  make money, have a TV show etc. – is this what it is all about?

It is about seeking FIRST the KINGDOM of YAH; that place where Yahovah rules as KING!

My role is to be useful, to study for sonship such that I can be trusted with my father’s business.

I have to learn that my knowledge is of no consequence and that I must learn to operate only within the realm of Yah.

Adam got thrown out of Eden (Yah’s Creation) because he took on his own godship in competition with Yah (“she did it, the woman that You gave me”), my sole job is to qualify for re-entry, and I do this by becoming Creation Compliant.   I learn to look at things through the eyes of the Creator, using His Knowledge of Good and Bad which He will write on my heart (if I let him) replacing the corruption therein, the corruption of my own opinions, my own godship, my own knowledge of good and evil.

Only when I pass my sonship exams to Yah’s satisfaction can I be trusted with the keys of the Kingdom, the truths that open the door to life.

Nothing which is the product of the fall; the product of my godship, the product of my knowledge of good and evil is acceptable to Yah, to enter back into Eden is to leave the pigsty of the me and to take to the Way of Yah, to seek His Truth (His Creation) and regain His Life (in Eden).



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