Do I, moi, myself, throw MY godship in Yah’s face?

Surely not, the commandment forbids it; Thou shalt have no other gods before me (literally, in my face).

Yah does not need me, His purposes will be fulfilled whatever I do or don’t do, say or don’t say, I am irrelevant to the purposes of Yah.

But I am a part of His Creation, He is the Creator and I am of no consequence to His Creation, BUT, my words and actions can either be part of His Creation or apart from His creation, and this is incredibly important to understand.

Everything that I do and say outside of His Creation is as filthy rags (literally used sanitary towels), if I do and speak within the bounds of His Creation then I speak with His truth which is of great benefit to me.

Adam was thrown out of His Creation because he threw his own newly aquired godship in Yah’s face; “she did it, the woman that YOU gave me”.

If I decide to go out and preach a sermon, say, on the evils of smoking, and I tell smokers that God will curse them, then whose knowledge am I using?

It is not in the scriptures, and it just reflects a current view of the society in which I live, now I don’t know if Yah has a problem with smoking or not, but he certainly has a problem with me putting my words into His ‘mouth’.

Much of mainstream Christianity is currently (and in the past) cursing Israel and the Jews, and actively supporting the Palestinian (Amalekite) cause.   Why is this?   Is it because they believe that Yah has changed His mind in the matter and now only supports Christians, or is it that, in their opinion, Israel has behaved badly and has taken ‘Palestinian’ land unfairly and that the Abrahamic covenant has, in their view, failed and no longer applies?   If so where does He say this in His scriptures where does he assign an expiry date for this eternal covenant.   This is the spin doctoring of ‘religious’ leaders who value the knowledge of man over that of the Scriptures and Yah.   Religion is man-made, but the Way to the Truth of Yah lies before us, and we must learn to live a Life compliant with His Creation rather than men’s creations.

Most Jews in reality worship Rabbis and happily throw the words of those Rabbis in Yah’s face.   But you know, when, at some stage, I face Yah to account for my words and actions, the Rabbis won’t be there to take the blame for me, they will be having their own problems, and maybe even bigger problems.   Yahushua may well be there, and He will be my advocate before Yah, if I let Him be.   But Yahushua is Torah made flesh and dwelling amongst us, and if I have rejected Torah then I have also rejected my own advocate.

But if I am humble before Yah, and have just a little faith in His Creation and His Covenants then amazing things can happen in my life, and maybe in yours too!


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