The Steady State

There are three states of man before Yah: The Adamic state which knowingly rejects Yah, the Chava state which is in a state of being deceived, and the Edenic state where one is part of Creation and is in synergy with it.

Adam, having voluntarily eaten of the forbidden fruit, proceeds to accuse Yah and the woman as being responsible for his state.   He is in denial before Yah and has deluded himself into thinking that he no longer needs Yah.

The Woman, Chava, understands and confesses to having been deceived, but remains damaged by the encounter.

In being cast out of Eden they are in a land where they have to build from scratch, and it is a land that they build in the image of Adam, not of Yah,   It has elements of Yah’s Creation in it, but they lack the ‘TOV’ (good) element of Creation and Eden, reflecting Adam’s now mixed tov and ra (good and bad)

Yah described His Creation as TOV (GOOD) and with unfallen Adam present it was TOV MEHOD (perfect).

Outside of Eden fallen Adam builds his world according to his tov and ra rather than Yah’s TOV and RA, and it is Adam’s tov and ra that I am born into.

Now I have choices, I can remain dominated by the tov and ra of the fallen Adam, or I might move to the Chava position of acknowledging that I have been deceived, but I am still ruled over by the tov and ra of Adam – I still live in, and are part of Adam’s world.

Yah does not normally interfere in Adams world, if men want to exterminate each other, then that is their decision and their responsibility.   All mankind will eventually be judged by their actions before Yah, against the gold standard of (Abrahamic) Torah.

But Chava can move on, she/he can voluntarily leave the Adamic pigsty and start to seek the truth, follow the way and seek the light.   In doing this she will be met from afar by the servants of Yah, who will further instruct and guide.   In becoming Creation compliant, one once more has the privilage of ‘seeing’ Yah, the loss of which was the first symptom of the fall (they only heard Him, and ‘hid’ [not seeing] from Him)

Now, I am afraid to say, most believers, Jews or Christians remain in the pigsty because, although they know that they have been deceived by the serpent, they do not want to take responsibility for their own relationship with Yah, they want to remain in the comfort of the pigsty in a state of submission to Adam (the rabbi, the pastor. Someone, anyone who will take responsibility off of their shoulders).

We have to make our own salvation!

However once out of the pigsty we can move towards Yah’s house, we can be changed into His likeness.    The Adam in us is dealt with by the Victory of Yahushua over the serpent in 3 days and 3 nights negating the sin and death of the Adamic legacy and letting the spirit of life –  Chava, come forth, but we, and only we, can make the decision to leave the Adamic pigsty behind.   We, and only we ourselves, can take responsibility for ourselves; be humble and listen and learn from the servants sent to guide us.   Only we, as individuals, can let ourselves be changed to His likeness, so that we arrive at His gates ready to be raised to sonship.

Am I ready to be once more part of Yah’s Creation?   Have I rejected Adam’s law of sin and death, have I accepted Chava’s lifegiving understanding, have I left the pigsty, or do I cling to my religion and tradition, do I look to a rabbi instead of to myself, before Yah.

When I come before Yah, it will just be me, my advocate if I have one, and Yah.   My rabbi will be having his own trial, as will my pastor.

If I have already made my peace with Yah, if I have allowed Yahushua to deal with my sin and death, if I have followed my spirit of life along the way to truth and light, then I am already Creation compliant and I have nothing to fear, I have run the race and I have reached the goal.




The Dwelling Place

So Yah invented the ‘temple’ and all its accoutrements because the Elders of the Children of Israel rejected a personal relationship with Yah.   They wanted an intercessor instead (Moses), so Yah provided it (him), and also provided the structures (the Temple/Tabernacle) necessary to support it; along with the full rituals and regalia of priesthood.

But Yahusha came along and destroyed this substitute temple (and its associated rituals) in 3 days and 3 nights (it took a bit longer for the physical destruction).   The way back to a direct relationship with Yah was once more opened we could become a spiritual temple.

There is a very important lesson here, that of when we insist on our way, not Yah’s way, He may move to accommodate us, to build us a tabernacle in the wilderness to satisfy our desires, but at the expense of our true freedom.

The difference here is that of a Torah set in stone, and a Torah written upon our hearts.   One is rigid, the other is flexible, the former way, means we do not have to take responsibility we just do what is carved in the stone we are enslaved to the religion.

To have Torah written upon our hearts is to live a life in a way where “Yah and I are one”, a true father/son relationship.

We see the same when the people clamored for a King,   Samuel warned them of the consequences, but they still insisted and a King they got in the form of Saul.   But Saul led them away from Yah, just as the Jews ended up worshipping the Temple itself; totally misunderstanding the reason for the Temple, and thus ensuring the Temple’s eventual destruction.

It is very easy for all of us to worship the creation not the Creator, just as it is very easy to accept second best because we lack the faith to seek Yah’s Truths for ourselves.

To seek Yah’s Truth we must actually listen to Yah, we must relate to Yah Himself, not to Rabbi this or Pastor that.   We will then find a different message, a personal message which, once absorbed, will jump out of the scriptures at every juncture.

When, a few decades ago, I realized that my ‘knowledge’ of good and bad was not the same as Yah’s Knowledge of GOOD and BAD, things changed dramatically in my life.   Suddenly I understood what seeking FIRST His Kingdom and His Righteousness actually meant; and it was a long, long way from how theological tradition explained it.

Man is never, ever going to build Yah’s kingdom for Him, Yah’s Kingdom already exists, it is the place, any place,  where His Will is done, and if I discard my knowledge of good and bad, and seek for myself Yah’s Knowledge of Good and Bad, then I stand a very good chance of my heart, my soul and my body becoming the dwelling place of Yah too.   This is the undoing of the fall.




Because the elders of the children of Israel rejected a direct relationship with Yah at Horeb, Yah had to institute Tabernacle/Temple worship to sustain them in a way they found acceptable, latterly however, they came to worship the Temple, not its Creator.

In my life, I also reject Yah’s ways, the one-to-ones that Yah puts before me, and so he has to build temples in my life; temples which are distractions to me because like Peter I am of little faith.

I have fear (lack of faith) over Yah’s provision for me, so Yah provides a job by way of a temple in my life, a distraction that enables me to still function, but for me to earn a living.

Peter walked on the water, then was distracted and started to sink, but Yahushua held out a hand and restored Peter to the boat.

When I come up to a problem, I have a choice; say I need to cross a stretch of water, I can do it Yah’s way by walking on the water, or I can force Yah to build a bridge for me.

In the case of Horeb, it was a Tabernacle/temple.

In my case it was a job in high-tech 2 miles from my home.

Walking on water (Yah’s way) takes a lot of faith, faith that I just do not have, so Yah has to build an edifice which enables me to survive when I to yell “save me”.   But consequently, as I walk around I have to drag all these edifaces around each one like a ball and chain attached to my spiritual life as a servant of the Almighty.

We are approaching the moed of Kipporim, this is the day set aside for me to identify and contemplate my temples, my manacles, my ball and chains; those things which Yah had to build in order to stop me drowning, but which hobble my relationship with Him and His Creation.   Once I understand these instruments that cripple me, it is easier to cast them off and do things Yah’s way.   I really need learn to walk with Yah on the troubled waters and not take the bridge which is man’s way.

The Battle of life and death

There is Yah’s WAY and there is man’s way.   We are born and nurtured into doing things man’s way, the way of Adam – the way of “she did it, the woman that You gave me”

Then there is also Yah’s WAY the way of the woman “I, [forgetting Your Torah] allowed myself to be deceived by the serpent, [ i.e. I got it wrong, not You].

The sex of the two is not particularly relevant, but we see the recently acquired godship of Adam dominating his attitude to his Creator, as far as he is concerned, he knows best, he has rejected the WAY of Creation and turned to his own way.   The woman, on the other hand sees the reality of what has happened, confesses and is submitted to Yah’s judgement, since her ‘sin’ is forgivable under Torah so she remains acceptable to Creation.

The first is the way of man, the arrogance of assuming equality with the Creator.   The second is the WAY of Yah, living with the acceptance of, and submission to, the WAY that the Creator created.

The way of Adam is the way of man created religion, where man must listen to ‘wise and holy’ Adam clones.   The woman’s way is a way of attaching herself to the Creation, of being Creation compliant and through that compliance, communicating directly with Yah, albeit suffering the consequences of her action; eating the forbiden fruit created a war in her members from which there is a way of salvation.

So how do I move from Adam’s way to the woman’s way?

First you have to start to seek the truth, this is a highly personal decision to take, because it is going to take you out of the broad highway of acceptability and onto a steep and rocky pathway with what appears to be no support and no backup.

One must first accept that in the beginning Yah Created, rejecting the here and now that man has created with all its political and mystical religions, traditions and institutions.

SEEK, and you will FIND, but I can guarantee that what you find will be unique to you, we can all experience Yah, but each pathway to Yah will be uniquely personal.

We can start with genesis to understand that we have to separate ourselves from our puny knowledge and its associated puny godship, of which we are so proud, but which to Yah is nothing but dirty, befouled rags and tatters.

Why is our knowledge so tainted?   Because it emanated from our self-godship and Yah despises everything in the world that is outside of His Creation.    So within me, personally are the products of His Creation, which Yah loves, and also the products of Adams rejection of Yah’s Creation (amongst which is death itself) which Yah hates.

Although the woman too, ate of the forbidden fruit, it only affected her physical body, it did not change her potential for a spiritual relationship with Yah, thus she becomes the lifegiver (Chavah, Eve loses the intended meaning ).   But Adam submitted totally to the alternative knowledge and was overcome spiritually as well as physically.

As Paul would say, the law of sin and death won a total victory in Adam’s case, for there was no battle with the Law of the Spirit of Life, as happened in the woman, as a consequence, only the woman could give life.

Most people, including religious people are totally given over to the influence of their own ability to judge between good and bad; this is the way of Adam.

My godship, the godship which consists of following my own knowledge of good and evil, excludes me from Yah’s Creation, that is, unless I am redeemed from it in some way.   This is why I need salvation.





What does it mean?

What does it mean to be part of Yah’s Creation

Not only ‘part of’ but the ‘best part’ of it.

I was not born into Yah’s Creation, I was born into Adam’s world, a world where I was taught that God can be ignored because mankind has moved on; we now have electricity…..

So I live my life thinking that God is irrelevant, that He hides away in Churches and shules serviced by priests and rabbis with little relevance to anything substantial.

Slowly the realization dawns that this world is not an accident and that it is highly ordered in such a way that mankind had little to do with it.; there is something else, something bigger, that in the beginning, something created.

Those who do not want the Creator to be Yah, tell us it was an alien with superior intelligence (a ‘god’) who has now left the building.

I was around 11 years old when I realized that the bible contained the answers, if I could just fit them together in the confusing and complicated emotional currents of Adam’s puny knowledge.

To understand that there is a Creation, and that I can make myself a part of it by understanding that Adam set himself up in competition with Yah.

We all have the right to choose, Yah’s Way, the Way of Creation, knowing good from evil Yah’s Way, or Adam’s way, the way of the world, where we each use our own opinion of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ to meander through existence on the physical planet.

We can attach ourselves to Yah and do things His way, or we can attach ourselves to the religions of men and do it their way (still Adam’s world).

Only by personally seeking out Yah’s Way can we enter into His Creation, and it is not easy because Adam’s world is very sticky and deceitful.  It will claw at us to try and keep us in its clutches.

I was lucky, the culture I inherited from my parents was bible based, even if obscured by men’s interpretations.   Understanding that “Yah is not a man” requires that we walk away from religion(s) and seek His truths for ourselves regardless of what men say.

Did Jebus die on the cross for my sins so that I can disobey Yah’s commandments (sin) and not be punished for it?

Which Rabbi will be representing me when I am before Yah having to explain why I added to, or took away from, His scriptures, in order to virtue signal to those in my community and follow the traditions of men?

Can I say that I too was deceived by the serpent?   Well yes, but first I have to understand that I have actually been deceived by the serpent, Adam did not, he blamed everybody else.   I can believe that I will not be called to account for my beliefs and actions, I can delude myself, it is my right of free will as created by Yah, but salvation, spiritual life after physical death requres that I be Creation compliant, there are no square pegs in the afterlife.

To live Yah’s way, in synergy with Creation, requires that we exercise both knowledge and faith, Yah will provide the knowledge if we humble ourselves and seek His face, but we must provide the faith needed to turn from our twisted worldly ways.

There are benefits to living in synergy with His Creation, after all it is what He created us for.   Quite honestly, Adam’s way sucks, it is the way of stupidity and ignorance, the way of death.


The two tests

Much of ‘religion’ is aimed at appeasing god, on the assumption that Yah is– as vain as a fallen human would be in his position and thus needs to have his ego stroked and appeased, much as mankind does.

This is blatantly not true, but religion does relieve us of the burden of seeking a personal relationship with an ‘unknowable’ deity.

But Yah is not unknowable, He is just unfallen and therefore alien, in a different realm, and unknowable to the worlds of our fallen natures; the scriptures tell us a huge amount about Yah, but first we have to read them and comprehend – for ourselves.

If we let other people give us their spin on the scriptures then we play the game of religion; we pay our money and gamble on our salvation by placing it in the hands of another.

This is why we are implored to ‘test everything’ such that we take responsibility for every aspect of our own salvation.

We all start the ‘race’, but not many of us will finish it, for there are many deceptions along the way, but the true Way is never in doubt as long as we, personally, are looking for it and don’t abrogate our seeking to others.

I advise you to listen, or read, and then test, there are two tests, the scripture test and the ‘ME’ test.

The scripture have been translated and obfuscated, but the meanings are still there if one is prepared to search for them, the Hebrew clarifies the Greek, and occasionally, the Greek clarifies the Hebrew.

As an example, take the beginning of John’s gospel, “In the beginning was the word  (logos).   Assuming it is a translation from Hebrew (a version does exist), then it is important to understand what John understands by ‘word’.   In the Hebrew it is ‘debar’ which is a group word for all Yah’s directives, in essence, what we call Torah (the Mosaic Torah not the rabbinical torah).

So we can re-read John as “in the beginning was Torah”

And further down “and Torah was made flesh and dwelt amongst us”

So Yahushua embodies the very commandments of Yah!, Have you been told something else, something that says that as long as you believe in Jebus, you can ignore the commandments of Yah?

If this is what you believe, then go ahead, eat some more of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and bad.   Yah’s Good is not man’s good.    If you listen uncritically to those others, then you too are snake bait.

The ME test is more difficult, for to start to apply the ME test we, ourselves have to move away from scriptures ‘set in stone tablets’ and into scriptues written upon our hearts.   To do the ME test we have to KNOW that the unfallen ME is made in the image of Yah and thinks like Yah and is at one with His Creation.

I have to learn to trust the discernment of the unfallen ME!   but to trust that discernment takes a commitment to be Creation compliant, to know the shape of Yah’s Creation and relate to the personal synergy of it.

In the end, Iwill be judged by Yah, not by a consensus of my fellow (fallen?) men.







Do you believe that?

Do you believe that in the beginning God Created all things?

That the crowning achievement of Creation was Man?

That Man (Adam) sought to replace God and that God had to throw him out of Eden to protect Eden from Adam’s faulty self-godship?

Do you believe that fallen angels genetically modified mankind such that only Noah was pure in his lineage, and that God had to almost destroy His creation in a flood?

Do you believe that God adopted Abraham, dined with him and taught him how to keep Torah by Faith?

That that faith was passed on to Issac and Jacob and then to Joseph, and that Joseph saved the known world from starvation?

That the faith was lost through enslavement of the Jacobian family in Egypt?

That Moses brought the family (and others) out of that slavery in Egypt?

That the Elders of Israel rejected a direct relationship with God at Horeb, but accepted a Torah set in stone and a Mosaic tabernacle based physical worship system?

That Yahushua destroyed that Tabernacle/Temple based worship system in 3 days and 3 nights?

And that at the subsequent feast of Shavuot/Pentecost, the shekinah glory passed from the Temple to the individual believers in the form of tongues of flame, and that Torah was no longer set in stone, but was written on the hearts of those believers thus undoing Horeb and renewing the Abrahamic covenant of faith?

‘cos I do!