There are two keys that unlock the Kingdom of Yahand they are only in our own hands if we care to use them, they are not in Peter’s hands, they are not in the Chief Rabbi’s hands, they are in the hands of each of us as individuals and with individual responsibility to Yah to use them.   The first key is a complete understanding of what happened in Eden as described in Genesis chapter 3, and secondly we each must have the the humility before Yah to become Creation compliant again.   It is our choice and responsibility and nobody elses.

Eden is about exactly whose godship man (Adam) is going to follow, Yah’s or his own; a god is someone who decides what is good and what is bad, and now, after eating the forbidden fruit, Adam has his own godship (as do we having been born into Adam’s world).

As created, the spirit of Adam was connected to Yah, the spirit of the woman, we must assume was connected to Adam (this comes out later – see the writings of Paul).

When the woman is deceived into eating of the forbidden fruit, Adam has a choice, but decides to follow the woman’s lead, and in eating the fruit, he severs his spiritual link with Yah.

When challenged by Yah, the woman confesses that she has been deceived, see Numbers 15 to understand this sequence, and by acknowledging guilt she remains Creation compliant.

Adam on the other had throws his new found godship in Yah’s face “she did it, the woman that You gave me”.   This would have been true, except that Adam alone made the decision to eat, not the woman.

So Adam has himself become a god  knowing (his) good from (his) evil (v23) and cannot therefore remain Creation compliant (following Yah’s good and Yah’s evil) and he (masculine singular) is thrown out of Eden to create his own world amongst the leftover builder’s rubble of Yah’s Creation.

But there is a way back.

Having understood what happened in Eden, we too have a choice, Yah’s way or my (Adam’s) way, if we have enough humility to choose Yah’s way, then we will be shown the door to the pigsty, and the long path that leads back to the Father’s House.

And God speaketh all these words, saying,

I am Jehovah thy God, who hath brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of a house of servants.

Thou hast no other Gods before Me.  (Exodus 20 YLT)


How often do I put my own godship before that of Yah?


There is civilization and thenthere is the warlord culture of the world and of darkness.   Man wants to be top dog; Adam rejected Yah and sought to establish his own dominance by pointing out Yah’s ‘mistakes’.   So he built his own world based on his own knowledge of good and evil – and when Cain killed Abel the warlord culture was born

Without Yah’s Torah, there is no freedom, and those religions that espouse the doctrines of men (Rabbis, Popes etc.) seek to keep men in bondage, and the only real revolutions have been those where men went back to the bible, back to a personal relationship with Yah.

Soon after the bible was printed in the local language, and became freely available, so men began to get back to the freedom that is embedded in Yah’s Torah, protestants went back to the bible and Northern European began to prosper.   Coincidence? No, not at all.

The 1800’s saw the dawning of an age of bible based Christian prosperity, but Satan once again moved to block it, just as he had done with Roman Catholicism and Islam.    Darwin proposed a preposterous theory which was latched on to by the brood of Adam and Cain as a way once more to short circuit Yah’s Torah once more.

Darwin, on the observed basis of micro evolution in the beaks of finches, proposed that there was no ‘Creation’ and that all life forms evolved from simple unicellular organisms by a process of natural selection and survival of the fittest.   That loving Yahovah and the family of men were just mythological constructs with no foundation in (his) ‘science’.

That we too are just animals with only selfish desires.

The religion of ‘evolution’ and its cruel offspring (Communism, Nazism, socialism) eroded the civilization that had grown up around the bible, and mankind once more began to succumb to the ancient warlord culture of aggressive and violent ambition and greed.

Whereas we should be depending upon Yah and His provision, we are now taught to worship the provision of men of supposedly good intent.   But to prosper, we must leave this pigsty and go back to the bible, back to Yah’s way, to Yah’s Truth to that personal relationship with Him that enables us to join in with the mystical synergy that comes from being Creation compliant.

Every Word

“Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of Yah”

Let us think this through a minute, man needs both food (bread) and the Words that came from Yah.   So what are those words?

If we look at Deuteronomy Ch 8 we see that the writer is talking about “All the commands which I [Yah] am commanding” that is Torah is it not?

We need to ask ourselves did Yahushua (or Paul) really did say the we don’t need to keep Torah, this verse implies that to sustain ‘life’ we need to keep Yah’s commandments.

Watchman Nee defined mankind in great detail in his work “the Spiritual Man“, he sees mankind as Body Soul and Spirit, and he sees the Soul as “Mind, Will and Emotion”

When Adam was created, he was in communion with Yah, and since Yah is spirit, then that communion took place in Adam’s spirit and his spirit was flooded with the essence of Yah.   Eating of the forbidden fruit caused this connection to die, and Adam’s fallback was to his own imperfect knowledge and judgement; his Soul and his body.

When challenged the woman confessed that she had been deceived, but Adam was arrogant and denied any culpability.   Adam made his own religion in defiance of Yah.   He decided that his torah was better than Yah’s Torah.

I am comprised of the woman and the man, so there is a war in my members, part of me wants to abide by every word that comes from the mouth of Yah, and another part of me wants to follow the law of Adam, a law of sin and death because it comes not from the mouth of Yah but from the mouths of men.

“Happy the clean in heart–because they shall see God.” (Matt 5 – YLT)

Do you want to see Yah?   If you do then you have to have a pure heart; Matt 5 tells us much about ourselves, but the pure heart is our responsibility, and to get a pure heart one must keep Torah

This is where Adam’s mouth can twist the words, for in mainstream Christian religious teaching we get a pure heart by believing in Jesus, but that is not what Matt 4, Matt 5 and Deut 8 are saying.   WE ourselves must have a pure heart and only then do we get to see Yah.   We must abide by every word that came from the mouth of Yah when He spoke the words of Creation and of the Law.

“Do not suppose that I came to throw down the law or the prophets–I did not come to throw down, but to fulfil;

for, verily I say to you, till that the heaven and the earth may pass away, one iota or one tittle may not pass away from the law, till that all may come to pass. “   Matt 5 v 17,18 YLT


Filthy Rags

We are born into Adam’s world, and taught from babes to think in Adam’s way.

Part of that way is to see History as an evolutionary progression when in fact the scriptures tell us the absolute opposite; we are farther away from Yah now than we ever were, out dependence upon Him has diminished as we use computers and labour saving devices created by men and which which replace the awsomness of Yah’s Creation.

Even Adam was much closer to Yah than we are, we have no intimacy with Yah, and new generations of children often have no exposure at all to Yah’s scriptures.

Escaping the pigsty gets more difficult, not less, for we have to re-orientate ourselves and understand that Yah is as relevant to us as He was to Adam thousands of years ago.

We are taught to see Adam as a ‘caveman’ (which he may well have been, but we are taught to see ourselves as civilized and sophisticated.   With this view the mud and excrement of the pigsty can seem pure clean and smelling of roses!

But that is the deception, that is the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.   I too have been deceived by the serpent.

Am I going to be Adam and continue to wallow in sweat, or am I to be as Chavah (Eve) and acknowledge that I got it wrong.   Moving about in the clinging filth of the pigsty is difficult, it took me two decades to even find the door, and another two decades to exit the door and to start on the pathway home.

I had to unlearn many things, I had to learn humility, for there is no room in the house of Yah for the filthy rags of Adam’s world.


Being Humble

To be humble, we must accept the superiority of the ‘master’, and in my case that is Yah.   I start by seeking to understand His writings; the Tanack (Old Testament) and any associated writings that bear His mark.

Yah’s writings convey a mind picture, if we read and seek their Truth, then untruths become rapidly apparent, they do not fit the picture.

The Rabbis say that we must not mix meat and milk, yet Tanach tells me that when Yah visited Abraham, he, Abraham served up veal and cream.

The Rabbis say that we must not mix meat and milk because the instruction not to seeth a kid in its mothers milk occurs 3 times in the books of Law and is therefore of a ‘magic’ significance (that only they can interpret).

So who do we believe, Moses or an unknown Rabbi writing a few hundred years ago?

One is Truth, the other is accepted religious bondage, such that if one fails to respect it one can be ostracised.

Apparently, seething a kid in its mother’s milk was a common pagan ritual; the sheep was a holy animal to the Egyptians at the time of the Exodus when the books of Law were written.

If we read the scriptures, we must be humble, we must be looking for the TRUTH not some vehicle upon which we can ride to fame and fortune.

It is very easy to get a revelation from Yah, and then to try and monetise it and live off the revenue.   This is what the traders in the temple forecourt were doing when Yahushua threw them out.   He will do the same thing again many many times over.

Whilst Yah gives us freedom, we must use that freedom wisely, He wants us to learn from Him directly, allowing Him to guide our understanding – Father, what do you mean by this?

Whilst we may read the opinions of others, when we come before Yah we will be on our own, maybe with Yahushua, but the Rabbi, the Priest or the Pastor will not be there to defend our (his/her) erroneous doctrine.   In fact, they will be in the same position, and worse, they will have to defend the fact that they have taught you and me erroneous doctrine; there will be very few Talmudic scholars in heaven!

The Pastor who excuses and even defends the pagan rituals of Christmas and Easter, the Priest who forgives sins and promotes Mary as a deity in her own rite.

This is not humility, this is arrogance, Yah says that the seventh day (Saturday) is a day of rest, the Pope says it is the first day (Sunday), which one (if any) do you keep?  Maybe you say it does not matter as long as you keep one day.   But did Yah say this, or did man? or maybe it is just more convenient…..


Investing in Creation

Yah’s act of Creation was the single most important event in history, yet we do not consider it as anything significant.

Adam got himself thrown out of this Creation and had to create his own world in the builder’s rubble of Yah’s Creation, probably supported by his wife who had been wiser and still had access.

Is there a way back for Adam?, no!, Adam is sentenced to death, a death where he sweats and labours to survive.

But what about Chava (Eve), she has not been cast out of Creation, but chooses to follow her husband into the chaos and to help him build his world.

I was born into the world of Adam’s creation, and inside me there lurks an Adam in the form of a spirit of sin and death, and a Chava in the form of a spirit of life (Heb: Chava = Lifegiver).    Adam is the Hebrew name for the earth beneath our feet.

Yah does not interfere with Adam, for Adam has freewill and chooses his own creation, and likewise the Adamic spirit in me will always choose the world (the Egypt of the Passover story).   The spirit of life within me will choose to leave Egypt (the pigsty of the prodigal) and follow the Way and seek the Truth.   But the Adam in me is a ball and chain dragging at my ankle slowing me down and exhausting me.

Who will free me from this terrible impasse?

The anointed one? Yes, but having been freed from the Adamic ball and chain, I still live, I still need to follow the Way and seek the Truth, there is no stopping to rest on my laurels.     I still need to seek my way back to Yah’s Creation, to enter once more into His gates, transformed to be a Chavah rather than an Adam.

Instead of investing my all in Adam’s world, I must move into Creation, but if I am not Creation compliant, then I cannot enter back into Creation; it will reject me once more.

In Adam’s world, I buy stock in Dox and reap the benefits (or not), in Yah’s world I must buy into His Creation.   I must look at how Creation performs, and conform to that profile, I must become Creation compatible.   The Chava inside me knows how to do this and I must listen to her; for I too have been deceived by the serpent, and it was my fault and nobody elses.   Instead of believing the Torah written upon my heart, I did what the serpent suggested because it was more rational to my mind.

But when challenged by Yah, I realized my error and confessed, I had got it wrong, and as a result of that confession, I remained Creation compliant with right of re-entry into Creation.

But the Adam in me wants to change the rules, to justify himself, to blame everybody else, to build an alternative creation; and Yah grants Adam’s wish every time!



Passing over or passing through

Next week is Passover, but for many it is pass through because they keep Ishtar not Pesach.

Chocolate eggs and Ishtar bunnies are pagan fertility symbols not cute traditions, eat them at your peril.

Easter is not Passover, and for those who did not keep Passover, the angel of death passed through and people died.

The modern Easter is about the human sacrifice of Jesus, who supposedly died for our sins on a cross, a Roman and pre-Roman torture device.   But human sacrifice is forbidden!

The Passover Lamb was not sacrificed, it was slaughtered just as Yehoshua was murdered, and it is what happened next that really mattered!

The Hebrews left Egypt and started on the way to their promised land.   They left the slavery of Pharaoh and started along the way, this is a picture of us leaving the pig sty and following the Way back to the Father’s house and escaping the death and slavery of Adam’s world.

If you adhere to tradition, you must ensure that those traditions are harmless, and Easter is certainly not harmless, keeping Easter will compromise your spiritual health.

If we leave the pigsty and try to take Adam with us, it does not work, with the help of Yah’s servants we must be cleansed from Adam’s fecal matter or we cannot progress.


Whose Yoke?

“For My yolk is easy and My burden is light”

Abraham did not find his personal relationship with Yha burdensome, and was only too delighted to have Yah to dinner and serve him meat and milk together.

Is your religious burden light or heavy?   After the rejection of Yah’s Way at Mt. Horeb the burden of Mosaic Law became very heavy, and was made even  heavier by religious laws and observances made up by men; Pharissees, Popes, Rabbis and Bishops.

This is therefore a litmus test; is my religion burdensome?

A farmer yokes his oxen in order to steer them to plough a straight furrow.   If I take on Yah’s Yoke will He cause me to walk a straight path, the path of righteousness?

Yah’s yolk is not difficult, it is a matter of casting off Adam’s independent godship (the ability to judge between his own opinion of what is good and what is bad) which we too have inherited, and humbling ourselves to accept the yoke of the Creator and His definitions of what is truly good and truly bad.

Yah hates it when we throw our own opinion of good and bad in his face.    Here in Israel just about everything is ‘Kosher’ this means that there is a religious tax on just about everything we buy.

By what authority does Yah authorise this tax?   Where is this tax laid down in His scripture?  Where is the Jewish ritual slaughter in scripture? – it is missing, did Hashem (the name) forget to to put it in, or have we ‘lost’ a chapter of Leviticus?

Or did men see a good way of making religion pay the bills?   Is your religion burdensome because you have to pay ‘Moses’ to take responsibility for your relationship with Yah?

Are you under a religious yoke or under Yah’s yoke?   Ask yourself – honestly


Yah knows outcomes, which is why He alone is judge and jury in the race of life; He alone defines the goal, and He alone knowes the outcomes

If somebody tricks me out of a hundred dollars, what do I do?

Yah tells us that vengeance belongs to Him, and Yahushua tells us to turn the other cheek.

But man tells us to take our revenge, to go to the police, to steal two hundred dollars back from the culprit or whatever.

To remain righteous, we must be very careful that we do not break Yah’s laws of conduct.   Maybe we cannot see  all that has really happened, only Yah can see all the outcomes.

If we can learn to look to Yah for these sorts of problems then we, ourselves, do not fall into unrighteousness; for our emotions are very powerful and the desire for personal revenge can be almost overwhelming.

But this is the time that we must stop and have faith that Yah can deal with the problem in ways that we cannot.   The vengeance of Yah is awful, but we can get in the way.   If we do not leave the vengeance to Him then we are throwing our godship in His face, we are then worse than the thief who knows no better.

We must understand that we can have a two way relationship with Yah, but on the condition that we curb our own ‘godship’ that we inherited from Adam, and humble ourselves to His Creation and His Godship.  Then will He hear from heaven and act.

At Mount Horeb, the leaders of the people refused a personal relationship with Yah, and chose a ‘religious’ inddirect relationship instead.    Yah gave it to them in the form of the Mosaic Torah and Tabernacle/Temple worship.

Yahushua revoked that ‘religious’ relationship, and dealt with the Adamic curse once and for all, and at Shauvot/Pentecost the ‘flame’ left the ‘religious’ temple and descended on each of the believers.   The tent/temple building was ended.   We, each of us, must now move away from group religion and into a unique personal relationship with Yah.

Yah is not a Jew or a Baptist or an Episcopalian, He is the Creator of everything that we see around us, but He is also the God who brings us out of slavery, but only if we, personally, are prepared to leave the stinky comfort of the pigsty and start the journey to the Father’s House.   The journey where we seek FIRST His Righteousness (Knowledge of Good and Bad) and not our own.  When we take vengeance into our own hands, we are doing things Adam’s way, the pigsty way, not Yah’s way.




The idea behind ‘free will’ is that we as individuals, make the choices in life, and that therefore we, and only we, are individually responsible for those choices that we make.

As a child, my parents and others made those choices for me, but I grew up, and found that I could make my own choices.

We can choose to believe in evolution, but this theory only covers a specific spectrum of existence and outside of those limits it relies upon ‘religious’ beliefs such as ‘the big bang’.

We can observe micro-evolution at work, it is there, it is a fact, are we justified in assuming that because evolution works within species, that it also works across species?   This is where it evolution too, gets ‘religious’.

The nice thing about believing that we are just ‘animals’ is that then we no longer have to take any responsibility for our actions, so we can do what we want, when we want, and as long as we are discrete about it, then ‘society’ will tolerate it.

But if you really believe that ‘free will’ comes without a pricetag then you really are in cloud cuckoo, you are still a child, you have never grown up.

The Creation that we see around us is highly organized, and we can choose to work with it, or work against it.   This is a difficult choice because Adam was thrown out of Yah’s Creation and had to create a world out of the physical rubble but without the spiritual cement to hold it all together.

Within Yah’s Creation, the spiritual and the physical interact together, and it is this bond, this interaction that we call ‘life’.   Adam, in eating of the forbidden fruit, and not repenting (as the woman did) was excluded from the spiritual and was left with just the physical; the rubble, but no glue.

We are born into Adam’s world of the derelict site.   We grow up in it, and eventually we must make a choice, to either stay in Adam’s world of the higgldy-piggldy or look for something better.

That something better is the spiritual part of Yah’s Creation, but we cannot ‘see’ it through Adam’s knowledge of good and bad as that is focused purely on the physical.

First we have to realize that Yah even exists.   The whole of the Creation around us points to the Way of Yah, but we are blinded.   The Adam in us wants to do it “my way” but the Chavah (Eve) in us points us towards Yah.   So who can save us from this dilemma?

Paul called himself a follower of the Way.   The path to Yah is a lifelong journey, and every step of the way requires that we make a choice, we must put a foot forward and take a step, we can make the physical Adamic choice each time, and participate only in the religions of men, or we can do as the woman did, confess, repent and try again, accepting responsibility for our mistakes and moving onwards towards the Father’s house, seeking His TRUTH.

As we get nearer to those gates, still guarded by those Cherubim, we will learn the lessons, we will be filled with more and more of Yah’s Knowledge of Good and Bad, we will indeed become more like Him, just as we were meant to be.   In the Beginning!