How do we take the ‘Lord’s’ name in vain? By calling Him ‘Lord’ (Hebrew Ba’al)?

What is Yah’s name, is it God? Is it HaShem or Adonai or LORD

He requires that we call him by His name Yahovah (short form Yah) but we do not, so what is in a name?   (see Exodus 3)

In Hebrew, a name describes a thing,   It is not just a label as in Western culture, it is a sort of signature, a character reference, and by not obeying Yah’s command to use his name we are throwing our own godship in Yah’s face.

יהוה  the tetragrammaton means ‘I was, I am’ and by implication, ‘I will be’.    That is, I am outside of time.

If we are to humble ourselves before Yah, then we must use this name – He IS the great ‘I AM’!

If we call Him ‘God’ or ‘Lord’ we are actually invoking other gods, if we call Him HaShem or Adonai we are actually  denying his role as Creator, at the behest of those charlatans who set themselves up as ‘sages’.

His name is Yahovah, or a variant of it, it really does not matter if we get the pronunciation of it wrong, after all it was Yah himself who confused language at Babel, and to Yah ALL languages are valid!

In John 18, Yahushua uses the Yah’s name (‘I am’) to demonstrate Yah’s power, and the soldiers are bowled over, He does this to demonstrate that it is HE who is actually in control and that he goes with them of His own (and Yah’s) accord.

This is obvious to anyone who understands Yahovah, but to someone not versed in the Old Testament it is obscure.    We are to use Yah’s name because in so doing we are stating Yah’s nature and character as Creator.   If we use an alternative then we are denying that Yah is the Creator and reducing Him to the level of man’s godship.


Graven Images

So what is a graven image? It is any physical object upon which we bestow godlike attributes, a personal shrine that substitutes for a personal heart-felt relationship with Yahovah our personal Elohim.

As such, the graven image might be the television pumping out worldly propaganda or the smartphone constantly demanding our attention.

Yah means us to become part of His kingdom, part of His creation, and we cannot drag the world into Eden with us.   To be in the presence of Yah means to be wholly immersed in Yah, we cannot bring our iPhone in with us.

We have many distractions, and before the electronic ones, we had churches, pews and kneelers, sermons and sermonizers, choirs and hymns, cantors and stained glass with stars and crosses.

All these things are graven images to try and make us have a physical relationship with the gods (and their priests and rabbis) instead of seeking Yahovah with all our heart.

First we have to acknowledge that Yah actually exists, many down the ages have expected a physical relationship with god and have thus sought to prepare their disciples for a physical encounter.   But we must worship Yah in spirit and in truth not in bricks and mortar, not in glitzy plastic ikons or fine statuary.

We communicate with Yah through and with our hearts, anything else is a graven image and is forbidden.

Yah equates the worship of graven images as hatred, and the consequences are dire and last for generations.   Rather seek FIRST the Kingdom of Yahovah and His Righteousness.

Thou shall have no other gods in my face

Thou shall have no other gods in my face

Ok that is easy, or is it?   What about my own godship, do I fling that in Yah’s face?   Unfortunately, many times a day I suspect.

There are an awful lot of gods out there; all seeking my attention and my resources, they call themselves Rabbi’s and Pastors and they come in all shapes and sizes.   But without fail they ask for my singular loyalty and my donations.

And every time you or I give it to them we are acknowledging their godship, and we are throwing their godship in the face of Yah.   Yah did not set up religious ‘leaders’ he only set up His servants.

More seriously, I too am a god, and every time I try to teach Yah to suck eggs, I am throwing my godship in his face by telling Him what he must do and how he must do it.

I must approach Yah in all humility, I must learn to live my life His way, according to His instructions, some of which are given to me in Torah and some by personal revelation.   It is a great temptation to be like Mohammed, when he wanted more wives, so he went into a trance and ‘allah’ told him that he, and only he, can have 15 wives.   In this he way treats his god as a ventriloquist’s dummy.

This is very convenient and in this same way, the Lord can tell me to do anything I want so I have to be wary.

But all of this is a product of my godship, not of Yah’s, when I do things ‘my way’ I do it according to my knowledge of good and bad and often ignore Yah’s different (and perfectly correct) Knowledge of Good and Bad.

I must approach Yah in all humility for he alone is omniscient, and he alone has the wisdom to use the Knowledge stored up in the tree.    If I am humble then He will share His Wisdom, but if I rush in and tell Yah (and my readers/hearers) how to do things then I am a fool.  For I have no wisdom; my wisdom is as filthy rags to Yah.

Yah IS in control, and although it may not look like it, or feel like it, it is so.   My job is to sort out MY relationship with Yah, to get ever closer to Him so that I may be changed into His image, and if I try to do that my way I will have already failed.   The world is given over to Satan, but the pathway to the tree of life is open to us all.   But the gate is narrow and the pathway difficult.   I have to walk softly and tread lightly because I carry the fallen Adam with me and he will always try to get me to try the other way; my way.


The TEN Matters

The 10 Commandments are central to the way we must behave if we are to become creation compliant, they are the minimum specification for life recognised by Yah, keep the ten commandments and you will certainly come up on His horizon.

But do we really know how to keep those commandments?

Do we really know who is the god that we should not throw in His face?

To Adam, pre fall, keeping Yah’s commandments was instinctive, He had personal contact with Yah in his daily life.    But as a result of eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge his eyes were opened and he, himself became a god because he was now able to judge good and bad for himself.

But he was not very good at it, because he lacked the wisdom to use the knowledge and as a result his good and his evil became muddled.

So Yah adopted Abraham and trained him in righteousness as defined by creation and not by Adam.

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Torah made Flesh

If Torah was made flesh and dwelt amongst us, then those who reject Torah, those who add to Torah and those who take away from Torah need to watch very carefully exactly what the scriptures say about them, for they are not considered to be Hebrews, for they have not crossed over.

Many people use their own knowledge to pick and choose which bits of Torah to keep.   They go to church on Sunday, they keep Easter and Christmas, they keep Rosh Hashanah but not Taruwah.

Taruwah starts next Wednesday evening and is the first of the fall feasts.  Leviticus 23 tells us the when and the why.   I suspect that Taruwah is what Shaul (Paul) is referring to when he talks of a trumpet and meeting in the clouds.

At Taruwah we greet Yah, we welcome him with rejoicing, in Psalm 98 we ‘make a joyful noise (Rua) by singing a renewed song because His right hand and his holy arm has won a great victory.

Torah is the words with which Yah spoke His creation into existence, we either choose to keep it in its entirety or we use man’s knowledge of good and evil to cherry pick.

I cannot emphasize too much the importance of Torah, it is the very definition of Yah’s creation, and the bits that apply to man were written down by Moses so that the children of Israel, those who came out of Egypt, had a reference point.   The rest he writes on our hearts.

Happy Taruwah, Yahushua, the right hand and the Holy arm won! and there is therefore no condemnation to those in Yehushua and who keep Torah!

Torah Compliant Parenthood

Before the fall, man was naked and knew it not, after the fall he was embarrassed by his nudity and wore a kirtle of leaves.   Something changed, and it is still with us.

Consider a cup of water, it may be half full, or half empty and some of us will praise Yah for it being half full and wait for Him to fill it to overflowing, others will curse Him for it being half empty and will endeavour to fill it to overflowing themselves.

If we are to live Creation compliant lives we must allow Yah, and only Yah, to fill our cup, and we must at all times trust and be satisfied with our lot, knowing that Yah alone is Just and that we will always get what we deserve good or bad.

Mankind became aware of his own body at the time of the fall, that is why he covered up.   Whilst in Eden Yah’s Creation provided for all his wants and needs.   When he was thrown out of Eden he had to fend for himself.   He was in control.    But he had to grow his own food and labour to keep himself.   If we repent and return to Eden then there is no place for our knowledge of good and evil, we must take what Yah has to offer with praise and thanksgiving.

He was commanded us to go forth and multiply, and we did, we had to or else mankind would become extinct.

In doing so we continued to obsess about our bodies, and particularly about our sexuality, we created a mythology and many taboos around sex, and manhood.

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Maimonides, the Rambam, reduced Yah’s Torah to 613 rules for various types of people, males, females priests etc.    He missed the point and has created a rule defined religion and thrown it in Yah’s face.   Torah is actually about becoming Creation compliant and thus worshipping the Creator 24×7.

“Thou shalt not” only applies to those who want to live their lives in The Kingdom of Yahovah, the 613 rules applies to those who want to live their lives in the Kingdom of the Rambam.

We have to choose whose spiritual kingdom we wish to live in, and having chosen we need to present ourselves to the King and offer our obedience to his rule.    We are then free to use our knowledge and intellect within those boundaries defined by the King.

We can choose to love Yahovah with all our heart, and keep His commandments, or we can choose to love the Rambam with all our hearts and keep his commandments, they may even be the same commandments, but one is divine and the other is dead.

One can imagine the Rambam watching over us with a clipboard, ticking off our positive actions and making notes of our deviations….

With Yah however we are a beloved part of His Creation, and when we keep His commandments because we love Him with all our hearts we come back to Eden so to speak.   If we approach Yah, the Creator of all things with humility, seeking not to tell Him how to create a better world next time around, but in total acceptance that He got it absolutely right this time around, then we will get results.

Nothing I can do or say will change Yah’s Creation, but becoming Creation compliant will change me beyond all recognition.

It is not my place to criticize Yah and Yah’s Creation, I totally lack the credentials to so do.   My role in this is to seek His face, not to throw my own puny godship in His face.    If I learn now to approach Yah as a servant, the chances are that He will make me a Son.