Fear and Ignorance

Its story time, once upon a time there were a bunch of men, wealthy, self made men, who, knowing that there is no God decided they they could be gods instead.   So they started meeting together on a regular basis to discuss their increasing fear that the planet was becoming polluted by mankind.   That there were just too many humans, and they were reproducing too quickly.

It was decided that measures would have to be taken to disrupt the ordinances of God and substitute their own policies.

They instituted a short term plan aimed at slowing down the filling of the earth, and a long term plan aimed at culling the excess population in such a way that the people of the earth had no defense, and that dead bodies could be disposed of without threatening themselves with the consequences of mass slaughter.

As they pondered, they discovered Gaia, a goddess; mother of the planet, and that if they bowed down to her then she would provide supernatural aid to the schemes.

As a practice run, they targeted Jews for extermination, they learned how it was easy to mass kill but difficult to dispose of dead bodies safely.   To mass kill, you must deceive the victims into thinking that the abattoir is a place of salvation, and that the instruments of death are the beneficial showers of cleansing.

With the experimentation safely achieved, planning could progress.

Lies could be carefully laid to facilitate a new world perception of conformity, of ‘modern’ thought that excluded individual thought and meditation.

And the introduction of a mystical ‘science’ called medicine whereby people could be drugged and manipulated with impunity.

God said “Fear Not”, so these men used fear (and ignorance) as a weapon.   They convinced the people that their bodies (God’s Creation) could not cope with ‘modern’ pathogens and that a pandemic could wipe them all out.   So they artificially created a pandemic panic and deceived the people into asking for a ‘cure’.  Even unto the fooling of the very elect.

Their ‘cure’ was a slow but sure poison that would kill them at a rate that would not cause a backlog of unburied dead bodies.

Sound familiar?

The Pathway to Yah’s Creation

Adam’s creation and Yah’s Creation are worlds apart, Adam’s is a physical creation, a creation into which all of us were born, a creation of ‘flesh’ and ‘death’.   The body always dies, it may take a hundred minutes or a hundred years.

Yah’s Creation is everlasting, it is ‘spiritual’ in a way that we can choose, in our free will, to ‘believe’ (trust and rely) in it.   The scriptures begin “In the beginning” Yah Created”.   We can choose to believe that, or reject it.

It goes almost without saying that if we reject it, then we have no way of participating in Yah’s Creation to us it does not exist.

Yah’s Creation has a set of rules, we can choose to keep the rules or reject the rules, Abraham chose to keep the rules and prospered.   He had a personal, one-to-one relationship with Yah which meant that Yah’s rules were instinctive (written upon his heart)

The Elders of the Children of Israel, at Mt. Horeb (Sinai), rejected a one-to-one relationship, and commanded Yah to deal through Moses.   So Moses wrote the five books of Torah; Torah embedded Abraham’s rules, but also described rituals which were to replace the one-to-one relationship and Yah’s rules written upon the heart (this type of relationship was still available to those prepared to make the step of faith as Abraham did.

So the Toraic relationship with Yah was an inferior substitute for a full relationship with Yah.   The tabernacle in the wilderness was a temporary dwelling place of Yah, and even when the Temple was built, it only proved temporary.   The permanent relationship was through the heart, not through a Temple or Tabernacle.

When we take up an Abrahamic relationship with Yah, we start on a Journey, a Journey along a path called The Way, it is a path between the two Creations, we leave Adam’s creation, the pigsty, and we start the journey to the Kingdom of Yah and on the way, we are met by His servants and cleansed of the mire of the pigsty.  We are transformed in a way that makes us compatible with His Creation, governed by His Law.   We must drop the arrogance of Adam’s world and learn the humility of a servant of Yah, we cannot bring Adam with us.   Adam is a god knowing good from evil, we must reject that Adamic ‘godship’ and in all humility accept that Yah is the only correct source of truth.

It is very hard for a rabbi, vicar or pastor to cast off his knowledge and authority as invested in Adam’s creation; there is no room for a Moses in a one-to-one relationship with Yah.   It is impossible for one who is rich in his own knowledge of good and evil to enter Yah’s Creation.

Two Creations

There are two creations linked by a pathway called “The Way”

The first Creation is that of Yahovah, a Creation of light and of powerful words; a Torah of truth which we can choose to follow, believe and adhere to.

Or we can wallow in the other creation, that set up by the sweat of the labours of Adam (and the serpent)

Unfortunately we are born into and grow up in Adam’s creation, full of Adam’s knowledge and opinion of good and bad, some of us are called out of Adam’s creation, to leave the pigsty and start walking the path that will bring us to Yah’s Creation.

Once we make the personal decision to seek FIRST the kingdom of Yah and His Knowledge of good and Bad, we leave the comfort of the community and it rules and regulations, its rabbis and priests and pastors, and take responsibility for our own relationship with Yah.

This is tough, and will almost certainly mean being despised and rejected by those we thought were our friends and family.

As we walk the Way, our eyes will be opened, the servants of Yah will meet us from afar.   They will help us to cleanse ourselves from the slime of the pigsty, from Adam’s worldview and become acceptable to Yah.

Adam’s creation is the creation of Cain and Abel, a creation of pain and jealousy, of anger and revenge, of strutting vanity and the petty godships of men.  It is part of our existence, and we are immersed in it, even if we cannot see it.   We do not get to Yah by wearing funny hats and singing hymns on Sundays.

Adam’s world is the world of flesh and of death, Yah’s way takes us away from that, it takes us on a spiritual journey to a place where, even if our bodies fail and die, death has no hold on our spirit.

The ‘holy’ (set apart) spirit is our spirit cleansed and renewed and humble before Yah, this is the spirit that gives us membership of Yah’s Creation…..

Only if I let Him

Most insanity and cruelty in this world comes about when one of us, any of us, decides that the ‘ends’ justify the means.

If you want your space to be Jew free, then you have to be prepared to exterminate Jews, if you want to eradicate white male influence then you are going to have to discriminate against white males and humiliate them in the eyes of all females and non-whites.

If you want to play God, then you must walk a broad highway of blood and poverty – other people’s blood, and other people’s poverty (you hope).

Once one chooses the destination over the journey, amorality sets in and people die.

John Bunyon understood this, he could see that Christian was pursued by the very people who should have been aiding him.

Antifa, for example, are worse than the ‘Fascists’ they claim to be fighting, they have forgotten (or never knew) the doctrines of the brown, black or red shirts that they so happily copy.   BLM are so racist they make a mockery of their political stance.

Sitting above these front organisations is a shady but parasitic organisation that is so bigoted that it has lost all sense of proportion, because they only see their own objectives and self-aggrandisement as important, how they achieve it is not important, the peons die anyway, so why not add to the total.

Hamas are like fleas, biting Israel and feeling ‘holy’ by so doing, In Islam, killing infidels is important, because each unbeliever eradicated brings the Islamic Utopia one step closer, of the thousands of rockets fired at us, hundreds fell short killing and maiming their own people – no problem – blame it on the Israelis, the stupid kuffah will believe the lies…..

When we drop the moral anchor point which is Tanach out of our thoughts we open the way for the serpent to influence us once more; the serpent has its own knowledge of good and evil, and is very ‘subtle’ in the way he uses it.   His object is to get you to think of the destination, his destination.

Yah does not define our destination, we have to seek it for ourselves, He defines a journey, a path, a Way.   We, in faith, take that path, and learn from it as we journey through life.

Man’s journeys always end in death, but Yah’s journey is a Way of Truth and Life.

Abraham was a man of faith, he left the relative safety of Ur of the Chaldees, to journey along a path set for him by Yah, a path through bad lands and horrible people and things.   Abraham prevailed because he was a man of faith.   He let Yah guide and provide.

The most difficult lesson I have learned in the decades of my walk with Yah is that whereas I can only do the possible, He can do the impossible – but only IF I LET HIM.   It has taken me 40 years to stop trying to do things my way, the way of the world, the way of Adam….

Silly Hats

Yah’s Creation was ‘very good’,  and by implication we can assume that anything not Created by Yah was not ‘good’ but bad.

Adam becomes a ‘god’ knowing ‘good’ from ‘evil’ (in his own opinion) Adam’s good and bad is not the same as Yah’s good and bad, therefore it falls into the bad part of Yah’s knowledge of good and evil.

Religion always reflects the opinion of man and is therefore an anathema to Yah.  

Yah wants us to seek His way for ourselves, not some catechism or Talmud giving the opinion of men and their definitions of good and bad.

For example, what does Yah have to do with regalia?   Moses defined some regalia after the rejection of a personal relationship with Yah at Mt. Horeb.   Regalia sets one apart physically, it is a picture of what Yah really wants, that is for us to be set apart spiritually.   Set apart because we are followers of the Way, not followers of popes and rabbis.

Our priestly garments must be spiritual ones – silly hats are only for those bound up in men’s religions.

To be considered ‘good’, we must be part of Yah’s Creation not Adam’s, and because we are born into Adam’s creation, we must follow a pathway from Adam’s creation back to Yah’s Creation and eventually, to re-enter Yah’s Creation.

But there are gatekeepers, with fiery swords, to keep Adam’s creation out, nothing of Adam’s creation is allowed into Yah’s domaine.

Half of me is of Adam; the Law of sin and death working in my members, it is at war with Yah’s Torah; the Law of the Spirit of Life also in my members.

If we leave Adam’s pigsty, and walk Yah’s path, the we are met from afar by the servants of Yah, they will, if we are humble enough to listen to them, cleanse us from sin and death, such that when we complete our journey, there is nothing for the gatekeepers to object to; there is therefor no condemnation. Yah is Salvation!

Meddlng with Creation

On the sixth day Yah looked back at his Creation and saw that it was Good, he then created Man, and His Creation became Very Good.

Yah did not create or discover smartphones, but within His Creation was the potential for smartphones, Man was created to fulfil the potential of Yah’s Creation, it was the serpent who slithered into a position where he could pervert man’s creativity.

Science is the study of Yah’s Creation, but there is a Satanic religion of Science, with the ‘s’ capitalized, where science is perverted into man’s political aims.   We can follow the science and study Yah’s Creation, or we can follow the Science religion and work to an agenda set by our ‘betters’.   If we follow the Science we will get very tied up with unintended consequences.

Science is a religion, a pagan religion that assumes that in the beginning Yah did not create, and that creation only started when Adam was ejected from Eden, Science is the study of Adam’s creations, whereas science is the study of Yah’s creation.

Lets work through an example, Germ Theory states that for every disease, there is a pathogen, a bacteria of a virus, this we inherit from Pasteur and Koch.   There is an alternative to this accepted narrative, that of ‘terrain’ as proposed by Bechamp,   Bechamp discovered that bacteria were pleomorphic, that is, they changed according to their terrain, if the flesh became corrupt then microzymas  present in the organism ‘sprouted’ into bacteria capable of removing the corruption, the bacteria are shepherded by our immune system, and only if this process got out of control did we become ill.

So Science believes Pasteur and worships the creation, the vaccines and chemical medicines which one can sell and get rich, while the science actually points to Bechamp and a divinely created self-healing system which sometimes needs a little help from a healer.

One is highly profitable, the other is not

We have choices, we can follow the Science, or we can perhaps work a little harder and follow the science, one is a pack of lies and half-truths designed to sell snake oil at a ridiculous price, the other is a sincere attempt to understand the Creation, in us and all around us.

As always, we can choose man’s way or Yah’s way, life or death.

The doctrines of men

I do not often quote scriptures, but here is one from Matthew ch 15:

This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me.

      But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.

      And he called the multitude, and said unto them, Hear, and understand:

Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.

Do you personally uphold the traditions of men, do you keep Sunday rather than the seventh day (Saturday)?

It is very easy to comply with a ‘religion’ and do what the priests, pastors and rabbis tell you to do rather than what Yah commands, do you have images of ‘saints’, sages or rabbis hanging in your living space?

To fully re-enter Yah’s Kingdom, we must purge ourselves of the works and traditions of men, they maybe our works, they may be the works of the Rambam or a Pope.

These things have no part in the Kingdom of God, these are the products of Adam’s world of death, they do not flow from Yah’s Knowledge of Good and Evil, but from man’s.

So when you go to Church on Sunday, or Beit Knesset on Friday evening think about what the scriptures actually say, are you obeying Yah or Adam?

The Beit Knesset (synagogue) was a reading room where the literate could read the (very expensive) scrolls to all and sundry, the ‘ekklesia’ (church) was an impromptu gathering of the believers, men have changed them both into cash cows.

There are many traditions of men that we perpetuate in our religious life, and for many, religion is also a livelihood.   When you are paying a man to speak, what comes out of his mouth?  Is it something he has made up in order to get a pay rise, is it something he knows you want to hear?  Or is it Yah’s truth?


There are an awful lot of people who believe that to be right with Yah, they have to do good deeds, but Yah makes it very clear that men’s good deeds are not what is required, what is required is that we have Torah written upon our hearts.

We can have a heart of stone, and still do good deeds, especially deeds according to our knowledge of good and evil not Yah’s.

I once heard a Sunday school teacher supposedly teaching the children in his care to pray, he told them that they could only pray for other people, not for anything for themselves.

What! Came this directive from Yah?

Or did men make it up because it was ‘pious’?

We need to have a dialogue with Yah, we need His guidance, we need to meet His servants from afar.   In my walk with Yah, it is me that really, really needs His input as I struggle with the law of sin and death in my members.   If I can only ask on behalf of other people, then I am bereft there is nothing to assist me.

Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz, goes the song, nothing wrong with that, it is not a sin to want a nice car, and it is certainly not a sin to seek Yah’s assistance to do the impossible. We seem to find the men of Yah doing it all the time.

If I ask for bread, will he give me a stone?

But what if I don’t ask for bread for myself, does He still give me a stone, or nothing?

Our walk with Yah is personal, and we need to have a personal relationship with Him, we need to talk to Him about problems, wants, needs, desires as if we were His children and He is our father.   Children need to be provided for, if they need new shoes because their feet grow, then it is no good them asking that their siblings have a new pair.   “Abba, my shoes are hurting me”  “Shut up and go barefoot, if you ask you don’t get, if you don’t ask, you don’t want”.

This in not the way Yah works, we make our needs, wants and desires known and Yah answers.   It may not be how we envisaged His answer, but it will suffice.

Whose Knowledge?

The scriptures make very clear the idea that Adam’s world is very different to Yah’s world; Adam was cast out of Eden and had to build his own ‘world’ by the sweat of his labours.

We are born into Adam’s world, and Yah’s world is alien to us.   We accept the nuances of Adam’s world as ‘Fact’ were, to us, the nuances of Yah’s world are like fictions we read in a book.

That book, the Bible, describes the way Yah sees things, and it is vital to understand this.  

To Yah, Adam’s world is a pigsty, not the physical world as such, but those things in it which are the product of Adam’s sweat and labour.

But to us Adam is home and comfort and all things normal.  

We cannot leave Adam’s pigsty unless we are prepared to completely cut it off from ourselves, not only must we walk away from it, but we have to wash its sticky mess from our body, soul and spirit.

Yah will send his ‘servants’ to assist with this, but we have to be humble, as a servant ourselves, to accept their help.

We cannot drag the pigsty with us, it must be shed, washed off, bit by stinking bit.

It can be painful, that Rabbi we adore, that Pastor we adhere to, they too may be part of the pigsty, and leading people to destruction.

We can go to ‘church’ sing and clap our hands, never understanding that this is getting us nowhere, it is not good enough to live a ‘good’ life by Adam’s standards because we will be judged according to Yah’s standards.

Nobody can lead us out of the pigsty, it is a decision that each of us must make on a personal basis, even if it means leaving everything dear to us behind.

We grow up thinking that there is only one “knowledge of good and evil” but that is wrong, each of us has our own “kofg&e” so there are many millions of them out there, we may choose lo follow the Rambam, but he will not lead us out of the pigsty, he may be virtuous by Adam’s standards, but is he virtuous by Yah’s standards?    Did the word of Yah come from men?

Many of us preach Adam’s sweat and labour, ignorant of the fact that it leads nowhere; the blind leading the blind.   First we must leave the pigsty and start the cleansing process, we must leave Adam’s sweat behind and look for Yah’s Creation in order to become part of it, Yah is unchanging, but we can be changed into His likeness.

Is Might Right or is Yah Right?

We are born into Adam’s world, a world defined by Adam’s (mankind’s) knowledge of good and evil, a world where might is right and where the ends justify the means.

But we each of us have a personal option, which is to leave Adam’s pigsty and follow the pathway back to Yah.

Following the pathway back to Yah entails giving up man’s ways and seeking to do things Yah’s way, the way of His Creation.

When Adam was thrown out of Eden (complete with his own knowledge of good and evil also known as godship) he built an alternative world based upon sin and death.

‘Sin’ is a misleading word, for we simplify it into specific acts, but its real meaning is to fall short of Yah’s required standard; the standard He requires of us to qualify to re-enter His Creation.

As Law breakers we belong in Adam’s world, and Satan, the accuser, will make absolutely sure that no ‘sinners’ escape.

BUT, in 3 days and 3 nights in Hades (after the crucifixion) Yehushua, (Torah made flesh and dwelling amongst us) fought off Satan (somehow) and provided us with a Way back to Yah.

We wear a garment, a robe, which carries on it the stains of our lives; a stain for every time we have violated Torah.   For us to re-enter Eden, this garment must be clean.   It is Yahushua, as Torah made flesh, who provides the laundry service.

Christians believe that they do not need Torah, that it was ‘nailed to the cross’, but it was not Torah that was nailed to the cross, it was our (Adam’s) knowledge of good and evil.   To participate in Yahushua is to participate in Torah because they are one and the same.

Torah was in the beginning, Abraham kept it, the Elders of the children of Israel rejected it at Mt. Horeb, so Moses had to create a substitute based upon a physical ‘Temple’, which lasted until the day of Pentecost, when the tongues of ‘fire’ left the Temple and alighted on the believers.

This is the true message of the scriptures, the rest is religion, a tradition designed to make clerics rich.   We alone are in control of our spiritual destiny, and we will be on our own when we come before Yah, there will be no Rabbis, Priests, Pastors or Vicars to help us, and Yahushua will only shelter those who are not Torah breakers (Doers of iniquity Gr; anomia G458)